Sunday, 17 August 2008

Welcome, all "pro-McCann"!

I'm flattered with the attention given to my blog, in the last days, from people that clearly have an almost religious belief concerning the McCann case. This is a space were different opinions and views are accepted, as I believe in Freedom of Speech and Press Freedom. Just keep your comments within the limits of the Law, as I do with my posts. And don't waste your time threatening me, either in comments (that I don't publish, obviously) or through emails. You know my face (it's on the upper right corner of this page) you know my full name (click in the link "Editor"), you know I live near Lisbon, in Alcochete. Come, and meet me, face to face, instead of barking behind anonymous messages.


Anonymous said...


I occasionally read your blog, because I'm interested in the truth. Some have categorize me as Pro, but I would say "I'm undecided". Many things don't add up about this whole case, but I know that not every gossip floating around cyberspace is necessarily true. I'm not British nor Portugues, but live in a different part of the World. We all want to know what happened to that innocent child, but don't necessary buy into all the conspiracy theories or accept without question that the parents might have been involved. I question everything, until I find an explanation that makes sense to me. Personally, I dislike the hatred some have for the parents. In my opinion, they acted in a neglectful manner night after night leaving those children alone, but am not convinced of anything else at this stage. They could have been involved or it could have been an accident, or even an abduction. There is some sort of cover-up, but I don't know yet (and neither do most people) why.

Sara Sarmento said...

Paulo, I'd like to add to your comment that when they go to Alcochete to meet you they should keep in mind you are not alone - you have MANY MANY Portuguese people ready to stand behind you.

Nana said...

I want to thank you for being brave. The one who has nothing to hide has nothing to fear.
You are not alone indeed and your hard work is trully appreciated.
Maddie deserves no less.

Kind regards from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Very well put Anonymous at 4:26.
The debate is a good thing… as long as people respect each other… but some people don’t seem to realise that a debate is possible without antagonizing, criticizing, or ostracising the PERSON with the OPINION.
Although I would not call myself undecided at this point, I also couldn’t not say that I know exactly what happened… and would not call myself neither pro nor against. I’m willing to use my own brain and I do not buy just about anything as a fact. That is probably why I have so many doubts and questions still. As yourself, I’m certain I could equally be misunderstood in several virtual places based on “faith”, either pro or against :) where a question or a thesis can be taken as a heresy… and I really don’t take hate speech very well – be it against me or anyone else.
I’ve posted here before and I’m sure I wasn’t insulted just because Paulo deleted the reply (because the reply was definitely there :)

Anonymous said...

...ohhh... and Paulo
sorry to ear that you have had so many ill-mannered visitors… call me naïve but ‘never considered virtual thugs - a new concept for me… time to awake up and smell the coffee, then!
Appreciate the work. Regards.

Jill Havern said...

People like you, Joana and Goncalo are extremely important in helping to make the truth known about what happened to dear Maddie and to help bring those responsible to justice.

We cannot rely on the appalling British media/government to tell the truth.

Maddie deserves so much more.

The Portuguese people do not deserve this shocking treatment from the British Establishments - the British people don't deserve to be brainwashed by lies either - and I'm ashamed to be British right now.

Please keep going, and thank you all for your blogs, which are my first port of call every morning to see the truth.

astro said...

Hi Paulo,

You do an excellent job, and the threats are only a visible sign of the fact that you, like so many others, are asking some very uncomfortable questions.

Of course, at the end of the day, the ultimate question will always be: Why doesn't someone answer all of our questions, and puts our doubts to rest, once and for all?

It's not that easy, is it?

Again, congratulations for a job well done, and keep those 'annoying' questions coming!

And if you happen to visit the Portimão area, you are very welcome to pop in for a chat!

Anonymous said...

Once more,congratulations because You are a VERY SPECIAL PERSON;a brave man with a warm and beautiful personality.

And,once more,You give to us a very important example, a correct behaviour .

I always was proud about You.(and concerned also)

A good day,always.

pampita said...

Como diria "El Manco": "Ladran, Paulo, señal que cabalgamos" (o algo asi).

Un abrazo

irina said...

Hello, Paulo. All my support and appreciation.
P.S. I would love to meet one of those creature things as well, even though I have been out of practice.

piglet said...


