Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The McCann Case: Refreshing the memory (*)

Russel James O'Brien was allowed to read a previous statement fom his wife, Jane Tanner, before being questioned by Leicestershire Police, on April 2008. The questioning, with the presence of PC Andrew Gierc, was videotaped and at the beginning of the video recording, O'Russell states that he was allowed to refresh his memory concerning the events on the night of May 3, 2007, by reading what Jane Tanner, also questioned by Leicestershire Police, had stated before him.
(*) Tittle edited at 20.51 pm, August 4, 2008


guerra said...

Who ever heard of someone being allowed to read someone else's statements to the police before giving his own. Just another indication that something is not right. When you consider that the PJ were not given information regarding the background of the couple and their friends and that they were not allowed to access financial records or the content of phone messages, is it any wonder that they were not successful in their investigation?

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for the Portuguese people and the PJ that the British establishment is giving them such a bad reputation.

I also feel bad for us too, because it's now apparent just what sort of country we live in.

This case is wholly shocking and sickening and I do hope the Portuguese people know that many Brits are outraged at what's going on.

Thank you Mr Armaral for writing your book and publishing the truth.

The British media and our government make me sick that they have allowed the death of Madeleine to be a farce, a scam, a circus and a big fat lie.

What the hell did Madeleine ever do to deserve this kind of treatment from her own parents and our government?

Sorry Maddie that you have been so badly let down, but we will fight on for you.

Keep going Goncalo. You are a very brave man and Maddie needs you to seek justice for her.

The Big,Bad,UglyBritishPress said...

This case stinks to high heaven. Also, notice how the british press is ignoring every single bit of evidence that questions the mccanns behaviour and are all trying to convice the public that they were simply made arguidos because of a non-conclusive DNA sample that some expert e-mailed the PJ as being inconclusive.

Never again will I believe anything in the British newspapers. IMO, they succomb very easily to "interference". Journalism in Britain is dead.

Anonymous said...

and they werent allowed access to Madeleines medical records either.
that is strange as well.

so many things strange about this case....hard to tell which was is UP!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that makes me be ok with this whole stinking mess is knowing that if they were involved, none of the millionaire benefactors can pay for their peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

..."before being questioned by Leicestershire Police,...."

R.J.o´B. poor person without memory,poor guy!

It is so sad these pacto de grupo.

Estão todos fora de lei.

É fartar,vilanagem!

Gozam tudo e todos com o maior dos desplantes.

Oh,but I think those persons will have always peace of mind,because they are amoral.

Bom dia,todos os dias!All the best!


Anonymous said...

a vídeo from sky.


Anonymous said...

And toque de clarim.

But the music sound strange.

from sky,another vídeo:


Anonymous said...

I've been shocked by many aspects of this case but this is just amazing. If the PJ had allowed someone to do this the British press would be over them like a bad rash.

Keep up the excellent work.