Monday, 18 August 2008

Duarte Levy and The People' story

Clarification about the article in the newspaper The People, of August 17, 2008

The information published today by the newspaper The People, concerning myself, are false. In the days between the 9th and 15th of August, I was contacted by and have met with several British journalists (*), at their request, about the witness who claimed to have seen Madeleine McCann, in Brussels, and about the article published by myself and Paulo Reis, about the existence of 24 photos, taken the night of May 3rd, by tourists who were in the Tapas Bar.

My help had been asked, by these colleagues, because, besides the fact that they did not speak French, they did not know Brussels, did not know where and to towards whom to turn to investigate the case of the witness who claimed to have seen Madeleine.

As it the custom amongst professional colleagues, I have met with these journalists and I've helped in everything that has been possible for me. As is obvious, we have talked about the Madeleine McCann case, about the information published recently in my blog and in the blog of my colleague Paulo Reis, we exchanged our impressions and comments. I will not reproduce the comments of my English colleagues, because private conversations are private conversations - at least, for principled people.

So that it is clear:
I have not, in my possession, no part (evidence) that would be of interest to the authorities or could concern the investigation of a crime.

Duarte Levy
August 17, 2008

(*) Nick Fagge & Jonathan Buckmaster - Daily Express / Lucy Hagan - The Sun / Julie (?) Daily Mail / Emily Miller - The Mirror / James Millbank - The People (14 and 15 August)

Version Francaiçe

Editor's note: Translation from KazLux, thank you for the help...


Anonymous said...

For a moment I thought I'd time travelled to Iran in 1989 and Amaral's book was like the Satanic Verses.

Nana said...

Betrayal is the word to define what I have just read. Mr. Levy has learned his lesson in a hard way. He was baited. That's the way bullies work.
The truth always comes up, sooner or later. I hope both of you keep doing your hard work with your hearts in the right place and your consciences in peace.
Best regards

irina said...

Olympic gold does not shine anymore, when placed side by side with this dirt. If I would be those athletes, I would sue newspaper for putting their photo alongside with the pile of journalistic sh*t.
But on a serious note, Paulo Reis and Duarte Levy must have touched a nerve. McCann's camp is very jumpy recently.
I believe there are photographs.
So do McCanns.
Well done guys!

Cláudia said...

Mr Levy now has an extra motivation to work even harder, if that's possible. We all know who the bad guys in this film are.

irina said...

P.S. I like the highlighting of "in my possession". Keep them on their toes Mr. Levy!

Niza said...

Mr. Levy I think need sue that badalhoco jornalist and stupid newspaper. They so stupid. They try expose Duarte Levy by say lies but sooo smart they tell us what in photos! Mr. Levy and Mr. Reis say about photos but they not say what in photos. Now this man tell us what in photos. Good. Kate and another Tapas change cloths. Interesting. I wonder if this before or after answering door in towel. Much musical chairs in table. Man leave, woman leave, woman return,man return... hummmmm but maybe The People jornalist explain better to me, I not have same intelligence as him (thank God).

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cover!
Predators? And who would that be? They really don’t get it, do they?!

Oh I see a free poster inside!!! José Mourinho in swimsuit?!


Now in a more serious tone:
SOS MM always seemed to me a place where news are brought to us in a discreet way and with no sign of persecutory ambiance – although people have certainly expressed their own opinions, the author, D.Levy (probably French, but not for certain), has no part in the opinion/comment section, intervening exceptionally to clarify some specific matters and, I’m sure, to delete offensive/inappropriate posts, since I don’t remember coming across with a comment with that kind of content (and I have researched the entire blog).
This blog has a valuable chronologic achieve and some support material namely pictures; well organised, it enables people that never read about the case (?) to get information since the early days or people that don’t have the time or the will to go into debate forums or that have already made the round by the same old same old tabloid-new-sighting-material-with-almost-a-year and just want to be informed beyond that usual (how should I put it?) perspective. And we access it free of charge, like the magnificent poster inside the Sunday People. Free of charge, free of pressures, maybe.

Nonetheless these accusations are serious (should I say ludicrous?) and I hope this will be totally clarified soon… I can appreciate that strategically speaking pause and lack of action/words have their place and that there is a perfect moment to act. I can only wish D.Levy the best of timing when doing that.

guerra said...

africanmum, you make an excellent analogy. The couple are considered prophets and anyone who questions their integrity are treated as infidels.
Everybody should know by now that the British media can't be trusted. They will only divulge information that enforces the abduction theory. I wonder why though they favour that the perpetrator be a paedophile or gang of paedophiles. If there is information that casts suspicion on the couple, it will be ignored or manipulated in the couple's favour. Of course the British Media and the McCann fanatics will discredit anyone who wants to discuss the details of the case and the contradictions.