I am glad that through thick and thin you have never given uo in the search for the truth and justice for this little girl.
I know a lot of the work you have done in this area has been unpaid.

I guess you have ruffled a few feathers!

to anon
If you have been following the factual aspects o this case you will see the Mccanns themselves have practically made it impossible for anyone to believe there was an abduction. According to their statements they left little or no opportunity. You will aso see that the sighting by theor friend would be almost impossible.
Looking at the pictures from the crime scene - you will notice that there is little evidence of an abduction too.

No one wants to think that any parents or friends could harm a child but sadly in a very high percentage of cases this is what happens.

Faced with the factual aspects of this case, You have no option but to consider that the parents or friends were involved in some way.

Apologies for the length!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for being here informing about an innocent girl's fate and the innuendos and spin behind the scenes.
I for one do respect your work and consider you a gentleman , not only by the way you discuss this case, the infornmation you provide but also by your sensible answers to the ones who try to offend you for being here.

On today's DX frontpage:
Madeleine, Link to Portugal sex scandal?

Unfortunately the article is not available online, but I'm curious about it.

Anonymous said...



Há****no***céu***S.xxxxxxs Maddie.

The " pro-McCann and clans" must be polite. Because the fear is a great and undoubted enemy.


xxxxxxs to Maddie****há****no***céu.S.

Cláudia said...

Hi, Paulo.
I know what you mean, but you can give that idea up. These are the kind of people who wouldn't have the balls to tell their neighbour to turn the music down. These are coward reptiles, some of they probably on a payroll, who wish we would all live in a fascist state where questions are not asked and where people would just buy the crap that is fed to them and say thank you in the end. When the case was shelved I said that common citizens and investigative journalists would be the ones who would prevent this case from dying. Your recent surge in polularity among the dictatorship fans confirms my prediction. You are a threat, Paulo, because you will not be intimidated and because you will not stop asking questions. The only thing I have to say to you is thank you. And keep it up, of course. You should be proud. Whatever your doing is working. So keep doing it. :-)
Um abraço!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you do deserve a little more respect than you have received of late, but I hope you are not mistaking all those who disagree with you for being 'pro-McCann' (a childish and undemocratic trick usually deployed by 'sicko' forums like the 3arguidos in which you are not permitted to think outside the box or question the Portuguese Press with the same riotous cynicism with which one is encouraged to approach the British Press).

Personally I just wish you'd stop banging on about Gordon Brown this and Gordon Brown that. Brown doesn't even have the support of his own ministers in his own country (including the foreign secretary, David Miliband) so how is he likely to have any political impact abroad? Brown couldn't organise a piss-up in brewery at this time, never mind an international cover-up.

That doesn't mean to say there aren't some powerful figures involved.

Cast your mind back to May 2007. Tony Blair was still sitting in 10 Downing Street and his favourite PR specialist, Sheree Dodd was immediately dispatched to Praia da Luz (she was working at the Department of Trade and Industry at that point - as Director of Communications). A notorious Blairite, Dodd had been tipped to replace Alistair Campbell as Blair's personal spin-doctor (Brown removed her when he came into office). And most of us are well aware of Blair's 'special relationship' with Portugal - Portugal's former Prime Minister, Jose Manuel Barroso having hosted the Iraq Summit with Spain and America in the run up to the war.

There is a very good article about Blair and Barroso's relationship by Euan MacDonald. It can be found here:

People might be interested to learn that former Prime Minister Barroso is now the President of the European Commission along with Blair's closest ally, Peter Mandelson. It was the Barroso Commission that came up with the initial idea of the Amber Alert and the central criminal register back in 2005/2006 - both later lobbied for by the McCanns.

My only gripe is that you refuse to frame this investigation within its rightful political context. This has little to do with Brown and everything to do with Blair and Barroso. Much of the British Press is already of the opinion that Blair is still very much in control at Downing Street. The fact that Blair's protege, David Miliband has been making his much criticised leadership bid should spell this out).

One might also be reminded that Blair hosted talks between Brown and Bush during the US president's visit to Downing Street in June this year. The British Press remarked on its peculiarity at the time - not least Brown's surprise support for the President):

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1,

As a person interested in the truth, you've presumably read and digested the facts in Mr Amaral's book, his substantiated views in several interviews. Those interested in the truth in this case have also read PJ's Report & extracts of police files.

