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Brian Kennedy and Metodo 3 meet the PJ detectives

On October 19, 2007, Alberto Carbas, the head of the Spanish CID Anti-Kidnapping Unit (Unidad de Secuestros de la Policia Judicial) contacted PJ and asked detectives in charge of Madeleine's investigation it they were willing to have a meeting with a representative from Metodo 3 and a Spanish police officer from the same unit.

The purpose of the meeting was to give PJ some information those detectives had. The Spanish police officer made clear that Metodo 3 had no intention to interfere in the Portuguese police work, but only to transmit some useful information. In the same contact, Metodo 3 said that they were not working for the Mccann, but for Brian Kennedy.

On November 13, 2007, the meeting took place, in Portimão. Two PJ detectives – Ricardo Paiva and Paulo Ferreira. - the director of Metodo 3, Mr. Francisco Marco, an adviser from the private detectives company, Mr. António Jimenez (former head of Police Anti-Kidnapping Unit from Catalonia) and Mr. Brian Kennedy participated in the meeting.

The two PJ detectives submitted a report, about the meeting, the information exchanged and the investigations, following the leads given by Metodo 3.

On the report, which is in the DVD files, it's referred that Mr. Kennedy stressed, just as the meeting started, that his only intent was a charitable one, because he was concerned with cases related with child neglect and missing children. He stated that his concern, in that specific case, was only the truth and nothing more than the truth, no matter the McCann, their friends or any other person was involved or suspect.

The man hiding in shadows

The director of Metodo 3 gave PJ a written report with three situations, allegedly received through their hotline and related with Madeleine's disappearance The first was about an incident that British Media already referred, at the end of October 2007: a woman who was babysitting at Ocean Club, in apartment 5A, on August/September 2006, spotted a man “hiding in shadows” on a Thursday – the same day Madeleine, four, vanished”, as The Sun wrote on October 31.

The nanny – identified only as M.H. – reported the chilling incident to police in England shortly after the hunt for Madeleine began in May, but did not speak to cops in Portugal.”, according to the newspaper. Clarence Mitchell added: “This evidence backs up what we have always said, that Maddie was taken from her bed by an abductor.”

PJ dismissed this report, as detectives considered that there was no evidence it was related with the disappearance of Madeleine.

The second information was about the alleged existence of a paedophile picture in a computer at the home of Sergei Malinka, witnessed by the fiancée of a British girl, four years ago, when he was at Malinka's home. The girl's fiancée questioned Malinka about that and he said the computer belonged to a client and he would report it to the authorities, later, according to the same witness.

All computers found at Malinka's home were apprehended and searched, but nothing relevant or suspect was found, the PJ report says.

Murat's girlfriend seen with Madeleine

The third information referred to a witness detailed sighting of what was described, in the report from Metodo 3, as a woman handing what that witness was convinced was a child, wrapped in a blanket or a sheet, to a man, over a fence, with two cars parked close to them, near a city 100 miles from Algarve. The witness, a Portuguese truck driver, M.G., saw several pictures and picked up Michaela Walczuch photo, saying that it was the most similar to the woman he saw.

British Press also got the story, on November 19, 2007, but with different details. “A witness is said to have spotted Mr Murat's German-born girlfriend Michaela Walczuch in a car with Maddie in central Portugal on May 5”, wrote Metro. The Daily Mail had a similar story, the same day: “A new witness has identified Michaela Walczuch as a woman seen with the missing girl in central Portugal about 100 miles from where she disappeared on May 3, a source said.”

As usual, Mr. Clarence Mitchell had something to tell to the Media: “"We will not comment on any active line of the investigation other than to say we are encouraged that our investigators appear to be making progress. Kate and Gerry are not ruling anything in or out.”

PJ investigated this last incident, and questioned the Portuguese truck driver. But the facts he reported to Police were a little bit different: He saw the woman handing something to the man, over the fence, wrapped in what seemed to be a blanket. It was not heavy, because they did it easily and the fence was around 1,60 meters high. Asked if it could be the body of a child, he said that nothing of what he saw could point to that.

Questioned also about the positive identification of Michaela Walczuch, according to Metodo 3 report, the witness told PJ that he couldn't see the face of the woman, as he was driving his truck, at 70/80 km per hour, and the couple was at a good distance. He only picked up Michaela's picture from the other pictures that Metodo 3 showed him, because it had the same hair colour and a similar body build.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

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PestanaAberta said...

Its really pathetic, they really think they are smarter than the rest of the world.

Cláudia said...