Karmaera said...



If this is the back way in of Mitchell trying to discredit independent journalists (yourself, M. Levy and others) still reporting on Madeleine and the DVD contents.

M. Levy might be smart (and fashionable) to announce a libel suit against


Anonymous said...

I like the part "not in my posession"... :-)

Don't tell them anything Paulo or Duarte. Go go go! You two might just be the ones to find out the truth about Madeleine. I certainly hope so.

Anonymous said...

guerra :)
haven´t you eared the gents? they changed their minds... paedophiles are not 'maddie's predatores' anymore...
stay tuned for another change of heart (if they have one)... next week maybe they'll finally pick themselves – after all it is only fair!

Anonymous said...

ohh god, ohhh god... the MCs are "devastated and furious"... again!

i too will probably have to sedated 'cause i cannot stand such a poor vacabulary
(poor DL... 'gonna be a very hard week of furious headlines)

Anonymous said...

and FURY again ...
... "Fury as Madeleine McCann cop brings sick book to UK" (17 August 2008 The People)

not even Pedro Lamy escapes the enfuriated mob

(o Paulo desculpe mas há dias em que se fica furioso... amanhã prometo portar-me bem)

Anonymous said...

The important difference between ETICAL PERSONS and,

like someone said here,badalhocos seres(sim,seres,invertebrados;incapazes de serem verticais).With great handicap,all levels.

Anonymous said...

Then I expect that Levy will be suing the Sunday People for printing a false story about him. But this is not going to happen, is it?

Levy and Reis are just spinning a good yarn. That's what journalists do when there's little real news around: they create it themselves.

There will be no libel case as Levy doesn't really have anything in his or in anyone else's possession.

And can someone answer me this: if the 'stolen' pics had been recovered by the Police in the first place then they will have already analysed them for clues.

What would be the point of handing pictures to the police that the police have already had in their possession and analysed?

If the pics weren't 'explosive' enough to change the course of the investigation the first time they had them, then how can they 'reopen' the case now?

It's over fellas. You can create as many postive comments here as you like but I'd start thinking about a change of career.

Yeah, we'd like to see the McCanns prosecuted - but no more so than the predatorial hacks who have 'covered' this case.


Anonymous said...


I agree, Mr Levy was baited. It's unique for 'reporters' from four different tabloids to be despatched for such a vile purpose, isn't it ?

Either their editors are psychic or they are working in unison in this case and clearly 'to order'.

Anonymous said...


Why do you believe there are photographs ?

Anonymous said...

The Government's intervention/influence in this case is blatant; Mitchell's need to control the media and forums is also blatant.

The means by which Google's privacy policy has been compromised, (hackers, identity theft/cloning) is in police hands.

There are always two sides to a 'story'. As far as the British Government is concerned, the only 'story' with the right to publication is the McCanns. It's contempt for the police is utterly despicable; Britain & Portugal are countries bound by the rules of democracy.

Emma said...

This photograph issue is very unclear to me - perhaps I'm wrong, but it looks as if you are acting on behalf of PJ members in attempting to profit from information obtained in the course of the investigation.

Am I wrong in wondering if you are acting on behalf of Team Amaral? This story leaves me concerned about the part you played in the discrediting of Toscano and the Belgium paedophile ring story.

It would help if you could clarify the photograph issue further and also describe what each of you did before 3.5.07. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...


Smart people do not throw good money after bad.

Mr Amaral has a Law Degree and chose to redress the slanderous, media misinformation by publishing the facts. He makes no judgment and leaves it to readers to draw their own conclusions.

Whilst Mitchell can feed misinformation to the press and forums (via clones), he cannot stop factually written books.

Anonymous said...

Kate wasn't 'devastated and furious' over the contents of her leaked journal was she ?

Her emotions are very selective.
Photographed happy and smiling with Gerry shortly after they reported their child 'missing'. Ditto advertizing tee shirt merchanizing for profit and gain within a very short timescale, a family affair involving Gerry's brother.

They're not only an insult to the British, they're an insult to dedicated parents whose children were abducted and killed by predators, Sarah Payne, Holly, Jessica and Jamie Bulger.

I doubt the public will ever been subjected to a sicker fiasco ....

Paulo Reis said...