The police (and detectives) work to the same principles in their duty in pursuit of the truth.

There is overwhelming evidence showing Madeleine died in her parents' apartment; there is absolutely no evidence to support the parents plea (especially in a Court) of an abduction. The only fingerprints on the window belonged to Kate.

Cláudia said...

Anon 11:50

so what you mean is that the Mccanns never spoke on the phone with Mr Brown and that Mr Brown never interfered in this case and that the investigation never came up between Mr Brown and Mr Sócrates?
I have a lovely piece of land on the moon I would like to sell to you. And the view is just unbelievable.

Arin said...


My support and appreciation also.
Without brave men such as yourself, evil would prevail.

As nana said 'you are not alone'.
You also have many English people ready to stand behind you.

I think it is disgusting that you are being threatened.

Take care


guerra said...

You see the problem is that when the case was archived, they expected this blog as well as many others to be archived. Like one anonymous put it, Rest In Peace. So I guess many are back on the payroll again. Maybe they should convince their superiors to archive the fictitious sightings and the exorbitant invisible super agents.

jo said...

Keep up your GOOD work
Tienes muchisima gente contigo para apoyarte si hace falta.
The pros do not like DIGNITY RESPECT nor the TRUTH.
Be brave,be fair as always
Un abrazo

Anonymous said...

Am I right in remembering that at the beginning of this case Mr Reis, you were sympathetic to kate McCann?

What changed your mind?

carilina said...

Dear Paulo,
Trolls are everywhere. I'm dealing with some of them that feed bullsh#t into the 3A forum.

Trolls are getting paid to do that by people who are so afraid that they want to silence the high voices.

Don't pay attention and keep up the good work.

We are with you, with Duarte Lavy and with Astro.

Um beijo,

bjr said...

Hi Paulo

Much respect to you and thank you for bringing us the news and keeping the memory of Madeleine alive.

Please ignore these imbeciles, they are just not worth your efforts. They show exactly what they are by the content of their posts.

You have the support and the admiration of many, myself included. Keep up the excellent work that you and Duarte Levy have done.

Eloisa said...

I got them in my blog Paulo, because I'm publishing the Spanish version of your posts ...
I know it's hard, but press on, you're a professional...
Cervantes said: Ladran Sancho, señal que cabalgamos ...

When dogs bark, it's because you're hitting the head of the nail


Anonymous said...


Blair, Brown & Miliband are three of several labour ministers to have intervened in this case.

It was reported that Miliband prevented the PJ detaining the McCanns last September, doubtless with Brown's knowledge and consent.
Arrangements made for Mr Amaral's removal were known to Brown prior to the co-ordinator working in Madeleine's (not McCanns best interests).

The media was used for usual disinformation with PJ's arrival for interviews in April. They were prevented from attending concurrent with McCanns appearance on the stage in Brussels, also arranged by Miliband.

The interviews conducted by Leicester Police were corrupt, in that interviewees were given access to statements on police files, thus defeating the object of the exercise. DVD's were made of the somewhat 'orchestrated' charade for despatch to PJ.

It's the first time in political/criminal history that a Government has been actively involved in perverting the course of justice in an investigation concerning the death and disappearance of a child.

I quite expect Brown & Jacqui Smith also visited the FSS.

Anonymous said...


Blair, Brown & Miliband are three of several labour ministers to have intervened in this case.

It was reported that Miliband prevented the PJ detaining the McCanns last September, doubtless with Brown's knowledge and consent.
Arrangements made for Mr Amaral's removal were known to Brown prior to the co-ordinator working in Madeleine's (not McCanns best interests).

The media was used for usual disinformation with PJ's arrival for interviews in April. They were prevented from attending concurrent with McCanns appearance on the stage in Brussels, also arranged by Miliband.

The interviews conducted by Leicester Police were corrupt, in that interviewees were given access to statements on police files, thus defeating the object of the exercise. DVD's were made of the somewhat 'orchestrated' charade for despatch to PJ.

It's the first time in political/criminal history that a Government has been actively involved in perverting the course of justice in an investigation concerning the death and disappearance of a child.

