Wednesday, 13 August 2008

McCann case: 24 pictures that may help to re-open the case

A tourist that was at the Tapas Bar, on the night of May 3, took several pictures where the table with the McCann and their friends is visible. The tourist was with his wife and another couple and they took pictures from each other, with the McCann table on the background.

The owner of the pictures is negotiating with several British newspapers to sell the rights for an exclusive publication, but with a condition: before being published, the pictures must be sent to the Portuguese police. The tourist is well aware that the pictures may have important evidence related with a crime and not sending it to police is considered also a crime, in his country.

Yesterday, a well known legal office from UK knew about the existence of those pictures and contacted the owner, offering to buy all pictures for 600,000 Euros. But the British lawyers didn't accept the condition set by the owner – that the pictures should be sent to the Portuguese police, just before the transaction. The lawyers' office wanted to be free to choose the moment when the pictures would be send to Portuguese authorities, so the offer was refused by the tourist.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

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Karmaera said...


I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the tourist's maneouverings:

On one hand he wants the PJ to have the pics but...

On the other hand he wishes to line his pockets with a lucrative transaction.

(Hope you are well)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that the photos may be useful in yielding the information that's yet to be established: who was at the table, the order in which the Tapas 9 left and returned to the table, possibly who wore what but that might be confined to their upper halves as most pictures would be of them seated?

Potentially key to challenging the various timelines they've given.

What price freedom?? I hope he plans to hand-deliver the photos to the Portuguese Police himself and soon.

Anonymous said...

A nice day to All!

But,I am very sad about the tourist´s photos.NOW,ONLY?WHY?

1º the an scrupulous man.
Like a Bank to make grow the money?
2º Is the man waiting by a special visit,from the milionaire?
3ª He wants only money.
He do not want JUSTICE OR JUSTICE TO MADELEINE(our Maddie);
4º-If he wished Justice the silence was crucial and if he come to Portugal in do not come here again,even working?A weekend and monday he will return to his Country;
I do not believe him;is not a serious person.I do not care about his wish that the pictures first to the PJ,because he is a man who wish to stay rich quickly and without serious work;
5º and now he will have all "the power´s forces with him.


Maddie,the bad things happenned to the good people.We are so sorry,because yesterday we feel so much hope by YOU!By JUSTICE TO YOU!!!


irina said...

Must be that Polish couple, whose interview & photos were requested by PJ, but Polish side did not cooperate.....
Well ,another trip for Kennedy

Anonymous said...

A bit late coming forward is he not? Maybe he just discoverd them recently eh? Or perhaps he felt the longer he held on to them the more money he would get. Parasite!
Just someone else making money from Madeleine. It's so sad.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I can´t believe there is any truth in it. If this tourist feels that the police should have these pictures, why did he not send it to them sooner? If he thinks this is important to the investigation. Would you sit on these pictures today if you had taken them?

Anonymous said...


Following disclosure in Mr Amaral's book (& PJ's Report) of independent, credible eye witness accounts - Smith family - two tourists decide, inexplicably, to sell holiday snaps taken 15 months ago.

Gerry has no alibi - Mr Amaral confirmed waiters did NOT state he was at the table at the time he reportedly seen carrying a child like Madeleine.

Tourists may well take one or two photos of each other at the table.
However, no-one in their 'right mind' enjoying a meal takes 24 photos or photographs groups of total strangers in bar or restaurant.

An English lawyer would have no way of knowing that a 'reel' of photos (paparazzi style) had been taken by 'unknown' tourists whilst dining out in a Tapas Bar.

The Tapas group refused to co-operate with PJ in a formal reconstruction procedure to iron out statement inconsistencies.

Instead, 24 photographs owned by unknown tourists appear 'out of the blue' for media publication.

Fakes and photoshopping has featured regularly in the McCanns media campaign; the subject of many forum debates.

McCann mechanics have undoubtedly photographed their own 'reconstruction' for the media campaign, including the date -

3 A's commentators noted that the Smith family were the only independent people to witness seeing Madeleine after her parents reported her missing. They recognized Gerry, his gait and the way he held his son after fleeing back to England.