Dear Emma,

I was born in September 12, 1957. Do you want mo to make a full report, about all of my life, before May 3, 2007? My parents name, the schools were I studied, and so on? No? Well, about what I've been doing before that date, you have my CV at the top of my page (right corner):

Paulo (Jorge da Costa Vieira dos) Reis (born at September12, 1957)
Freelance Journalist (Press Card nº 734)
Professional curriculum: 1982/1986 – Journalist at “O Tempo" (National weekly newspaper - Lisbon)

and “Rádio Renascença” (Catholic National Rádio Network - Lisbon)
1990/1991 – Editor of “Gazeta Macaense” (Daily newspaper - Macau)
1993/1997 – Editor of “Gazeta Macaense” and freelance journalist (Macau)
1997/1998 – Journalist at “A Capital” (National daily newspaper – Lisbon)
1998/2000 – Journalist at “O Independente” (National weekly newspaper - Lisbon)
2000 (Jan/Jul) – Journalist and Editor-in-Chief of “24 Horas” (National daily newspaper – Lisbon)
2000/2004 - Journalist and Editor-in-Chief “O Independente” (National weekly newspaper - Lisbon)
2004/2007 (April) - Freelance journalist
May 2007/---- Editor of "Gazeta Digital"
Between 1986/1990 e 1991/1993 – Press Office and Deputy-Director of Macau Government
Information Services (GCS)
Yahoo Messenger:
Windows Live Messenger:

Is it enough for you? If not, just tell me, I'll find sometime to write my biography and send it to you...

About Mr. Levy, please my name is Paulo Reis, not Duarte Levy. If you don't mind, questions concercing Mr. Duarte Levy should be adressed to him.


Paulo Reis

Tezza said...

You tell them Paulo!!

Paulo Reis and Duarte Levy are well respected journalists and neither would do anything to jeopordise this case, if Duarte says he doesn't have these photos in his possession then he doesn't.
But I don't doubt the existance of them.

But I do believe that Paulo and Duarte have got 'too close to the truth' on more than one occassion.

Don't give in to the bullies guys!
You have my support and the support of many.

Take care!

irina said...

To anonymous. I do believe the photos exist because of you asked. McCanns know exactly how many people were dining at Tapas that night and who. And that people were making photos... They are scared and furious now, as they could not have put their hands on those (and check if any incriminate them).
I believe they exist was put there for you to ask as McCanns are asking now.
They are trying to provoke Levy for legal action, so they will know for sure....

Cláudia said...

Paulo, I envy the superior, elegant way you deal with the things.
Tenho de aprender consigo. :-)

Anonymous said...

Christ, Paulo, Claudia seems to be on hand to applaud you should you so much as fart.

My question is this: why aren't the Police requesting access to the photos themselves? Is Levy conducting his own private investigation? And if so: isn't this illegal in Portugal? The Police went on record as saying the case could be reopened if strong enough evidence was raised. Do you seriously think they'd ignore the story surrounding these pictures if they thought there was even a chance they would yield a serious lead (especially one that would clear them of any claims of ineptitude)?

The Police have only to request these pictures. And yet they do not.

Given the evident lack of press interest in the pictures, why not hand them now directly to the Police?

Nothing to lose afterall, and should they prove to be as explosive as Levy and his 'source' allege, they will have won a significant victory over the British Press. It might even be a good career move.

But then why give them to the Police anyway?

It was the Police who recovered them from the stolen camera in the first place.

Seems fair to assume they didn't contain anything useful or they would have made their way into the files.

Anonymous said...

Just a small point:

"About Mr. Levy, please my name is Paulo Reis, not Duarte Levy. If you don't mind, questions concercing Mr. Duarte Levy should be adressed to him."

You are inviting comments about a report and the subject of the report is Duarte Levy.

Given that you were willing to align yourself closely with Mr Levy in advance of last week's report - surely Emma is within her rights to address concerns about Levy to you now?

I thought Levy's report was badly timed and has done far more damage to him and his assosiates than he could ever imagine.

It's not advisable to start waving when you already in someone's cross-hairs.

Levy might have faired better had he stayed in the background.

Jolie said...

I am puzzled by the published story and by Mr. Levy's limited response. He is, of course, able to decide how much he wishes to reveal, but I wonder if it is true that he was acting as the front man to sell these alleged photos from May 3 to the highest bidder, as he made no attempt to deny this. He only states that he does not have physical possession of the photos.

Anonymous said...

Did someone rattle your cage Paulo?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article´s D.L. today at

After 20 Setember, all the people who have anything,photos,for example,can ask to open the case.If daddy and mummy do not want....

and more.Very interesting!

