Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The McCann Case: Jeremy Wilkins and the woman in purple

The casual tennis partner of Gerry McCann believes he left home between 8:15/8:30 pm, on May 3, to walk his son, in a buggy, according to his statements to police. He turned right and, as he looked to the building next to the one where the McCann were staying, he saw a woman in a purple dress.

Jeremy Wilkins went down the street and went to the toilet near the swimming pool, close to the Tapas Bar, through the Ocean Club reception. He met a couple, the man with “rasta” hair and, after going out from the toilet, kept walking down the streets, around the backside of the tennis court.

He walked through several streets, as his soon was having difficulty in sleeping. He met another couple, a tourist named Curtis with his girlfriend. After walking around a lot, he found himself going out from a street to the road that goes to Batista Supermarket, between the McCann apartment and the Tapas Bar.

He saw Gerry McCann on the other side of the road (between 8:45 and 9:15 pm), not far from the gate that gave access to the stairs of the ground floor apartment and crossed the street to talk with him, in the sidewalk. As far as he can remember, they talked for 3 to 5 minutes. His soon was already asleep and, when the talk finished, Gerry went down, in the direction of Tapas Bar, and Jeremy Wilkins went up the street, turned to the left and returned to his apartment.

While talking to Gerry, he said that he couldn't guarantee that he didn't saw somebody, on the top of the street, because he was either looking to Gerry or to his baby, in the buggy, and probably was in a position with his back to the top of the street.

Questioned about Jane Tanner, who said, in her statements to police, that she saw both of them, talking, while she walked the same street to check her daughter, around 9:15 pm, Jeremy Wilkins said that he doesn't remember to see her, during his conversation with Gerry McCann.

But he believes he saw her, when he left home between 8:15/8:30 pm, May3, 2007 – she was standing in the street, just in front of the apartment of one of the McCann friends, doesn't know if it was her own apartment. He remembers that she was using a purple colour dress. At the time, he knew that she was one of McCann friends, but didn't knew her name.

Gerry's behaviour was perfectly normal and Jeremy admits that the light, on that area, could be enough, to somebody that would be in the same place he and Gerry were, to recognize a person already known or to give a general description of an unknown person that was walking on the top of the street.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

Version Française

PS: Police officers from Leicestershire asked Jeremy Wilkins to read his original statement, made in Algarve, to PJ, to refresh his memory, before questioning him a second time, in UK, in April 2008, following the letter rogatory sent from Portugal.


Anonymous said...

8:15/8:30 pm the man left the home;

8:45 and 9:15 pm, daddy near the flat;and he was well,calm...

8:15/8:30 pm, May3, 2007 – a woman just in front of the apartment using a purple colour dress;

9:15 pm again a woman using a purple colour dress.

Well,the pigs fly;

Leicester´s Police is so sweety;

the world is a beautiful and nice place;

and n.o.t.w. is a must.


Anonymous said...

E, boas, Belo Jornalista Profissional,correcto,isento e de todas as BOAS QUALIDADES que tem.



Anonymous said...

De férias novamente?

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Since 21 July.

Anonymous said...

express uk

Outro avistamento? Na Bélgica?


Anonymous said...

Ver comentários em J.M.


Anonymous said...


...Tuesday August 5,2008

By Brendan Abbot for express.co.uk

A LITTLE girl calling herself “Maddy” and claiming to have been taken from her mother on holiday was seen in Amsterdam at the time Madeleine McCann disappeared, the case files show.


Anonymous said...

Memories all talked.

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 4:41 PM on 05th August 2008

comments(few by now.)

Why on earth must people assume that little children don't know what they are saying. If this was Maddie, then she is the child of highly articulate parents, and it would be no surprise to me if she were not so, too.
Why on earth didn't the woman call the police - much better to err on the side of safety - rather than "what people think".

- TESS NASH, HELSTON, CORNWALL, 05/8/2008 15:45

Until its proved this is she, this not a ' sighting ' at all.

- caz macdonald, exeter, uk, 05/8/2008 15:42

The girl in that photo is far too tall to be Madeleine's age!

- Louise Orton, London, 05/8/2008 15:38


Anonymous said...

More comments: (I like them):

Looks nothing like her

- Jay, England, 5/8/2008 14:20

now, where was it Gerry McCann stayed and has lots of friends? Ah yes, Amsterdam, that's it...

- minge the merciless, the beautiful south, 5/8/2008 14:27

So this women had a little girl saying she was "taken by the stranger" and the woman with her was "not her mommy" and she didnt make a stink about this, try to contact the parents directly, or god forbid refuse to allow the woman to leave the store until she knew better?
I doubt this story is anything more then someone else wanting to be part of the sensationalism of the story, however, its sad.

- Leelee, USA, 5/8/2008 14:28

Looks nothing like her. I don`t believe this all came fro the police files, has too much of a spin about it.

- MIchelle, Redhill, 5/8/2008 14:29

And this person did nothing at the time?

Anyway, Kate Mccann said Madeleine always liked being called by her full name and not 'Maddie' if I recall correctly.

