Sunday, 17 August 2008

Gordon Brown in Leicester, on September 12, 2007

Wednesday 12 September 2007: PM visits Leicester police station

Gordon Brown has visited a police station in Leicester to see first hand how the police are tackling crime. Accompanied by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, the PM travelled to the Beaumont Leys police station in the north west of the city. During a tour of the station Mr Brown discussed neighbourhood policing and engagement with local residents and police officers. Following the visit the PM and the Home Secretary attended a Citizens Jury on the subject of crime at the Walkers.


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Please,take a look:


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How kind of Gordon Brown & Jacqui Smith to take the trouble; it's the first time they've bothered to check on police operations and how they tackle crime. Their usual reaction is to deny/confound statistics.

Stranger still is the information on police files (news from my big desk)that Leicester Police 'methods of tackling crime' in the McCann case was that all interviewees were allowed to read and check the statements they gave PJ before commenting to Leicester Police. Then, and only then, were statements taken and recorded on DVD to send to PJ.

Media reports of PJ flying to England to conduct the interviewers was disinformation.
The processes conducted were corrupt, non-standard, defeated the whole object of the costly exercise.

Seems Gordon Brown's & Jacqui Smith's visit was worthwhile on behalf of the McCanns.

All at the expense of the British taxpayer.

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And they are very,very afraid.
" The best defense is the attack".

So much fear,they have!

Original news at:

Bom dia,todos os dias.

Os ataques furiosos aos NOSSOS!!!!

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Paulo, do you know if there was any time for tea with friends?

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Duarte Levy,




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With the bad help from google translation,but better than mine:

Clarification about the article in the newspaper The People, August 17, 2008
The information released today by the newspaper The People, in what concerns me are false. Between 9 and 15 days of August, I was contacted and myself met with several British journalists (*), at their request, about the witness who claimed to have seen Madeleine McCann, Brussels, and the article published by Me and Paulo Reis, about the existence of 24 photos taken the night of May 3, by tourists who were at Tapas Bar.

I have been asked for help, from these gentlemen, because, besides the fact that they do not speak french, they did not know Brussels, did not know where and to whom head to investigate Case of the witness who claimed to have seen Madeleine.

As it is a rule among professional colleagues, I met with these journalists and I've helped in everything he has been possible. As is obvious, we talked about the case of Madeleine McCann, on the information published recently in my blog and the blog my colleague Paulo Reis, we exchanged our impressions and comments. I will not reproduce the comments of my English colleagues, because private conversations are private conversations - at least, for people of principles.

For it remains clear, I did not, in my possession, no evidence that either the authorities or interest that could affect the investigation of a crime.

Duarte Levy

August 17, 2008

(*) - Nick Fagge & Jonathan Buckmaster - Daily Express / Lucy Hagan - The Sun / Julie (?) Daily Mail / Emily Miller - The Mirror / James Millbank - The People (14 and 15 August)



Good MAN,D.L;Good MAN,Paulo Reis...
You both are also(only the good people) THE BEST!!!!!!

há****no***céuxxxxxxs to Maddie.S.

Anonymous said...

The strategy is soooo British ...
and Portugal is UK backyard ...
I'm so ashamed ...

Regards Paulo

Anonymous said...

The strategy is soooo British ...
and Portugal is UK backyard ...
I'm so ashamed ...

Regards Paulo

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It's also very strange that on the day before Brown & Smith visited Leicester the LP's Detective Chief Superintendent visited the McCanns at home. The reference to this is about halfway through this article:

Himself said...

You're not for a moment suggesting our erstwhile leader stuck his oar in, are you?

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Adelante Sr Levy, no se amilane. Sabemos que es un periodista poco dado a venderse. Tiene Vd. la credibilidad de muchísimos periodistas, no permita que ni Gordon Brown, ni Jacki Smith, ni el Sr. Mitchel le amordacen como han hecho con muchos periodistas de UK. Seguiremos adelante hasta que se sepa le verdad sobre la mentura.

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The behaviour in this case is sooooo
NOT British. It's unprecedented and despicable.

The behaviour is this case is sooooo
'New Labour' .... self seeking ministers of spin and lies.