Anonymous said...


Whilst it's normal for those on holiday to take one or two snaps of each other at the table, people do not take 24 photos of total strangers.

Would you let total strangers take 24 photos of you in a restaurant ?

It's a "ludicrous" convoluted story.

Emma said...

Dear Paolo

Thank you for your reply. No offence is intended. I had not seen your CV when I posted.

I have not been able to find any articles that you have written, and perhaps you would point me in the right direction if they are on the net. (I appreciate that they are likely to be in print, rather than on the net.)

TheSergeants blog has indicated that you were undercover in a neo-nazi group and left for this story. Perhaps you could confirm if this is true. The story suggests to me that you may be an undercover intelligence officer!

Finally, can you provide more information regarding the Toscano story? How can you be sure that Toscano is wrong? How can you be sure the information in the Met email is based on info provided by Toscano? To my mind, there are now 3 separate sources suggesting the involvement of a ring with Europe-wide connections?

Many thanks.


Anonymous said...


"Levy & Reis spinning a good yarn " ... how wrong you are.

The media campaign is clearly "anti police". For the first time in political/criminal history, the spokesperson for the British police is a media manager seconded from the Home Office.

All police evidence is substantiated. The "spinner of yarns" is manipulator Mitchell.

Anonymous said...


Toscana was fully investigated by PJ and discredited himself. Truth will always out, as is clearly being shown.

Duarte Levy & Paulo Reis are clearly as honest as Mr Amaral. Honesty, decency and dignity are not words conducive to the McCanns' marketing campaign.

That operates on the basis of spin, lies, slander and misinformation.

Anonymous said...


You are truly amazing. The mother of small blonde children and a beautiful black haired grandchild.
You posted the photo on Viv's blog around mid April - gorgeous baby.

Nice to catch up with you again.

Emma said...


Can you say if you have seen the photos?

Are the photos newly acquired? Were they not available to the investigating team?

Now that the story has become public, will the photos be handed over to the investigating team?


Anonymous said...


Truth always speaks for itself.

People like you, Duarte Levy & Mr Amaral stand head and shoulders above media manipulators and always will.

Law of the Universe - truth will always out. Mr Amaral took the bullets and continues to speak the truth.

Anonymous said...


I entirely agree with your views.

It's common for a couple dining out on holiday to take a photo of each other. A paparazzi style photo shoot during a relaxing meal, 24 of total strangers - "ludicrous" !!!

The 'stories' are becoming crazier by the day. Duarte & Paulo are the latest targets - 'reputable journalists relaying the truth'.

Anonymous said...


Mr Levy has no need to 'work harder'. As a highly respected journalist he will, undoubtedly, continue to honestly inform the public, as is his right.

Mr Amaral declined the offer of vast sums from a British tabloid for serialization of his book. He continues to be grossly insulted because he refused to comply.

Those who don't comply with 'McCann Law' are avenged via the media. Mitchell & Metado 3 were both 'hand picked'.

Mr Amaral, in his infinite wisdom and integrity, rises above it and continues to speak his mind.

Anonymous said...

Just a note about insult and offense: never in the Portuguese and other European media have we seen the level of insult and name-calling we’ve been confronted with in the British media. A journalist may give his opinion in chronicle kind of pieces not in front pages and articles informing on facts that must be objective, but the use of insulting, offensive and diminishing adjectives and expressions is never acceptable.
For The People Duarte Levy is:
“Grasping” ; “Despicable” ; “Vile fantasist” ; “23-stone French”. Of all those characteristics, 23-stone is probably the most objective one, although probably not precise and of an unquestionable bad taste… By the way, is he really French? Or is that a quick judgment made by The People as the ones made about Levy’s character? Ah… and also a very important piece of information: Levy “claims to have homes in Spain, Belgium and London” - what a ‘bourgois’, this Levy! Probably can pay a lawyer too! Maybe he wants to buy a house in France with the money, since he is French and all?
For this very objective journalist, Levy also:
Made “ludicrous claim” (not able to be verified by The People, but ludicrous anyway) – the claim was “that the 24 photos he was peddling cast doubt on what Gerry and one of the couple's Tapas 7 pals told Portuguese police” and that is, of course, ludicrous by itself;
“Cruelly scorned” (scorn wasn’t enough… cruelly explains it so much better) - the thing he was allegedly cruelly scorning was “Kate and Gerry's belief that Maddie is still alive” and journos never contradict people’s beliefs because they are not unkind;
“Bragged outrageously” (maybe recognising a bragger is not that difficult but with the examples above I really don’t trust the abilities of this journalist; once again, bragged was not enough, something outrageous had to be added) and
“Bizarrely, he said he refused [the offer of 600,000euros] because the lawyers would not agree to his demand that the police should have copies of the pictures”… why bizarrely? Could it be bizarre because The People wouldn’t consider taking the pics first to the Police? Or could it be because if money is Levy’s motive he shouldn’t mind with such a condition? Yeah makes you wonder doesn’t it? Also, note that The People didn’t seem to find bizarre the fact/the claim that “a well-known British legal firm offered him 600,000 euros (£512,800) for the photographs”.
“Levy also tried to convince The People”, but they know better…

