Saturday, 9 August 2008

The sleeping twins

On the night of May 3, Kate McCann was just panicking, frightened for Madeleine and wondering what happened to her, according to a statement from Fiona Payne. She described to police what she saw, when she returned to the McCann apartment, after searching the area around Ocean Club, with other members of the group of friends, for five to ten minutes, following the alert that Madeleine was missing.

She went inside the children's room, noticed Madeleine's bed had the sheets quite kind of neatly, and the twins were fast asleep in their cots. While she opened the cupboards in the room, they remained asleep and didn't stir at all - something she thought was odd.

Kate McCann was frightened and the sensation of not being able to do anything made her angry, howling and punching and kicking walls – the reason why she was covered in bruises the next day, according to the statement of Fiona Payne.

Questioned if the twins didn't wake up, at all, she said they didn't and Kate kept going into the twins, kept putting her hands on the twins to check they were breathing, as she seemed very much concerned in checking they were okay.

Fiona Payne remembered that the twins never wake up, with all the noise, the screaming and the shouting, not even when police came and the lights were turned on – something that she thought, at the time, was weird.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

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Jacy said...

I wonder while seeing the pictures of the room of the children and the bedroom of the adults:
Who slept under the window, while the bed on the other side seems to be as if there was no one sleeping in it, especially not a kid, which mostly turns around for several times before they sleep.
And the picture of the adult bedroom makes me wonder if there ever slept anybody on the other side, since the cupboard was moved to the windowside, the lamp has moved too, and the wire is on the unslept bed.
I know resorts in Spain, maybe different as Portugal, but they changed blankets and sheets every day and made your bed!! I don't know about MW resorts, but normally their beds would been made too before the evening? If so, who slept in the bed near the window.

What Fiona said about the bruises most be wrong for sure.
No matter how angry you are, and how much you slam on whatever, it isn't possible to get bruises on that part of your upperarm yourself. Unless you are harmed by others, or did a good vacuumcleaning on your knees and while standing up ou hit the dining table as happened to me last week, but in a holiday appartment I would say that is out of the question?

I am not surprised the twins didn't awake. I read back then on the mirror forum that one of the Tapas said the children were in the same room. Maybe they were in the kots though, but on the pictures it looks like someone just put those there just before they alarmed the world, although the children all might have been sedated too. But I don't believe Fiona about Kate's bruisings.

Anonymous said...


Kate reportedly worked as a hospital anaethetist prior to working as a GP.

Unlike the McCanns, the Payne's reportedly used a baby monitoring service.

Anonymous said...


The online photos and video of Kate & Gerry's TV interview shortly after they reported Madeleine missing clearly show a cut above Kate's right eye, facial bruising, grip mark bruising to both upper arms and also her wrists.

Anonymous said...

Jacy, Kate slept in the bed by the window after her & gerry had a row.
The twins were not in their cots at 10.00pm/10.05pm the night Madeleine went missing, according to the nanny who went to the apartment from the Ocean Club. BUT, when the GNR arrived after being allerted around 10.40pm, the twins were back in their cots, but the cots had no sheets.
So, which apartment had they been sleeping in that evening, and why?
Very important.

Anonymous said...

Re: Kate's bruises, as the Tapas lot were all 'in to each other' - how about a heavy bondage session being the cause?

Anonymous said...

I don´t come to K/G´s defence - but ll get bruises out of the slightest punch because of a faster blood cotting.
On the other hand I can easily imagine G shaking K for answering about Madeleine - not to forget the "row" they had a night before.

That Kate was checking the twins breathing alarms me extremely - sedation for another happy diner - I´m feeling so sick...