Tuesday, 5 August 2008

DVD's distribuction at Portimão Court


Anonymous said...

Espero que se encontre bem.
Volte depressa a dar-nos notícias.

Anonymous said...

Também eu desejo que esteja bem e não haja correrias na AE....caldos de galinha...
Força e cautela nas estradas.

E,logo que possa,conte-nos o que já se pode saber.


(mudei a palavra passe e por isso terei de ir ao google pelos vistos)


Anonymous said...

Uma foto! É um começo!
Logo que possa,os Seus excelentes relatos.

E(tradução google)Do C.da M.:

...."A couple of drunken Irish led in the early hours of yesterday, on the beach of San Bernardino, in Peniche, the indignation of the population, to become involved in an accident when the car carrying two children.

The woman, 41 years old, who was the conductor, was arrested by the GNR and summoned to appear in court today and the man spent the night inside the car, to recover from the hangover. The children were taken by another couple abroad.

The tourists were in a bar and, after consuming imperial and caipirinhas, addressed to the 01h45 for the car with their children - a girl of four years and a boy of two. While trying to leave the park, the woman did march - back and broke the door of another vehicle. Having got the first, and accelerated enfaixou up against a wall. Opening the door and vomitou. The husband showed no reaction, this was the state of drunkenness. The children attended impávidas on the scene.

The conductor still wanted to go anywhere, but was stopped by customers of the bar. "The husband was about to fall and completely KO. When I arrived at the foot of the car was a woman to vomit. Confrontei it with the damage and she wanted to pay but not accepted and called the GNR," the CM John Michael, owner of the car. "If they were Portuguese had already taken them children," said the popular yesterday.

Francisco Gomes



Anonymous said...

Que o D.L. me desculpe!Assim como o SOS e o P.R. Espero que me desculpem mesmo.

E,com tradução google:

On the occasion of his interrogation in April 2008, Russell James O'Brien able to view the report statements by his companion Jane Tanner to respond to questions of the officer Andrew Gierc of Police in Leicestershire About events surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The access of a witness to the statements of another witness, even when it is the same couple, is a disturbing and beyond the norms, especially during an investigation of the importance of the case Madeleine McCann, it is also judged by experts from several police forces in Europe, consulted by SMM, as more than just a professional error: "it can direct the witness or worse, it can answer questions so as to safeguard its position in the investigation, "said an officer of the French gendarmerie stressing" it is a mistake that can jeopardize any investigation and that no professional worthy of the name would do… The only possible explanation that remains is the possibility that the investigator wanted to confuse the witness for a very specific reason. "

"I have been given the opportunity to refresh my memory at the start of the report by Jane Tanner (my wife) and it allowed me to see these documents, which have been done in the presence of DC 1578 Gierc," recognizes O 'Brien.

O'Brien was interviewed twice, on 8 and April 10, 2008, but strangely, his first interrogation could not be recorded on video because, according to British police, there would be a "technical failure" . Yet today, it appears that the video, which was never sent to Portugal, but there would not be attached to the report of the interrogation of April 8.

The second interrogation Russell O'Brien by the officer Andrew Gierc, it was indeed recorded on video, which we had access.

All other "Tapas 7" were also interviewed: Payne was interrogated for 259 minutes by the officer I. Messiah, Diane Webster for 151 minutes by the officer Fergusson, Fiona Payne for 277 min Messiah by the officer, Matthew Oldfield for 157 minutes and Rachael Mariamma John Mampilly, the officer Andrew Gierc during 236 min.

Jane Tanner was interviewed during 279 min by the officer Fergusson, an interview with seven interruptions, the first of very turbulent after only 18 minutes after the fire alarm system.

196 witnesses and 3 arguidos

At the time or the Public Ministry of Portugal has decided to put the inquiry in the disappearance of Madeleine awaiting better evidence, there were a total of 196 witnesses, including the seven friends of McCann and 3 arguidos recorded in the trial.

Several witnesses who have made themselves known to British authorities, remained unknown to investigators Portuguese, for reasons that are still to be determined. Brian Kennedy, the millionaire who is behind the funding of Clarence Mitchell and the team of lawyers McCann, has even visited several witnesses to the inquiry, particularly those who were less supportive of the couple.

Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, Kate Marie Healy (also known as Kate McCann) and Gerald Patrick McCann were the three arguidos.

Among the witnesses, there are a few names already familiar to the general public. "Nanny" Amy Ellen Tierney, Catriona Treasa Sisile Baker, Charlotte Elizabeth Alice Pennington, Emma Louise Wilding, Mary Jacqueline Williams, Kirsty Louise Maryen, Lyndsay Jayne Johnson, Lynne Rhiannon Fretter, Sarah Elizabeth Williamson, Shinead Maria Vine, Stacey Portz, Susan Bernardette Owen and Pauline Frances McCann.

Teachers of tennis, Daniel James Stuk Georgina and Louise Jackson.

Robin George Crosland (manage the Ocean Club), George William James, Jennifer Anne Murat, Jeremy Wilkins, John Elliot Hill, Michaela Walazuch, Isobel Pamela Fenn, Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, Sergey Malinka (friend of Murat), José Manuel Conceição Pacheco, Susan Hubard and Svetlana Malinka.

"Tapas 9": David Anthony Payne, Dianne Webster, Fiona Elaine Payne, Gerald Patrick McCann, Jane Michelle Tanner, Kate Marie Healy, Rachael Mariamma John Mampilly, Russel James O'Brien and Matthew Oldfield.



Anonymous said...

"O outro elemento que levou os McCann a serem constituídos arguidos, um e-mail considerado comprometedor, também acabaria por ser descartado como elemento de prova"

O conteudo desse email está no dvd? seria muito interessante saber o que dizia!!!