- Elle, Leicestershire, 5/8/2008 14:31

My heart just breaks for Madeleine, it is just so upsetting to even think about all
the mistakes??????????????? the police have made. They were too slow following up on all the evidence given to them.

- Cathy Steele, Ireland, 5/8/2008 14:31??????????????????????

Why would an abductor take the child into a shop, which most probably had cctv, in the first place.

Would you ???

Its another false sighting

- Helen, London, 5/8/2008 14:36

So much was not shown or revealed - just what, or who, are the Portuguese (UK***)police protecting?

- wendy, belfast, 5/8/2008 14:37

She hated to be called Maddie. She wouldn't tolerate it. According to her own parents, she would angrily state. "I'm NOT Maddie, I'm MADELEINE!!!".

- teresa canto, lisbon-portugal, 5/8/2008 14:37

I thought Maddie always insisted on being called "Madeleine" and refused to answer to "Maddie" - according to the sainted parents, anyway. She would hardly start referring to herself as Maddie if that was the case.

- Jane, Birmingham, 5/8/2008 14:39

Madeleine was never called Maddie according to her parents , but always Madeleine. The Press invented this name , so why would the little girl say "I am Maddie ." ?

- pam, UK, 5/8/2008 14:39

Interesting story from Holland, until you remember the McCanns were adament that their daughter only ever refered to herself as Madeleine, never as Maddie.

- Jim G, Notts, 5/8/2008 14:41

I think that the McCanns should get compensation from them I know this is little comfort for them but words cannot describe the stupidity the lies and leaks and the accusations flying around and all the time they were sat on this mountain of information and doing nothing about it.?????????*****

- tilly williams, peterborough UK, 5/8/2008 14:44

Unfortunately we shall never know if these sightings really were Maddie or not, but what a missed opportunity to at least attempt to find out. ????????*********
Please God this whole matter can be resolved soon and hopefully with a positive outcome.

- Carmel, Leeds UK, 5/8/2008 14:48

This story is heartbreaking.

- john, U.K., 5/8/2008 14:54

There are countless travelling circus's in France which go from village to village. The people running them seem to keep to themselves when they arrive in town. That little girl is so strikingly familiar to Maddie - I shall be keeping my eyes peeled when the next one comes to town!
Why on earth was this sighting not released for god sake!!

- wendy, france, 5/8/2008 14:55

The CCTV Photo doesn't look like Madeleine to me. Why wansn't all this made public?(and K. was upset with the driving****)

- Louise, Liverpool, UK, 5/8/2008 15:05

I absolutely do not believe this is true.

- Karen, Midlands, England, 5/8/2008 15:10

The girl in the CCTV picture is clearly NOT Madeleine!!!

- MJ, Lisbon, 5/8/2008 15:13

What on earth where the portuguese Police doing or do they know who the kidnappers are and they where covering there tracks. MAKES ME WONDER.( M3 knows and M. is at her home since 2007 December**+++**)

- Richard, England, 5/8/2008 15:14

This must be so heartbreaking for Gerry & Kate knowing that Madeleine could have been rescued so easily.(****Pardon?**) I truely hope that they do manage to find their little angel. Now that all of the files have been released it is showing exactly how idiotic this police(uk***) force acted!

- Fiona, Wolverhampton, 5/8/2008 15:16

Gerry and Kate have already said in previous interviews that Madeliene was NEVER referred to as "Maddie" by them or anyone they know............

- laura, Kingston,Surrey, 5/8/2008 15:17

How could this girl who has been reported as having been seen in Amsterdam be Madeleine and say "My name is Maddie" when her own mother said she did not like to be called Maddie but rather Madeleine?

- Maria Santos, Lisbon, Portugal, 5/8/2008 15:26

The still was never shown to the public as the McCanns confirmed it was NOT their daughter!

- AnneMarie, Coventry, 5/8/2008 15:28

The shape of the face is all wrong. Yes you can change the hair and its colour, but not the shape of her face (short of surgery).
This would have been a red herring

- Phil Bailey, Shrewsbury UK, 5/8/2008 15:30

I am curious to why this woman did not call the police right then and why hand this child back to people she identified as abductors? If some child goes to an adult and tells she was abducted and the adult does nothing do you think the child would try a second time? It soulds like a distinct cry for help, looking for her mum.

- Kelli, Dallas, USA, 5/8/2008 15:31

It's not surprising Portugal's legal system has such strict secrecy laws. They must be constantly terrified of the rest of the world finding out what clowns (from uk***)they are. Well now we have done.

- eric campbell, harrogate, 5/8/2008 15:34

The girl in that photo is far too tall to be Madeleine's age!

- Louise Orton, London, 5/8/2008 15:38

Until its proved this is she, this not a ' sighting ' at all.

- caz macdonald, exeter, uk, 5/8/2008 15:42

Why on earth must people assume that little children don't know what they are saying. If this was Maddie, then she is the child of highly articulate parents, and it would be no surprise to me if she were not so, too.
Why on earth didn't the woman call the police - much better to err on the side of safety - rather than "what people think".

- TESS NASH, HELSTON, CORNWALL, 5/8/2008 15:45


Natural question....