Saturday, 2 August 2008

An interesting story, on The Times

From The Times
July 29, 2008
Live dangerously, it's safer

“Let's just suppose, in some sick parallel universe, that you wanted your children to be abducted. Let's imagine that you'd had enough of them and decided that your cunning plan was to chuck them out of the house then sit back and wait for some passing kid-snatcher to run off with them. How long do you think you'd have to wait? Warwick Cairns will tell you. It would take 200,000 years, he says. And then you'd get them back within 24 hours. If you wanted them to be taken for longer you'd need to hang about for around 600,000 years. Because in any one year the average child stands a 0.0005 per cent chance of being abducted by a stranger and a 0.00016 chance of not being recovered alive within 24 hours.”
“we increasingly want to lock our children indoors where there are actually more hazards, not only from relatives (the majority of child killers are in the family), but from other dangers. Three children a day, for instance, are injured in the home from burns or smoke inhalation, and one dies every ten days. “So, they go out and very rarely indeed, one child of the 12 million [in this country] gets abducted,” he says. “Or they stay in where one child gets burnt to death every ten days.”


guerra said...

The media is so often used to distort people's perception of reality. Not long ago the British press including the Times would have us believe that in the Iberian peninsula abduction is the norm, and not a rarity. I just finished reading about Barry George who today has been acquitted of murdering a BBC journalist. Barry George was convicted of murder in 2001 and sentenced to life in prison. The case was based on circumstantial evidence. Just imagine the uproar in the English media, if it was the Portuguese police who was responsible for this man's wasted years in prison. I'm assuming he is innocent, but who knows.
In the case of the McCanns the police had cause to name the couple as suspects and they had the right to investigate them like any police force would. In cases like these any police force would first investigate the parents, because historically the parents are the most probable perpetrators of a crime such as this. However, in this case the English media made many people believe that doctors are incapable of neglect or harming
their children, that certain people can't be suspected let alone be investigated, that all crime cases are easily solved and that the English race is superior to other races. These notions that the English media tried to convey are sheer rubbish; they are dangerous ideas that undermine the pursuit of justice and equality. This is what upset me the most about this case.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting figures indeed! Now let's say, in terms of probabilities: if children are left inside a flat in a peaceful and safe place such as the Algarve, what sort of figures would we get? How many thousands of years would we obtain to have a child abducted FROM inside that flat? 900 000 years? 1.5 million years? Mathematicians, please help.

P.S. Thank you for your amazing work.

AfricanMum said...

Guerra is right. Except no one in this country believes the garbage spewed out by the papers. Apart from Barry George, there's Colin Stagg, another innocent man destroyed by the British media, the way they tried to destroy Robert Murat.
Newspapers sales figures would always continue to slide, and this case hasn't helped them. Once the truth is known, and it always comes out even if it takes years, whatever little credibility left with the British media would be lost forever.

Anonymous said...

Puxa! Ainda não li a notícia,talvez completa no C.d M.,mas vi no Explendor ..."sábado 2 de agosto de 2008
Niños solos en la madrugada
Después de haber bebido unas copas en Albufeira un padre abandonó en un coche en el Algarve de madrugada, a sus dos hijos gemelos de 11 años porque le molestaban. Irritado, estacionó el vehículo a un lado de la EN125, en la rotonda de acesso a Fontes da Matosa, Silves, y los abandonó, a las 03h00 de ayer. Correio da Manha

Now,in google english....

...."August 2, 2008
Children alone in the morning
After having drunk a few drinks in Albufeira a father in an abandoned car in the Algarve at dawn, his two sons 11-year-old twins because bother you. Irritability, parked the vehicle at the side of the EN125, in the rotunda of access to Fontes da MATOS, Silves, and left at 03h00 yesterday. Correio da Manha

(um aparte:sensacional a foto da Maddie estar lá em cada 1 dos comentários e "ELA" apelar aos progenitores)

Anonymous said...



O português residente na Suíça demitido após denunciar um caso de pedofilia na rádio onde trabalhava vai processar a empresa por despedimento ilegal e iniciar um protesto diário frente ao Parlamento suíço a partir do final do mês. Em Junho, Jorge Resende falou ao JN e pediu ajuda a Scolari.

Emigrante há 18 anos, Jorge Resende trabalhava como administrador de sistemas informáticos na Rádio Suisse Romande (RSR), uma das principais rádios helvéticas, quando em 2005 descobriu ficheiros de carácter pedófilo no sistema de um alto quadro da empresa, tendo sido demitido após denunciar o caso e ajudar a polícia nas investigações.
(continua no DN on-line)


Google translation:

Emigrante for 18 years, Jorge Resende worked as a computer systems administrator at Radio Suisse Romande (RSR), a major Swiss radio, when in 2005 discovered files of a paedophile in the system of a high table of the company and was dismissed after the report case and help the police in investigations.

Jaguar said...

Hopefully the British media have learnt a very expensive lesson from this sorry case. I have a feeling that the tapas group of persons will also sue for libel

Anonymous said...

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