Anonymous said...

Bom dia Paulo

Why someone keep the photos so much time and only now wants to show them?

this is not normal but nothing on this case is...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I simply do not believe it. Any of it.
IF someone had these photos for over a year, why would they now offer them for sale?
If they were at the tapas that night, the PJ would have interviewed them as witnesses, no? And they kept the existence of these photos from them?

Then charge them, for god's sake. They have witheld vital information and should be in jail.

jo said...

Once again,the mccHitlers want control but may be this time they wont have it.Lets work at it....I hope this tourist is not too greedy and does not make a deal with the lawyers: I would go for him
The case is going to be reopened pics or not

Cláudia said...

Very, very interesting...
Estou de volta! :-)

Ian said...

This is exciting news! I wonder how excited our infamous parents are!

I suspect the lawyers who wanted to decide when to send the pictures to the police arent a million miles away from the McCanns!

Anonymous said...

Let's see these photographs, please!
Let's withold cynicism of lateness/motives of photographers.
Hope these get them prosecuted!

Orlando said...

There are children atthe table. The night Madeleine disappeared there were no children with the adults. It's a bluff.

Anonymous said...

Tudo bem,PR!

Sempre em cima dos acontecimentos e das balbúrdias dos T3.

Estamos consigo,sempre.
Força e a todo o vapor!
Gostamos de Si!

We are always with You.
We love You(like?)

A BIG,very,very big SMILE.


Anonymous said...

Conte connosco.

Enviei 1 mensagem privada a 1 T3 no 3A.
Deve ser o tal que não sai do mesmo sítio.Parou , para aí, na 1ª quinzena de Maio de 2007.


***SHU*** (há estrelas no céu...)

Anonymous said...

Late bloomers, ha!? Just came out of a desert island?!
Maybe it would a good idea to give them to the police… like… right now…
If money is the problem, keep a copy, copyright the photos, sell them to all British, Portuguese, Belgium, Spanish, Dutch, French, American papers … maybe the sum will come to 600,000euros :)

Anonymous said...



***S*** há estrelas no céu....

Arin said...

Hi Paulo

This is good news.
Thank you


Jolie said...

I have my doubts about the legitimacy of these photos as well. The PJ had requested relevant photos from tourists at the beginning of the investigation. Holding onto photos from that evening all this time, if true, defies belief. And then to make a preposterous proposition to sell them before turning them over to the PJ--I'm just not buying it.

I think Anon. 9:44 might have the answer to this puzzle. These photos are likely to be fraudulent and an attempt to twist the truth, again.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow´s headlines:
"MCs FURY against distracted holidaymakers will leave no stone unturned – says friend of a friend of the husband of granny who writes in a google-blog"
"LUDICROUS! MCs deny bid for photos – says barrister close to CM”
“MCs OUTRAGED with holidaymakers cashing in on Maddie (Madeleine) – but not with the media, we’re just doing business (edited by CM)”
"MCs friends: 'this is a conspiracy by the PJ' - new photo reveals contacts beetween Goncala Amarel and Ahmadinejad"
“'MCs will SUE!'Says CM"

Anonymous said...


The Polish couple alleged to have taken 24 pictures during an evening meal would had no cause to give them to PJ or be interviewed by them. Holiday making occupants of MW had no knowledge of the Tapas groups inconsistent statements made to PJ or the timelines at that time.

PJ, with British expertize did a sterling job on Madeleine's behalf.

The only hindrances caused with Rogatory Letters was the Home Office on several counts.

The imminent press photographs serve to endorse the accuracy of the Smiths identification.

Publication of more staged photography is on it's way, we are told.

Sadly for Madeleine, the facts remain unalterable. The only fingerprints on the open window were her mother's. There was an incriminating sighting of

Unlike Mr Amaral's & PJ's concisely written facts of events, the 'story' of the photographs being prepared for media release

Anonymous said...

Doesn't ring true ... no reputable British lawyer would stand between a client and the police in an investigation into a child's death.

Anonymous said...

If these people had dined at the tapas on the 3rd, I would have expected that the PJ interviewed them????????

Is their statement in the process files>