For Clarence Mitchell Levy is “a con man and a fantasist” (can you guess who he was thinking about when he said that?!) and he also said that "Kate and Gerry are angry and upset [not furious and outraged] that he is seeking to make money out of Madeleine - it is a disgrace” (everybody seems to agree that it is a disgrace, making money out of MADELEINE – except maybe CM’s media friends). CM also says the MCs thank The People for going after DL … (Outsourcing? Or charitable work?)

Also, the usual unnamed friend of the MCs accused Levy of wanting to “make money out of Madeleine” (Madeleine? Again?) and that the Portuguese police of “using Levy to leak negative material” (serious accusation or ludicrous accusation? Weren’t the conspiracy theories an exclusive fantasy of those lunatics in blogs? But since this is from an unnamed friend of the MCs this should be considered and … repeated).

Anonymous said...

Now … the title was GRUESOME TWOSOME… and the other “predator” from the pair was, to The People, Gonçalo Amaral.
For The People Mr. Amaral is: a “Bungling cop” (Is he bungling? Also, is he a cop?), a “tubby ex-chief inspector” (so, they know he’s not a cop but he’s tubby – you can never lose good-taste!), who wrote a “sick book” (some say not sick enough, but The People read the Portuguese version and finds it not just a book but a sick book).
So, he wrote a “sick book” because he was “was obsessed [not anymore?] with the theory [some other media friends call it ‘conspirative theory’ but The People is fair and balanced] that parents Kate and Gerry disposed of Madeleine's bod (sic) - despite all their denails” [‘bod’ and ‘denials’ (sic) – I wonder were their (sic) comes from].
To demonstrate Amaral’s obsession The People claims that he “was overheard [by whom?] telling Portuguese F1 driver Pedro Lamy [whaaattt?]: "We suspect the parents killed Madeleine."” (can we count on a ‘denail’ from Lamy or was he the source … sorry, the ‘souce’?). Also “He blames British police, the Diplomatic Service, M15 and even the NHS for conspiring against him” (does he really? see… conspiracy theory!).
“Mr Amaral, 48, is on a full police pension after being sacked” (that’s strange … sacked and with a full pension!? Must have influent friends!) and he “shamelessly launched his 214-page book” (from The People’s perspective he should be ashamed of his book?).
The People also writes: “Mr Amaral said he would RELISH a court battle with the couple to clear HIS name.” (CAPS and no speech marks. He wasn’t interviewed right? Did he really say that? Or did he say he eared nothing from the couple, just from a person that he does not know and has not a juridical status? ‘Bet that’s what he said…)

The people spoke to the editor from Guerra & Paz, publishing the ‘sick book’ and “Incredibly, Mr Silva hit out at the McCanns over the book. He added: "We're aware that some UK publishers - given the atmosphere created by the McCanns and more specifically their spokesman - may fear to take it on. We hope that an audacious publisher understands its relevancy and will publish soon."” Is it so incredible? Maybe Mr Silva referred to this, just a few lines down: “The couple's spokesman Mr Mitchell said of the ex-detective's book: "Any publisher should think very long and hard about what they are potentially opening themselves up to. He's been trying to make money out of his book since the day he started writing."” Or to this, just a few lines up: “The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell fired a warning to Mr Amaral last night, saying: "If he seeks to publish in Britain, he and his publisher will face legal action without a shadow of a doubt.””.
Note that it is just in Britain this time… maybe because the Portuguese lawyer said publicly on tv that he thinks the book is “a theory”, “a thesis” (and curiously he did not use adjectives like ludicrous, outraging or unkind) and he also said that he prefers taking risks with free speech than to promote censorship…

“Documents released this month showed the Portuguese CID had no evidence [not enough evidence] against the McCanns [and Robert Murat].”

