Wednesday, 27 August 2008

"Life and death of Rose, Israel's Madeleine McCann"

From Times Online

August 26, 2008

Sheera Frenkel, Jerusalem

The story of a missing four-year-old French girl took a grisly turn today when Israeli police revealed their suspicions that the child had been murdered by her mother and grandfather, who were in a romantic relationship (...)”


Anonymous said...

In a world where some so desperately try to have children, others treat them so viciously. I cannot understand this. A little girl whose father, mother, paternal grandfather, and maternal grandmother did not want. Poor little girl, now you are with the angels, you will suffer no more. You deserved so much better, little one. I'm sorry sweety. I really really am...

Anonymous said...

My poor litlle Rose,one more star in the sky!

You was so quiet,so in silence,You almost not talk....And a Child in always a bad signal.
*****stars*****in*****the Sky***xxx

I have read the story from yesterday-26August.And only now the world knows.
English is an universal language and only now themcsecompanhia discovered You,to profite You,Rose.

I am ver sad,Rose.

Cláudia said...

"Isreael's Madeleine McCann?" What's wrong with The Times? Did they lose it or what? Rose was not abducted. Rose was not taken from her bed by bundleman. Rose was not taken by a paedo ring. Rose is not in Morocco. Or Brazil. Or Belgium. Or Spain. Or Portugal. Rose is not in the company of swarthy, suspicious looking people. Rose is not sighted worlwide. Rose does not have private detectives looking for her. Rosie is not going to be returned home by Metodo 3 for Christmas time. Rose doesn't have the 'big boys' looking for her. There is not a Find Rose Fund. Rose's other family members were not received by the Pope. Rose's other family members did not endorse any missing Child Alert Systems like Amber Alert. No celebrities appealed for Rose. No celebrities donated for Rose. Rose does not have a spokesperson who worked for the Government. Rose doesn't have a spokesperson, for that matter.
Rose was, according to The Times article, killed by those who she trusted the most. Why is she called Isreael's Madeleine McCann? Because she was a blonde four year old child?
Interesting, to say the least.

Arin said...

RIP little Rose

Anonymous said...

And your point is, Paulo?

That some people murder their children?

I hope to god you don't do jury service.

If one person is guilty, then they're all guilty, is that?

How very discerning and judicious.

How's the economic freedom Portugal is now enjoying with Morocco? Opened up those trading lines any? Or too early to tell? Renewable energies looks like it has a lot of potential - and Portugal has just the right man in Lisbon as far as all that is concerned. Didn't the new British Ambassador in Lisbon Alexander Ellis used to advise Barroso on Energy matters?

At least something came out of the Madeleine case. It wasn't all bad. A Memorandum of Understanding between Portugal and Morocco? Between Morocco and the EC? An Exchange of Letters with NATO on the subject of OAEs in the mediterranean (so that's why Madeleine has been shooting up and down the Gibraltar Straits like a whippet?)

I'd say the time was just about ripe to revive your old trading plans?

The Oakley report is interesting.

We all love a good murder mystery, don't we?


Anonymous said...

Paulo: há já sprays, sem cheiro, contra melgas,mosquitos e outros insectos.Mas,neste momento não me lembro do nome.Essencialmente a embalagem tem mais branco.


Quem vier aqui e quiser recordar

Anonymous said...


Rose - Israel's Madeleine.

There are parallels. Overwhelming evidence shows Madeleine died in her parents' apartment, evidence from the vehicle of her disposal.

Prior to this, she was left alone night after night with baby siblings in an alien environment.

Children suffer abuse and neglect in all walks of life.

Anonymous said...

Entre muitas palavras e atitudes isto sempre me perturbou:
"No dia 13 de Setembro os
pais da menina desaparecida
mostraram “as garras” e lançaram
um desafio aos investigadores
do caso:

“Provem que a matámos.”
(revisões do 24h)

GordonBennett said...

any headline with the word Rose in it makes no real money.
any headline that has the word McCann in it makes money.. lots!

Anonymous said...

""Life and death of Rose, Israel's Madeleine McCann""

WHY has Rose loose her's identity ?
IS Madeleine more important than ROSE or than any other children ?

NO !!!!
ROSE, God bless you.

Anonymous said...

It is the times that makes the connection, not Paulo Reis.

That is so far the most obvious hinting of a paper in the direction of truth coming out of Britain.

Turning of the tide?

Whitewatch said...

His point is quite clear. The Times is calling a child whose stepfather/grandfather killed Israel's Madeleine McCann. For anyone with 1/3 of a brain it is quite clear.

