Sunday, 10 August 2008

British Media and Clarence Mitchell

Madeleine was in Venezuela, weeks ago: “Businessman Trevor Francis is certain he spotted the missing five-year-old in Venezuela just WEEKS ago. Because of the remarkable eye detail, Gerry and Kate McCann regard this as one of the most significant sightings.”

But it seems she came back to Belgium, last week: “A bank security worker said she saw the girl on Monday accompanied by a woman of North African appearance, on CCTV footage from a branch of KBC Bank in the west of Brussels.”

About the sighting in Venezuela, Mr. Clarence Mitchell said “the detail of his description was very significant. He added: 'The investigation team are looking into this seriously. The eye makes it potentially more serious than other sightings.”

About the sighting in Belgium, Mr Clarence Mitchell said: "We are taking this sighting seriously in the sense that all information that is relevant is taken seriously. We do not have it confirmed yet. At the moment Kate and Gerry's private investigators are liaising with the Belgian authorities. I am still waiting to hear from the investigators."


Anonymous said...

Evidence confirmed Madeleine died in her parents' apartment.

Had this not been the case, the child would not be identifiable by the colobama (eye defect), "A good marketing ploy" - Gerry's words)because it was not existent.

Madeleine's description - Interpol document - states 'speck' on iris of right eye.

It seems one description was given to the authorities and another given to the media.

All those being paid to testify against evidence gathered by British police and PJ for Court refer to an eye defect Madeleine herself did not have.

Anonymous said...

Upss...vou ter que traduzir.
Tem(tinha)defeito,não tinha;a uns diz 1 coisa,a outros diz outra?
Parece-me isto,mas vou ter que traduzir mesmo.


We do not have it confirmed yet. At the moment Kate and Gerry's private investigators are liaising with the Belgian authorities. I am still waiting to hear from the investigators."

No rush.Nada de pressas,para quê.
Espanta-me esta "espantalhada toda".

"Vêem e nada fazem". Pudera.Há que alimentar as belíssimas confusões.


Anonymous said...

Fui mesmo ao google(aqui a tradução é péssima mas livre,não é necessário subscrever).Tentei,imagine-se melhora-la:

Não seria o caso, a criança não poderia ser identificada pelo colobama (defeito no olho).
Um bom truque de marketing pelas palavras de Gerry
porque ele não existia.
A descrição no documento da Interpol refere 1 (speck? não sei)mancha?na íris do olho direito.

Parece que uma descrição foi dada às autoridades
e, outra dada aos meios de comunicação social.

Todos os que foram pagos para depor contra as provas recolhidas pela polícia britânica e PJ,para Tribunal referem-se a um defeito no olho de Madeleine que a menina não tinha.

(será que consegui perceber?


BOM DIA!!!!!!


Descansar e dormir:palavras de conselho.

Anonymous said...

Que vontade de vomitar! Este caso é o maior enrabanço da pérfida albion a um país governado pela corrupção.Mas só aceita o enrabanço quem deve e teme.

Paulo e Duarte, nunca vos poderemos agradecer pela vossa missão: o verdadeiro heroísmo está na procura da verdade e na protecção das vitimas, dos mais fracos e dos humilhados.
Um abraço de Londres.

guerra said...

Mr. Amaral releases his book in Portugal; the case is archived. Why all of a sudden do we have all these sightings? LOL, Is it because the supposed abductors are more at ease now that the case has been archived?
The McCann team always has an objective and I would say all this is to keep the public attention away from the case details.

guerra said...

I just like to add. Mr. Mitchell obviously doesn't think the British public is too bright.

Anonymous said...

Dear Guerra,

Not bright indeed: one has to live here to understand the appalling level of education the average British has. While in Portugal the dream of every poor family under Salazar regime was to send children to college and university, here the pride is to be ignorant and reject anything that is seen as intellectual. The result is a nation of ignorance where only an elite has the capacity to criticise, argument and "Think" properly. CM targets the same crowd of simpletons who reads free/cheap newspapers and still believes that the Empire is a reality. On the other hand, in London, we have the elites who work mainly in the City, British and foreigners, pretending the world is an association of bonus-bank fellows while poor teenagers stab each other on the streets.
The image of grandeur to the whole world is just an illusion: social class, privilege, money, arrogance and disdain are the pillars of this blind former empire. It's falling down, slowly but steadily.
CM knows all this and he plays the game. The only problem is shitty newspapers do not really reflect what CM would like the world to believe.
I never met any educated person in London who believes the abduction theory. I just wonder why.

P.S. sou a anónima das 12:29