Anonymous said...


It was a 'set up' - there were no photos.

Shame on The People - Britain's glory at the Olympics took second place to slandering Mr Amaral & Duarte Levy; a total and utter disgrace.

Mike Hitchen also had a visit from 'journalists' and for exactly the same reason.

Anonymous said...


It was a 'set up' - there were no photos.

Shame on The People - Britain's glory at the Olympics took second place to slandering Mr Amaral & Duarte Levy; a total and utter disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I would say I'm critical like "emma" and I have written my questions in the board 3arguido. they deleted my post and banned my IP no - they have written I was a "tapaz ID" - but I'm from switzerland and I'm only thinking.
I did ask why paulo said (when questioned after having written firstly about the 24 pictures) he wouls not know more then he has written about - then some days later we can read that his partner has a lot to do with this pictures. so it was a lie, when mr reis said, he would not know more. ok, I can understand, this is like a war, a PR-war.
so I'm banned from the 3arguidos and have my time back for myself.

Anonymous said...


You appear to be confusing true journalists with the likes of Clarence Mitchell. The latter has shown himself to be totally lacking in honesty and integrity.

Mitchell was seconded from the Home Office to run a marketing campaign for the McCanns' sole benefit, not Madeleine. Those who have worked diligently on her behalf are either slandered in the press and/or totally ignored.

Good, investigative journalists are impartial in their pursuit of facts and the truth. Mitchell's being paid to suppress the truth in Mr Amaral's book and police files - 'using all means possible'.

Anonymous said...


The British press cannot sink any lower than they have in this case.

The blatant contempt for Mr Amaral, along with his rights to publish 'police' facts, is horrifying to witness in Britain; it's an utter, shameful disgrace.

In no other case involving the death of an innocent small child have the police been slandered by front page media. In no other case has relevant police information in a serious, criminal investigation been totally ignored/barred from media publication.

Other suspicious deaths, Diana Princess of Wales & Dr Kelly received full and balanced reporting, including independent eye witness accounts.

Madeleine not only lost her right to life, all those who have worked in line with legal duties in finding the TRUTH are systematically treated with utter contempt in a vile orchestrated media campaign.

The same bullying and deceitful tactics were applied to forums on day one. Duarte Levy was targetted and, at the same time, Paulo's site has become extraordinarily busy.

Establishing trust and abusing trust is the name of the game.
I trust Mr Levy's recent experience reinforces his commitment to his profession in line with Mr Amaral.

It's a timely reminder of the level of indecency, dishonesty and corruption in 'high places' including the Government.

Mr Amaral's acknowledgment and thanks for the support of the British public and 'bloggers' is heartwarming. The 'rotten apples' in this case are NOT typically British.

Anonymous said...

Paulo: are You well?

And we trust You and we will be patient.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Paulo, my previous comment was intended for the EK article comments.
Below is what I wrote in 3A - it may be a tad clearer.
I am not criticising you, but rather the EK writers. I really do feel let down by them at the moment.
If you or Duarte are in contact with them I would be obliged if you could make my sentiments known.
Thanks. Alby.

--------- 3A post -------
Their "deal" with us - even repeated today - was to disclose everything - without adding or removing a single comma.

They cannot be bothered even to correctly or completely translate that which we can see for ourselves in the scanned partial image.

First: GNR de Praia????? Who the hell is that? The information sheet in front of our eyes states "de LAGOS"

Second: The information sheet states: "com quatro anos de idade". Where is that in their translation?

They are already starting to feed us THEIR agenda - not independent, not objective and certainly not factual as I, for one, see from the very outset.

Christ on a bike! - all those dumb phlegms (intentional spelling) had to do was to scan each page; digitally redact phone numbers and other things that clearly do not need to be published; every other day post up ten or twenty 'click-to-enlarge' thumbnails - job done!

That would be independent; that would be objective, that would be factual.

As always, just my humble - but today, very pi*sed off - opinion.

Anonymous said...

A nice day to all Pro Justice to Maddie.....well....and pro mcs.

Paulo: You have tinked very well when You put a space to pro.mcs.

To me, will be a freedom place to insult professional journalists and bloggers in this space. Better than in british tablóides.More quick.
One day they will said you are a snipper, if the insults continue....seargent,is a T3? And others also.

So many people without an employement and You have so many works,upssss.Oh!


Anonymous said...

Paulo: the insults in Your´s Blog is to much.They are so means. I feel sick.
But is nice because,probably,who do not read the british tabloides,can read all low level people who are pro-mean.

