Thursday, 7 August 2008

Snippets and a few details (I)

Tapas Bar employee and wine bottles

After taking taking note of the requests for the meal, when all the McCann group was seated, he always brought four bottles of wine (2 white and 2 red wine) and a bottle of water to the table, for the starters. When the main courses were on the table, it was usual to bring four more bottles of wine.

Cleaning the house

Following a tip about elements from Control Risk Group coming to Praia da Luz, to “clean and collect” areas and objects related with the McCann family, a team of PJ detectives went to check the house where the McCann stayed until leaving to UK. The McCann left on September 9 and the keys were returned to the real estate company the next day, September 10, by Susan Hubbard, wife of the Anglican priest who came from Canada to Praia da Luz three days after Madeleine disappeared. The cleaning lady, hired by the company, was there on September 10 and saw nothing of strange, only 2 or 3 boxes with files that were left at the garage and later picked up by Susan Hubbard.

Eddie and Keela's reaction

The British dog specialized in sniffing dead bodies scent showed an above average interest, as soon as he entered A5 apartment, according to his handler. Also, when passing the Renault Scenic, the dog's behaviours changed substantially. The two dogs only alerted to property associated with the McCann family.


Anonymous said...

Someone on the 3 A's said that the DNA evidence was fake in order to get a confession out of Gerry.

Is it at all possible that the DNA could have been planted to set up the PJ to discredit their investigation?

In order for the death scent to be fake, surely it would mean that a dead body, or part of a dead body, had to be taken to the apartment in order for direct contact to be made with Kate and Maddie's clothes, car etc.

The dogs didn't arrive on the scene for 3 months, and with all the sinister goings-on from the UK government it gave them time for someone to set up the PJ to take the heat off the McCann's so they could carry on with their "they've abducted her so please continue to donate to our mortgage fund" theory... after all, someone has to take the blame here and the UK seems hellbent on blaming the PJ.

Anonymous said...

(2+2)+1water+4= 8 wine;1 water.

House cleaned:
S.H. is a close friend from mcs.
She come from Canadá 6 May?
She left the keys 10 Setembro;

BUT: I remember a article from a uk MAN journalist-he was Praia da Luz-and he make a joke to her when he saw S.H. put a lot of wine botlles in the rubbish(contentor).
M.B.? T.P.? 1 deles,penso.
They have clean the house before,very probably.
And mcs went to holliday´s at Canada.

2º The dogs with a recent and brilliant work at the Jersey (?)orphanat,
in Praia da Luz, upsss
at 5A and at Renault. So?
Why we have uk people that do not believe dog´s work here?

+++" Nem às paredes confesso"+++


guerra said...

What garbage are you spewing, fake DNA, setting up the PJ. Here is a short summary of this case.

Child reported missing on the night of May 3, 2007, parents claim abduction.

Foreign political involvement from the outset. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown publicly expresses an interest in the case.

Parents launch massive worldwide media campaign from the outset, which includes a fund for finding the child.

The couple not considered religious by their parents, claim to be devout Catholics and secure an audience with the Pope.

Parents claimed a forced entry by an abductor; there were no signs of forced entry. Parents later claim that they left the door to the apartment open.

Parents claimed that they could see the front door of their apartment from where they dined, this was found to be physically impossible.

Contradictory evidence given by the couple and their friends.

Robert Murat made Arguido (formal suspect)

At the suggestion of British Police 2 dogs renowned as being the best in the world in their field are brought to Portugal. One dog detects only human blood. The other dog detects cadaver fluids. Both dogs indicate the presence of these fluids in the same spots in the McCann apartment. Cadaver fluid is also detected in the couple’s vehicle that was rented nearly a month after the child had disappeared.

Degraded blood samples are collected and analyzed by the FSS laboratory of Birmingham England. Bodily fluid and hair is also collected from the trunk of the McCann vehicle. Initial findings indicate approximately an 80% match with the missing child’s DNA

September 7, 2007, police questions the couple individually. They are made Arguidos (formal suspects) to protect their rights. Kate does not answer the questions that are posed to her, as is her right as an Arguido.

September 9, 2007, the couple departs for England and promises to return to Portugal if needed.

As soon as the couple landed in England they hire the services of a lawyer who was renowned for preventing the Extradition of the Chilean dictator Pinochet to Spain. The couple lawyers-up.

Clarence Mitchell, the head of the department of the government media-monitoring unit steps down from his post to become the McCann’s spokesperson.

The majority of the British media refuses to consider the involvement of the couple in the disappearance of their child and they censor any commentary that suggests that. The British media engage in a campaign with racist and xenophobic overtones to discredit the Portuguese police and Portugal. Their main target being the lead investigator in the case Mr. Amaral.

October 2, 2007 Mr. Amaral is removed from the case.

The Couple secure the services of a Spanish detective agency Metodo 3, not known for finding missing persons. With Medodo 3 in place the Madeleine sightings reach their peak. The agency claims to know where the child is and who the abductor is; they make many empty promises.

Portuguese detectives go to England to interrogate the couple’s friends. At the same time Politicians go with the couple to the European parliament and try to associate them with a child welfare initiative. A re-enactment of that fateful night is requested by the Portuguese police, the couple and their friends do not cooperate and a re-enactment is never done.

Justice Hogg proclaims the innocence of the couple, who are still suspects in a criminal investigation.

The case is archived because of lack of evidence. Police unable to access the text messages of the couple. Police unable to access credit card information. Police unable to get background information on the couple and their friends. DNA tests of bodily fluids and hair are deemed inconclusive by FSS lab.

Police records are made public. British Media rehashes old sightings with the objective of convincing the public that the Portuguese police ignored leads.

Anonymous said...

There was no 'cadaver fluid' found anywhere in PDL.
That is a complete and outright untruth, and what is more I strongly suggest that you know that too.
The FSS were unable to state what kinf of 'fluid' it was.