Saturday, 23 August 2008

Anyone having problems accessing Yahoo Mail? I have...


Isobell said...

Hi Paulo, mine is fine with Yahoo.
What has happened on The 3 Arguido's site?

Anonymous said...

I am here,but I have not an account from Yahoo.So,I can answer to You about that.

But,I am very glad because You are with us again. 24hours is a lot of time.

Nice,to see You.
All the best.

I have read what happened with some blogs and anothers things.

(I write in portinglês;You know?)

Anonymous said...

Isobell,I am so sorry.Pardon me,please! But probably You do´nt disturb so much.Excuse me!Very probably You are not very important.

Pardon,I tried make a joke and not wish be rude to you.Please,understand.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible your browser or connection is experiencing problems? Or are you now extending your elaborate conspiracy to Yahoo and Microsoft now? People experience temporary disruptions to their account from time to time. Tricks like these belong at the 3 Arguidos site not here. I suppose with espionage and intrigue comes credibility. The 3A's preferred to say they had been hacked to hype up their status.

Anonymous said...

I think that I go to elaborate conspiracy to Yahoo and Microsoft now. Because I do not like what happenned.No,I do not at all.

Micro?Ya;Goo;and much more.MUCH MORE.

The Cousin.

Anonymous said...

Good to see your connection is working again, Paulo.

We had two light bulbs blow in the house today. One I could accept as an accident, but two blowing suggests deliberate sabotage.

One of two people are responsible: the McCanns or the Rosicrucians.

I am hoping it is the Rosicrucians as they have more decorative seals than the McCanns.

Anonymous said...

Paulo, that is a UK & Ireland account - who knows what mickey mouse usergroup nefarious activity may be afoot in that domain?