Friday, 8 August 2008

The best of British Media

The Telegraph - A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “Unsubstantiated information was received by CO14 relating to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. This was passed on to Leicestershire Police on 4th March 2008. The information was further discussed with Leicestershire Police verbally and all possible lines of enquiry were conducted. Leicestershire Police passed the information on to the Portuguese authorities.”

Channel 4 - Belgian police said they had received more than 100 reports of possible sightings of the youngster, after it was revealed a Scotland Yard informant suggested Madeleine was stolen to order by a Belgian paedophile gang. - “A girl resembling Madeleine McCann was seen three times in Belgium just days after she vanished, adding more weight to the theory she was snatched by a Belgian paedophile ring. Details of the sightings come on the back of Scotland Yard expressing fears that Maddie was stolen to order by a Belgian paedophile ring. All the leads were apparently ignored by Portuguese police.

Liverpool Echo - The Scotland Yard paedophile ring tip-off was contained in an email from the Metropolitan Police’s CO14 clubs and vice unit sent to Leicestershire Police and forwarded to Portuguese detectives. An informant claimed a photograph was taken of Madeleine on holiday in Portugal and passed to a “purchaser” in Belgium days before she vanished. Sources cautioned that the information was second or even third-hand and impossible to corroborate with forces in the UK or abroad. Portuguese police pursued the lead, requesting assistance from Belgium via Interpol, but only limited information was available and the trail ran cold.

The Mirror - “A girl resembling Madeleine McCann was spotted on three separate occasions in Belgium - the first time just 12 days after she vanished, police files reveal (...) It is not certain what action police took but they did not trace the trio.”


Anonymous said...

Remember Iraq's Information Minister? :)

guerra said...

In a way I'm glad the case was archived. Let's face it, it is virtually impossible to conduct an investigation if you are forbidden from accessing critical evidence and exploring all possible scenarios. We can just sit back now and watch the British media make fool's of themselves.