What in the world does trade with Morocco have to do with Madeleine going missing? Are you attempting to insinuate that Portugal is trading off children? Because if you are you are an absolute idiot Blackwatch.
We LOVE children. We DO NOT ABANDON THEM to go have dinner with buddies. Not even our teenage mothers do that, let alone our near 40 year old crowd.

Spin, corruption, mystery, thriller...I have no doubt that Madeleine McCann's story includes all that. However, I suspect you have to look further up North for your answers. Leave the Moroccans alone. Only in your prejudice minds are the Moroccans bundleman. We have had Moroccans in our country, as in Spain for years, and NEVER have I heard that they are stealing children. So stop being a racist, prejudice idiot. Only you believe your lies. Only you people NEED to believe YOUR LIES.

(Sorry Paulo, but this Blackwatch has been getting on my nerves for weeks with his holier-than-thou arrogant attitude).

Anonymous said...

Poor Rose should never have been compared with Madeleine as she is a child in her own right who has had a miserable life at the hands of the adults around her.

However, having read this blog for a while it is plain for all to see what a bitter, twisted, person Claudia is. She is also in need our pity for her heart is so full of hate that there is no room for anything else, not least sympathy for a badly-treated child. She had even to use this poor child's life to point the finger as she does everyday rather than afford her the sympathy that she deserves.

Shame on you Claudia.
Rose as you say deserved better but she didn't get it from you did she? You are every bit as bad as The Times in my opinion.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I do believe The Times was referring to the fact that Rose had been missing for three months:

'Her photographs have filled local newspapers while the details of her family's past have scandalised the Israeli public'.

If you want to have a fantasy that The Times is trying to tell you something without being able to say it, then feel free, but you are clearly deluding yourself.

Are you scavengers going to do this every time a child is murdered by his or her own family?

Personally I think you are sick as the McCanns in trying to score points against the couple off the back of a tragedy like this.

We all deplored the McCanns for their use of propaganda - now people like you are doing the same.

We seek justice not revenge.


Anonymous said...

Maybe, these very sad stories about murdered childeren is a way from British journo's to tell us that they know what really may happend to Madeleine? Are they given hints to the McCanns?


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a safe journey Rose.
xx Sleep in peace.

irina said...

Blackwatch, and what is your point?
Wouldn't it be honest to express your opinion about the sad fate of little Rose and Madeleine, instead of reflecting when others do?

Your insights into politics are interesting read, but it seems you do not have a point of view there either.

Make up your mind - it will be interesting.

guerra said...

27 August 11:50, instead of asking Paulo what his point is why don't you write to the Times they are the ones who made the analogy. I don't know how to respond to the rest of your commentary because it sounds like the ramblings of a mad man.

SavetheChildren said...

Poor little girl, look at her sad eyes. What is wrong with this world? Why are we allowing children to live through this???

Anonymous said...


Whilst legal justice may be served in Rose's tragic case, Madeleine's parents continue to benefit from Government protection perverting legal systems and justice.

Irrespective of overwhelming evidence known to exist on police files in Britain as well as Portugal, two British Judges were cited in the media proclaiming 'no evidence' - in relation to Madeleine's parents involvement in her disappearance. A second Judge said 'they (McCanns) have suffered enough'.

Unique for Judges to form opinions without examining 'both sides' of a case and all evidence, especially when one side involves the police and overwhelming evidence of a child's death.

The depth and breadth of unmitigated "influence" in this case is as overwhelming as the evidence on file.

The 'high flying' orchestrated publicity campaign has, in many respects, resulted in public judgment of condemnation, not sympathy.

The McCanns are responsible for the situation they created.

Anonymous said...

At least in Rose's tragic case, there is honest and open reporting.

This was always the case in Britain until the McCanns hit the headlines.

Anonymous said...


In order to understand the true meaning of family and family values, look no further than Alexander McCall Smith's books set in Botswana.
No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series.
Love, respect and morality but little money.

A timely reminder that "the love of money is the root of all evil .... "

In the eyes many, Madeleine was no more than a money making machine.
The photo of her parents grinning like Cheshire cats alongside Gerry's willing brother still makes me want to vomit. They proudly display their marketing wares - tee shirts - prior to the police finding the overwhelming evidence of death.

Totally, utterly despicable ....

Anonymous said...

It's a well known fact that child abusers are mostly found to have been victims of abuse themselves. A set pattern, requiring psychotherapy.

Kate & Gerry's careers show them to be the products of 'good' home lives.
It is, therefore, extremely unusual and far more shocking to learn from Mr Amaral's factual book and police files that overwhelming evidfence of death was found in relation to their child's disappearance.

Prior to this, nations were shocked to learn that parents in the 'Caring Profession' - well paid - left a 3 year old girl and two 2 year old babies alone and on a regular basis.