But I feel badly.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me the existence of these photos is threatning not only the people directly involved in the crime but also the ones paid to spin: /DM/DX/TS and TheP.

Mr. Duarte Levy was indeed very naiv when he accepted to help his pseudo colleagues. He should have known by now they are not trustful because they have their agenda and have continuously shown their lack of professionalism in the articles they write.However, this incident also shows what a mafia case this one has turned into and we all readers can evaluate by ourselves who are the ones we can trust when reporting about it.

It seems to me there are also posters here very worried about the photos and asking questions that for obvious reasons will have no answers.

Tudo de bom para si, Paulo e para o Duarte Levy.

Para o Dr. Amaral: Em último recurso abra um site The Truth of The Lie que seja infinitamente divulgado e publique aí o seu livro em Inglês. Se o motivo não é o dinheiro, como afirma, mostre isso aos ingleses.


Anonymous said...


The utterly contemptible media victimization of two reputable innocent parties, Mr Amaral & Levy highlights two things.

Firstly, a case in which Government ministers are deeply entrenched and influential is taking media precedence and breaches many PCC rulings.

The People's front page priority of vile, slanderous 'reporting' was a total insult to the British Olympians and their record breaking historic achievements.

The Gold Medalists - Britain's triumphant national heros were relegated to 'second position' on the front page. A public insult.

The McCanns and those protecting them are not only an insult to the British people, they are given press priority over Britain's historic Olympic achievements.

Slander and lies were clearly the 'front page' priority. This typifies "broken" Britain ... the latest term describing former "Great Britain".

Britain's outstanding Olympic achievements; victors' draped in the National Flag reflect the 'true' spirit of the British, pride and patriotism.

Mitchell's need to publicly insult and defame publishers of truth was given TOP PRIORITY.

Cláudia said...


Mr Levy has no need to 'work harder'. As a highly respected journalist he will, undoubtedly, continue to honestly inform the public, as is his right.

Mr Amaral declined the offer of vast sums from a British tabloid for serialization of his book. He continues to be grossly insulted because he refused to comply.

Those who don't comply with 'McCann Law' are avenged via the media. Mitchell & Metado 3 were both 'hand picked'.

Mr Amaral, in his infinite wisdom and integrity, rises above it and continues to speak his mind.

18 August 2008 20:37"

Anon, I'm the last person you need to convince of Mr Levy, Mr Reis and Mr Amaral's honesty and integrety. I'm pretty sure I am more aware of their qualities than you are. But I obviously agree with the content of your post. It's what I've been saying for almost a year.

Withanopeneye said...

Hey, Clarence, we know you and/or your cronies read this site, so I have a question for you. When you go to bed at night, right before you actually fall asleep, do you ever think about Madeleine?

Anonymous said...

With no offenseto you AV but don't you here think this new character is identical to one of the D'zart elements?

This MH must have been influenced by the TV series Morangos...

What will come next?


Cláudia said...

Very intelligent anonymous (19:50) , I am not a mother and the dark haired child is my Goddaughter. Moreover, I'm 29 which would make it a bit difficult to be anyone's grandmother. But don't worry, I've been called a lot worse.
But I do have three blonde children who are very close to me. If those children were in any way harassed by a lunatic tourist who would secretely take pictures of them and then grab their arms, that lunatic tourist would be eating through a straw for a couple of weeks, until he/she would get teeth implants. Now go on and pass that info to The Team if you wish to do so.

Anonymous said...

Withanopeneye said...
upsss.A must.

I think the clarie of course do not think about litlle Maddie.He sleep,sleep,dream,dream......

**********há******nocéu*******stars in the sky***********


Sorry,I explain what I want very badly,but I must preview before.When I read my posts...I can makke better....

Tezza said...

To all those who wish to insult Paulo and Duarte under Anon log in details, maybe you should think how lucky you are that Paulo allows this on his blog.

Freedom of speech is fine but why hide under Anon aliases. If you have something to say, go ahead and say it but if you really believe in what you are saying why hide?

Paulo has his full details on his blog, he even has his photo up now. So like he has said on his blog, why not meet him face to face?

Anonymous said...


Translation of Mr Devy's response was reproduced, verbatim, and in full by Paulo Reis & Ann Esse.

You, however, took it upon yourself to add an additional paragraph, either as dictated by your team leader or to suit your purpose. "Kate's change of clothes etc .... ?? !!)

The content of my posts have always been factually based; I've always supported the findings of Eddy & Keela, PJ & Leicester Police. It was, therefore, strange that you deleted so many of my comments on Viv's blog after you won her trust to become a moderator.

