Sunday, 10 August 2008

More snippets and details about the investigation

Mr. Smith got a call from Brian Kennedy

Mr. Smith, the Irish witness that saw a man carrying a child on the night of May 3, was contacted by Brian Kennedy who asked him to take part in a photo fit exercise, but he refused. On a second statement to Irish police, he said that the particular way as Mr. Gerry McCann turned his head down, when leaving the plane, on his arrival in UK, was similar to what the man he saw on the night of May 3 did. Mr. Smith said he was 60/80 % sure that it was Gerald McCann the man he saw carrying a child. Mr. Smith was considered a genuine person, who is known locally and is a very decent person, was the comment of the Garda police officer that questioned him, on January 2008.

Tracing mobile phone calls

A British CID officer, on holidays near Praia da Luz, was warned by his superiors, after PJ intercepted phone conversations between him and Robert Murat, already an arguido, concerning technical details to trace mobile phones location. The CID officer justified the contacts because he was at Pensão Salsalito, owned by Murat's uncle. They knew he was a policeman, so asked him help about some general information concerning tracing mobile phone calls. Murat wanted to know if police would be able to locate with precision his mobile phone calls, on the night of May 3, as he used it, that night and he believed it could prove that he was at home, with his mother, when Madeleine vanished.

Gerry's fury

When GNR arrived, Gerry McCann walked to them, kneeled down and put both his hands in the ground, in the same position as a Muslim praying, and shouted twice, with rage in his voice, saying something that the witnesses close to them could not understand.

Toscano lies

Antonio Toscano, the alleged expert in child abduction and investigative journalist, was questioned by PJ, on May 27, 2007. Toscano gave dozens of interviews to British and Portuguese newspapers, claiming he knew Madeleine was kidnapped by a paedophile ring, by request, and he knew the man who was behind it. Questioned by PJ, he said that he received a tip from an informer, Frederico, who told him that a Frenchman called Bernard Alapetite, was responsible for the kidnapping. He said also that he could not guarantee Madeleine was with that man, but he believed Bernard Alapetite had the profile to perpetrate acts like that. Toscano said he knew Bernard Alapetite when he managed to be accepted as a member of a paedophile ring, acting as a “mole”, in his work as an investigative journalist.

Pictures of Madeleine

The printer used for the pictures of Madeleine belonged to a British member of the staff of Ocean Club. She brought it from her room to the reception. The pictures were printed using a memory card given to her by Russel O'Brien, around midnight. PJ wanted to check the printer, but she said that her boyfriend took it with him,to France. Anyway, experts from the PJ Laboratory considered that it was almost impossible to get a specific "fingerprint" from the pictures produced by that kind of printers.

Credit cards

On April 2008, Paulo Rebelo informed Stuart Prior that the Public Prosecutor didn't accepted the reduction of the period of time, proposed by UK Central Authority, concerning the request for records of Gerry McCann credit card transactions. That report was never finished.


Anonymous said...

How the hell did Brian Kennedy have the data from witnesses?
Can't this qualify as interference with an ongoing investigation?
Mr. Smith and Mr.Gordon (the witness that says the man asking for donations was not "creepy":).
And let’s not forget the meeting with R.Murat, that apparently also received counselling from Paulo’s favourite M.Brunt (also caught in the tapping)!

About the answers of the British authorities in several instances I really cannot understand why so many delays, conditions and restrictions.

Anonymous said...

Interference,of course.But I think B.K. knows by newspapers,recently,or by 81 leads that Leicesteirshire police was obliged to free to the mcs and company.
I think I read first in a newspaper.

Now,Your´s words say all:

..."When GNR arrived, Gerry McCann walked to them, kneeled down and put both his hands in the ground, in the same position as a Muslim praying,

and shouted twice, with rage in his voice,

saying something that the witnesses close to them could not understand.

And,SO QUICKLY....his boy friend run away from Pt....I think the finger print may be will be a lot,BUT THE PICTURE PHOTOS ,IN THE SAME MOMENT WILL MUST GIVEN TO P.J.

...."memory card given to her by Russel O'Brien....

Yes,very,very important and imediatly necessaire to help PJ


A nice day.

Anonymous said...

Apenas para relembrar,em Esplendor e em El País.


Anonymous said...

The digital time on the film is 5.59pm—about the time Gerry and Kate were picking Maddie up from kids club to get her ready for bed.
CCTV at mccann files or news of the world.


Anonymous said...

C. da M.:

....Os pais de Madeleine McCann desentenderam-se com a polícia inglesa logo nos primeiros dias após o desaparecimento da menina. No dia 14 de Maio, Kate Healy mostrou-se chocada e frustrada com os oficiais ingleses de ligação à família. O motivo de desentendimento terá surgido quando os investigadores perguntaram a Kate onde se encontrava a filha. ...."

...."os oficiais de ligação à família "não chegaram a durar mais de uma semana nas suas funções", depois do desentendimento com a família. A dificuldade de comunicação entre o casal e os investigadores nunca foi, contudo, oficialmente comunicada à Polícia Judiciária.

A retirada de Portugal dos especialistas em sequestros e raptos ocorre dois meses antes de as mesmas autoridades britânicas sugerirem à Polícia Judiciária uma maior atenção na tese de morte da criança no local, possibilidade que até então estava num plano secundário da...."


Há mais para relembrar na edição de hoje.

guerra said...

The printer story is intriguing. I'm still not clear as to who last saw the child apart from the McCanns and their friends. Who last saw the child and when did this person last see the child?

Anonymous said...

I think the baby sitter(creche)and G. and J. said Payne(the man)OR 30s, OR 30m. Who knows.

But the baby sitter at the creche,if We beleive that.WHO KNOWS?


Anonymous said...

About a comment at J.M.
I remembered the follow situation:

why the witness do not search a boy with brown or blond hair;
or a girl with brown hair.
Because all of us,we saw draws like.


A prize to the first.