These spin masters who twist information to suit their own agendas should be behing bars. They could still wear all the oink they wished, of course.
As for Brian Kennedy, I didn't know he was concerned about child neglect. If he is, then he should be paying to see the people he is backing prosecuted for the crime he is so concerned about.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Mr Antonio Jimenez who was arrested later- i think it was in February? Something about cocaine trade, if i remember well...

guerra said...

Daily Mail November 3, 2007

“But Metodo's seasoned investigators did not lightly dismiss Naoual's story. They were excited to have found someone who claimed to have seen the now-famous "flash" in Madeleine's iris. After interviewing her at length, they asked her to return with them to Morocco.
So, earlier this month, Naoual quietly slipped back to her home country with a Metodo team led by Antonio Jimenez, the former head of Spain's national organised crime squad. They spent a week trying to track down Madeleine.”

Telegraph February 26, 2008

“Antonio Jimenez, who has been linked to Metodo 3, the Spanish detective agency hired by the McCann family to find their missing daughter, was last night remanded by a judge investigating alleged police corruption and the theft in 2005 of 1,100 lb of cocaine from a Barcelona dockyard.

Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCanns, sought to distance Jimenez from Metodo 3.

He said: ‘He is nothing to do with us. He collaborated with Metodo 3 on a project, but that was two years before the company was hired to find Madeleine. We still have faith in the work of Metodo 3.’”

How is Clarence Mitchell going to explain away Mr. Jimenez meeting the PJ with regard to this case? Actually this is a stupid question on my part, because when it comes to the English media he doesn’t have to explain anything. He’s lucky he’s not Pinocchio.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't so pathetic, I'd laugh. Pompous little people, so full of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Nada de novo,mas vem no D. da M. de hoje.Só coloco pois parece-me que este jornal,lido por muitas pessoas,talvez os ponha a pensar nos gastos e nas forças,que vemos muita vez em filmes de acção:

....."três meses de trabalho foram já cumpridos. O resultado do trabalho destes ex-agentes de investigação de serviços de inteligência como FBI, CIA e o MI5, ficará conhecido até finais de Novembro.

***há estrelas no céu***

Bom dia,todos os dias!

Anonymous said...

Será que é do Chile?

São os 1ºs.!!!!!! E já começaram;toca a rodar; é para apresentar no horário nobre.
E há que dizer que vem no

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Anonymous said...

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Go there and You must see with your owns eyes the e-fit(?)e do daddy. 2+2

Sorry by my bad english.


Funny: some time ago,Beatle or K.;
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Anonymous said...

Accident or not, a child with the right to life and protection died in her parents' apartment whilst on holiday.

The case serves to illustrate not only Labour politicans' abuse of Government, but their contempt for the police in a case involving a case of homicide - conclusion reached by evidenced facts.

Metado 3's methods were handpicked.
As media controller, Mitchell ensures their ill gotten 'findings' make front page news.

Anonymous said...


Each time truths about Metado 3 come to light, Mitchell quickly distances himself and his 'clients'.

FBI, CIA & M15 have been 'pulled out of the hat' since reports of a Metado 3 director being charged with attempted homicide and extortion in connection with their 'work' relating to Madeleine.

Anonymous said...

Think the person below has lost it completely. Do you have a problem with the principle of innocent until proven guilty? What a load of absolute twaddle. Have you seen the same files as me? What do you not understand about no evidence? I would consider using the ballot box if you are not happy with the government, as is your right.

"Accident or not, a child with the right to life and protection died in her parents' apartment whilst on holiday.

The case serves to illustrate not only Labour politicans' abuse of Government, but their contempt for the police in a case involving a case of homicide - conclusion reached by evidenced facts.

Metado 3's methods were handpicked.
As media controller, Mitchell ensures their ill gotten 'findings' make front page news."

Anonymous said...


In your view, I expect Martin Smith stands accused of 'losing it' as a result of his unique expertize in this case.

People removed from reality are the ones at risk of 'losing it', not those who assimilate evidenced facts and arrive at logical conclusions.

The Law dictates that the 15 DNA component match to Madeleine confirms the specimens scented by Eddie and pinpointed by Keela in various locations (police files) belong to no other. This is the ratio used in paternity cases in court. 10 components are the legal requirement for DNA databases.

Insults, as well as media spin and lies are the McCanns only means of defence. I have the right to an opinion and the right to voice it. Has Gordon Brown or the EU dictated otherwise ?

I thought Britain was still a law upholding democracy.

Anonymous said...