Mr Levy was targetted by so called fellow 'journalists'; Mr Reis is being targetted by trolls and clones.

Cold, calculated and vile ....
Bullies are such cowards - they can never stand alone and always work in gangs.

Mr Levy & Reis should be flattered that their professionalism, honesty and integrity is such a threat to Mitchell's orchestrated campaign of spin and lies and slanderous misinformation. Sadly, it's his only means of defence and such desperate and viles behaviour never supports innocence.

Any photos appearing in the media
will have been 'arranged and processed' for the McCanns benefit and to waste more police time.

Bullying trolls transmuted to charming clones in various forums and both versions have descended on Mr Reis; a two pronged attack.

There's no such thing as bad publicity; sensational headlines will increase interest and sales of Mr Amaral's book. Mr Levy & Reis's reputations will remain untarnished; they will garner increased support for their honesty and integrity.

You added an additional paragraph

Cláudia said...

Anonymous, I did not add anything. I commented on a topic as I always did and will always do. As for the photos, you will have to wait and see. Like any of us. As for Mr Reis, he is well aware of who I am. He knows my face, where I live and my mobile phone number.

Cláudia said...

P.S: anonymous don't you even try to tell me that Mr Reis, Mr Levy, Mr Amaral, the PJ, Eddie and Keela are honest and truthful. I know that. For almost a year I've been insulted and threatned because I always said it. It got worse when I had the audacity to create a blog called Proud of the PJ to defend the honour of the men and women who worked like crazy to find a child who was disgustingly neglected by her parents and who had all obstacles possible put in their way. What you're trying to do here is exactly what you did on Viv's blog. Turn this into a crazy discussion about posters instead of a discussion about Madeleine and the crimes she was a victim of. Soon Mr Reis will be receiving the crazy e-mails Viv has. I know. I read them.

Anonymous said...

Tezza said: Freedom of speech is fine but why hide under Anon aliases. If you have something to say, go ahead and say it but if you really believe in what you are saying why hide?

Oh the hypocracy, Tezza! You have your full name, contact details and photo on your site, do you? You have never pretended to be someone else, thus using an ALIAS, to gain details of something? In fact, is Tezza your real name, or is it - shock, horror - an ALIAS?

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that someone have ass and afraid.
Will be 17:38?

I do´nt understand very well.Can you please explain better?

Thank you.

irina said...

To anonymous. 24 photographs are certainly did not focus on strangers. 24 is a standard roll of a film (as is 32 and 74 I think).
So 24 is just the length of the film which tells me it was not digital. But only a few out of all are showing McCanns table (tables are very close as in any restaurant), one can catch perspective (perspective! Ha! ) sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the only journal paying lip service to Reis and Levy's claims is the 24 Horas. Doesn't Reis have friends still at this 'newspaper' (I use the term very loosely)? Perhaps you have invested in one of Alex Woolfall's crisis management plans.

If nothing else the 3Arguidos (that game reserve for compulsive obsessives) should will seek refuge in that report.

What is the liklihood that the Police will not reopen the case based on their findings or even request these photos from Levy and his 'source'?

If neither of these things happen - then Levy's claims were wildly exaggerated. And no amount of backhanded support from Reis's former newspaper will change that.

I am sure the Police will make a statement in their own time. Afterall, they won't want the public to think they aren't doing their job. Especially after all the fuss made about closing the case.

BTW: Why didn't Levy's source come forward sooner? Did they somehow forget for 12 months that they had photographed the most important Tapas table in the world?

They could have a made a few quid from selling the photos even in May 2007 prior to the rumours about the McCanns: 'the Last Supper' and all that.

Stranger things happen I suppose.

Like that other 'Spanish Tourist' with the 'explosive pics' of Madeleine lookalike Bushra perched on the back of a Moroccan traveller.

I wonder how Paulo knew that was a fake so quickly? Another mystery.

Anonymous said...

Since when has slandering two 'publishers of truth' taken precedence over historic British achievements ?

It confirms the distorted mindset of the person who published the vile, defamatory comments.

People are sick of the McCanns and everything they represent.

People are, however, extremely proud of the British Olympic Team who worked for years on end - with little or no Government interest or funding - to become the best in their field and BRING HOME THE GOLDS.

These stars represent the true British and the British spirit.

Anonymous said...

Months along, and still no photos.


You were duped, anyone who ever believed in them was duped. How can you assign 'credibility' to such creatures?