Even more astounding were the concerns of the police and, reportedly, Fiona Payne, of the state of cosmosis of the twins.

Did Kate use her training as an anaethetist to 'put the children to sleep at 7.30 pm ' - her words to prevent them waking in their parents pre-planned absences ?

They certainly didn't wake, rare in a different environment. Only once did Mrs Fenn hear crying - Madeleine for l hr 15 mins on 1 May, followed by disruption on the McCanns return.

The 'syndicated' abduction concluded by Mr Amaral took an incredible amount of thinking and planning. Government/media contacts were all carefully planned. By all accounts, notifying the police was last on the list. Set up to be used and abused by the Government and British media.

Cláudia said...

Anonymous (15h50), you have to work on your literary skills. I was being ironic. What surprised me was that the British press would call Rose the Israeli Madeleine McCann. I never expected the anology from a british newspaper. Never.

Anonymous (20:18), I know you are probably the kind who finds all this reasonable, responsible, well within the bounds of responsible parenting. I advise you to set up a 'help child neglecters Fund' and dedicate your life to it. It would, most likely, suit your personality. If you don't mind, I will keep concentrating on the neglected children instead of the neglecting family/friends.

BW, as far as I'm concerned you have as much credibility as the pink one. To make it clear zero, zilch, none. You're quite lucky that Paulo is all for freedom of expression. You should thank him.

Anonymous said...

Parenting is the most demanding and rewarding occupation, for want of a better word.

Some mothers have no option but use creche facilities, favoured by Government. Others use them to 'offload' their offspring they decided to have for selfish reasons.

Kate & Gerry's three children were deprived a 'family holiday'; their parents opted for 'me time' with their mates and put them in the creche.

Their children appear to be have been treated as complementary 'accessories'.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to determine which is most vile in Madeleine's case.

The conclusions reached of a 'syndicated' abduction/cover up or the pre-meditated actions for enormous profit and gain.

The McCanns and their advisors used the media to 'milk sympathy and cash'.

Anonymous said...

Hate is hate Claudia, so don't use irony as an excuse. Your feelings are totally transparent and if we were talking about Mickey Mouse you could turn it around to the McCanns. Sad but true!

Anonymous said...

The unhappy child Rose had tears in her eyes;when we can see better the sad photo...




Paulo: o nome do insecticida é mesmo aquele que disse.
Mas,na verdade tem 1 nome muito directo e poderia ser socialmente incorrecto coloca-lo aqui;fora a publicidade ao produto.

Anonymous said...


Aug 28, 2008 20:47
Rose Pizem's father still has hope that his girl is alive


Cláudia said...

Anonymous, hate is a personal feeling. You can only hate (or love, for that matter) those you know and who mean something to you. I do not hate the McCanns. I despise them. I despise everything they represent. I despise their parenting style, I despise their parenting choices and, more than anything, I despise the arrogance which makes them refuse to acknowledge their neglectful actions and which made them insist their actions were well within the bounds of responsible parenting. I despise all those who put their needs in front of their children's needs. I don't give a damn if they are doctors, if they have rich backers or if they have friends in high places. If they were poor and were living on benefits, I'm sure the situation would have been very, very different. I'm sorry to disappoint you, anonymous. But there are around 10 million people in my country who feel more or less the same way about your dear McCanns. Live with it. I also have to live with the fact that some find child neglect a perfectly normal thing. Or a cultural thing, for that matter, like a certain character wanted us all to believe.
P.S: If Mickey Mouse left its nephews home alone, in a resort apartment, in a foreign country to go have dinner, drinks and laughs with Minnie Mouse and the rest of the comic cast, I would also despise it. You don't like it, tough!

Anonymous said...


You seem very young and very childish ('the pink one' - this is the kind of comment I expect from children in schools tittering behind their teacher's backs).

What do you know of my credibility?

You are making rash value judgements again based on absolutely nothing.

Is this the way you wish to approach your life?

Is this the way you approach this case?

I am well aware you are being ironic - and it is the irony and the sarcasm that I find so out of place on a report about the murder of a child. Your understandable disgust with the McCann's parenting skills and their obvious selfishness and arrogance may be compromising your judgement.

You are determined to hate and despise the McCanns at all costs. They desreve no sympathy but that does not mean we can accuse them of killing their child or make wild accusations about family, friends and MPs covering up for them.

I think it is a little insensitive and puerile for Paulo to publish this particular blog.

It is not a report. It is not an article. It is simply using the murder of another child as a platform on which to heckle the McCanns.

I'm happy for the most part with his articles (even if I don't draw the same conclusions) but I think he ought to have the decency to remove this one.