"People removed from reality are the ones at risk of 'losing it', not those who assimilate evidenced facts and arrive at logical conclusions."

The logical conclusion being that Mr and Mrs McCann have no evidence against them otherwise they would be behind bars. That's the logical conclusion I come to. I take it you've "lost it!"

Anonymous said...

Actually "Mr and Mrs McCann have no evidence against them" would be a legal conclusion and that is why they are not “behind bars”. Legal, not logical.
“If they don’t fit you must acquit”, remember that?!
The shadow of a doubt is still there and yes not enough to go to jail and that’s fine by me… But you know how people are. Some still like to use their minds beyond the legal interpretation and the spinning of the papers, sometimes even beyond their own beliefs! Just for the sake of debate and none really has ‘to lose it’.
Don’t get confused and don’t patronise people… ballots have nothing to do with this because as you said every government seems to be capable of being corrupt.

Anonymous said...

The investigation papers show a sniffer dog detected the apparent odour of a body in their hire car and apartment, but tests on a sample from the car were inconclusive.

British forensic scientist John Lowe said the sample contained 15 out of 19 components of Madeleine's DNA which were not "unique to her".

Martin Smith? Irish witness?

Anonymous said...


"no evidence against them otherwise they would be behind bars" would definitely apply to those not protected by the British Government.

Mr Amaral has confirmed that the British & Portuguese police had the evidence or proof in September. The reason they were not arrested and charged (as any other couple would have been) was due to Government intervention.

15 of Madeleine's 'unique to her' DNA markers - percentage used to legally confirm parentage - were found in apartment and vehicle specimens. Play on the word 'inconclusive' (1% less than 100%) does not alter the legal requirement for ID purposes.

In Madeleine's case, evidence of death is overwhelming, whereas no evidence exists supporting her parents plea. For this reason, it was essential for their friends in Government to keep them away from PJ for re-questioning and subsequent appearance in Court.

Extracts of Police files confirm PJ did not fly to Britain to interview the Tapas group as stated by the media, another lie. The statements were taken by Leicester Police who allowed all interviewees to read their original statements to PJ months earlier. The purpose of the exercise was compromised, corrupt in terms of legal requirements.
It's fair to deduce that Leciester Police conducted the interviews as ordered.

It's also fair to deduce that FSS would not withhold critical forensic results in any case, especially one concerning the death of a child. The reportedly 'considerable amount' of corpse hair retrieved from the vehicle would show whether or not Madeleine was given medication, the type and duration of administration.

Martin's expertize and recommendations solved the mystery of Madeleine's reported disappearance within a very short timescale and did so conclusively.

Reputable detectives work to the same principles as the police; to find the truth.

Those employed by McCann mechanics are for the sole purpose of marketing. How many more innocent fair haired children will be targeted, photographed and 'used' in the process ? Many, given that The Truth of the Lie is going global.

Strange that the media has no interest in any other of Britain's long list of genuine missing children.

"Money talks" but never as loudly as TRUTH - concisely contained in Mr Amaral's book and police files, not released in entirety.

Your insulting comment of me 'losing it' shows you have the same contempt for the police and free speech in this case as the McCanns and those protecting them.

Anonymous said...


Had the evidence found in the McCanns apartment, vehicle, car key, Kate & Madeleine's clothing (police files) been found in relation to another, i.e. immediate arrest, trial and, undoubtedly, imprisonment would have followed months ago.

The Hand at play in this case was shown by DE's unfounded, false proclamation of 'no evidence' allegedly made by a British Judge. Two Judges have been names in the McCanns marketing campaign; both have been cited as making comments whilst ignoring the facts on police files. Legal manipulation at the highest level; seems the legal rights of Madeleine and the police in their duty to the victim are overruled/disregarded.

It seems, police terms "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and concealment" plus wasting police time and taxpayers money perverting the course of justice is acceptable to the Government in this case.

They did not intervene when Shannon Matthews family were questioned; her mother handcuffed and arrested for 'neglect' and wasting police time in a multi million pound search. This family were 'inspired' by the McCanns and Shannon's mother knew her child was living with a relative.

In fact, the media showed the McCanns preparing for the trip to Strasbourg arranged by Miliband whose brother is employed by EU alongside Shannon's handcuffed mother.

PJ were not on their way to Britain when the McCanns disappeared to Strasbourg. All the interviews were conducted by Leicester Police in corrupt fashion; police files reveal all those making statements were allowed to read the originals made to PJ. DVD's made by British police were then sent to PJ.