Sunday, 3 August 2008

English version of Mr. Amaral's book

"It is a shame that this revealing memoir from Gonçalo Amaral, the police chief who ran the Madeleine McCann investigation until he was unceremoniously fired last year, has not been published in English. It's also a fairly safe bet that it won't be", says Mr. Ned Temko, on The Observer.

The Truth of the Lie” will be published in English, Mr. Amaral told me. When and how it will be made available to UK readers, will be revealed soon by the book's publisher.


Anonymous said...

A nice day!

G.A. causa-lhes pânico!

Quem ameaça é porque se sente atingido.Têm medo da busca da verdade e do vir ao de cima.
Se eles já sabem tudo,porquê mais estas palhaçadas.Andam é a minar a opinião pública dos british e similares.
Com que então à espera da tradução!
Quase tudo já está em inglês.
São uns "brincalhões".Melgas como tudo.O mr.ned tem de fazer alguma coisa para justificar a sua presença no mundo pequenino dos T3.



guerra said...

The following statements by Mr. Ned Temko is typical of almost every article written by the British media with regard to this case.
"the conclusion that there followed a 'fake abduction', and that her parents 'are suspected of involvement in the hiding of the body of their daughter'.This reviewer - as well as any objective person - would surely by now have ruled out any of these possibilities."
How can it be ruled out when most in the British media have refused to even consider it. Where is the objectivity when you refuse to admit the possibility that either scenario could have taken place.
I do agree with him in one respect, the book will never be published in England. There is too much power behind this couple. Have we forgotten that a judge proclaimed the innocence of this couple when they were still suspects in a criminal investigation? Have we forgotten that politicians associated this couple, who clearly neglected their children, with an international child welfare initiative? Have we forgotten the unusual support that the English government provided for this couple?
The book will never be seen on English book shelves. For me Mr. Amaral's book poses more questions than answers, based on the excerpts that I've read. The book indicates to me that there should be a public inquiry into the alleged political interference.

Jill Havern said...

Can't wait for the english version... please make a HUGE announcement on your blog when it's available!!