Saturday, 23 August 2008

Charlotte Pennington, Noel Hogan and Metodo 3

On January 2008, according to the investigation files from the DVD given to journalists, a police officer from Leicestershire Constabulary (Graham Michael) spoke with Charlotte Pennington (a former nanny from Ocean Club) in UK. She told that she had no additional information to give and confirmed the statement she had made to PJ, while still in Portugal.

Charlotte Pennington also said that she spoke to a British private investigator, Noel Hogan, working on behalf of Metodo 3. She assured Graham Michael that she only relayed to Noel Hogan the same information she gave to Polícia Judiciária, in Portugal, and to Leicestershire Police, on August 2007.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

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Anonymous said...

Former nannies(plural?):

They do a lot of activities with the children

Educational games;
the children drawing also;
they go to the beach....
they go to other places....

But they must eat.Where?

And they not take pictures photos also?

They do!

And the neighbours? They do!


The Auntie.