I am sure he can make his point another way.

This reminds me of the tactics used by the 3 Arguidos forum - which anybody in their right mind accepts is quite seedy and voyeuristic.

The Pink One? How silly.

Cláudia said...

Anonymous, that coming from someone who doesn't even have the guts to sign their comments makes me laugh. Try to understand something. I do not give a damn about your opinions. Be it about the case, me or anything else. I just find you pathetically arrogant. Not only do you feel you have the right to judge others but also to comment on a blog of someone who is generous enough to publish your little rants and then, from the top of your arrogance, think you have the right to tell that same person which articles to write, publish and delete. You seem to me to share same characteristics with His Pinkness (this was especially for you). You are both full of yourselves and both think they are a lot more important than what you really are.
P.S: I suggest you look up the word hypocrisy. The following, from your post, show that engaging the brain before posting would be helpful:

"You seem very young and very childish "

"You are making rash value judgements again based on absolutely nothing."

Three words: pottle, kettle, black

guerra said...

Anonymous 29 August 2008 15:08, what a pompous commentary, “Is this the way you want to live your life?” Who are you to judge? The reason Claudia and many others refer to Mr. Mitchell as the “pink one” is because he has turned himself into a farce with all his contradictions and lies. In order to defend themselves the McCanns have used the media as a platform to ridicule Portuguese institutions and the Portuguese people, so I can understand Claudia’s disgust with the McCanns. You can’t be serious when you refer to the accusations of MPs covering up for the McCanns as being wild. This couple were suspects in a criminal investigation into the disappearance of their child and yet MPs went to great lengths to try and associate them with a child welfare initiative. The Portuguese police couldn’t even obtain the most basic of information in a criminal case, i.e. credit records, suspect profiles, because of the British government. A British judge even proclaimed the innocence of this couple, who at the time were still suspects in a criminal investigation. Yes it’s a tragedy, but the girl is dead there is nothing we can do to bring her back. The tragedy that we can try to stop is Mr. Mitchell’s attempts to continue to con the public. By the way you should look at the case of the missing toddler in Florida, Caylee. There are some interesting similarities between the Caylee case and this case, but what is most interesting are the contrasts. Caylee is a toddler who disappeared more than a month ago. Caylee’s mother also claims that her child was taken. Two cadaver dogs also detected the smell of death in the car that Caylee’s mother used. Hair and an unknown stain were also found in the trunk of the car. The grandparents claimed that the smell was due to rotting pizza that was left in the trunk. The police are at present trying to plea bargain with the mother to try and find the body. The contrasts in this case are: All possibilities are discussed openly. The results of the forensic tests were obtained much faster than those done by the FSS laboratory, the hair belongs to the girl and it shows signs of decomposition. When it was reported that the Portuguese police attempted to plea bargain with Mrs. McCann, which was false, the Portuguese police were scandalized. In the Caylee case the police are mildly criticized for even offering the mother such a deal.

Anonymous said...

guerra on August 30 has it right.

The Times has it right.

It may take some of us longer than others, but sooner or later, all of the pieces come together.

In the opinion of many if not most people, Madeleine McCann's disappearance is a homicide case.

Personally, I can't see four couples with hundreds of powerful connections having to cover up an accident. That only leads one alternative - murder.

IMO, the McCanns and their connections are all involved, but whether their involvement is in a paedophile ring or a drug ring or something else has yet to be discovered by an unimpeded investigation. My hope for Madeleine is that the good people of the UK unite in an effort to solve this case.

It will be interesting to see what comes out in the Caylee Marie Anthony case. As guerra states, there are many similarities between the two cases. Caylee's mother has until Tuesday to decide whether she is going to cooperate with the justice system or face full charges.

The creepiest thing I have ever seen is Caylee's mother wearing the missing Caylee t-shirt. When I saw it, I immediately thought of the McCanns and their creepy t-shirt campaign. On a psychological level, the t-shirt serves as a blind.

Anonymous said...

The Rose Pizem case / It can happen anywhere
By Avirama Golan

....."Who knows what takes place behind closed doors? Everyone will delve into the morbid gossip and extract as much as possible, but we will never be able to understand how a little girl was murdered by her family or why no one heard her whimper and saved her. Because the worst crimes - though we already know it we still find it hard to believe - take place in the family. Parents rape their children, siblings fight each other and grandparents are beaten until they bleed. This truth is so threatening to human society that we have two main ways of denial and repression. "

Anonymous said...

Search for Rose: Suitcase containing human remains pulled from Yarkon River,7340,L-3595309,00.html

mariana said...

What is going on really?
The other day it was Italy's Madeleine McCann.
I think someone ought to tell the English to pull themselves together.