I quite expect Brown & Jacqui Smith also visited the FSS.

Anonymous said...


The latest victim of truthful, principled and discerning people being 'set up' to be brought into disrepute by the media is Duarte Levy which he's redressed - article newsfrommybigdesk.

Mr Amaral redressed defamatory misinformation in the British media and others are following suit.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Cláudia said...

Hi, anon.
No, I'm not familiar with Mr Hitchen's 'encounter' with the coward reptiles. But I do agree that if any photos existed that were good for the McCanns, they would be splashed all over newspaper covers and probably sent to us by mail.

Jill Havern said...

Anon @ 15.27

This is hardly a site to address issues that aren't Maddie related, but you've attacked me regarding Mike Hitchen.

I have not attacked Mike Hitchen. It was Mike Hitchen who attacked many of his original supporters, including myself, and he also started a hate campaign to have Jeremy Young's baby taken from him.

Other than that I'm totally not interested in Mike Hitchen.

He is the one who is jumping on Maddie's bandwagon to make money from her by buying up her domain names

Thanks for the compliment on my blog though. Yes, it's new but it's related to my other two NHS blogs because Gerry McCann worked at the same hospital that I have written about in one of my blogs.

I'm not a McCann, I have nothing to do with them, and I don't know where you get that idea from. As you can see from my blog, I'm actually only posting things that are anti-McCann.... or should I say pro-Maddie.

If you do your research, you'll find that I'm actually the victim of Hitchen's lies, not the other way around. But it's just typical of people like you to take things at face value and believe what you're told.

I bet you even believe the rubbish in the papers about the McCanns.

Sorry to have taken up your blog space, Paulo, but I don't like being attacked for no reason.

suzieq said...

Hi Paulo. I love your blogs and I hope Madeleine gets the justice she absolutely deserves and that the McCanns are brought to book for neglect and that they are never allowed to profit from this tragedy which is totally of their own making.

I'm a firm believer in "if you've nothing constructive to say, say nothing" so I don't get why people should come on here and leave idiotic comments. But I feel I have one very important thing to say.

For people who come on here talking about Mike Hitchen, do not forget that Mike has an abnormal hatred of Paulo Reiss. Any "friend" of Paulo's is an automatic enemy of Mike Hitchen. Ask Joana Morais. Mike Hitchen refers to her in a very uncomplimentary way and it's always in connection to Paulo. Ask Jeremy Young. Mike thgouht JY and PR were the same person and because he hates Paulo so much, he turned his rage on JY.

The minute Mike Hitchen is brought into the conversation as being a force for good, all credibility goes out the window.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 17:27,

I've now found the blog to which you refer and wonder whether you've actually read it?! It's so obviously not 'pro-McCann' in any way, and has some very well-written and pertinent posts.

As far as I can see the first McCann-related post on the blog was made in September 2007 so I don't think it 'appeared out of the blue' yesterday. And it seems clear that the writer is taking, if anything, the opposite stance to 'setting up' Duarte Levy.

I found your post quite bemusing...

Jill Havern said...

I sent you this email this morning, Paulo, but wanted to post it here if that's ok?

Dear Paulo

I hope you don't mind me emailing you, but I have to say I was shocked to see an anonymous poster attacking me on your blog @ 17.27 and, in particular, his reference to "Gestapo style surveillance" and the 'setting up' of your co-author.

You may or may not know that not only have I been attacked by Hitchen, but so have you and Joana. Joana was publicly humiliated on Hitchen's blog simply for being associated with you.

Early last year I was actually a supporter of Hitchen until he turned on fellow blogger, Jeremy Young, and used his stillborn baby, Ethel, to attack him. I chose to defend Jeremy from this disgusting attack and then Hitchen also attacked me and made up blogs about us - all of which we have proven to be lies and the truth is posted here

In addition to the fact that Hitchen has proven to be a liar, he also writes pornographic stories about children and has seen Maddie as a business venture to buy up her domain names to sell for huge amounts of money. I do not condone that kind of behaviour from someone who claims to be a 'voice' for Maddie whilst at the same time betraying her.

Now, I don't suppose for one minute that you're interested in reading all the stuff about Hitchen, but I'm really puzzled why his supporters keep saying I'm a 'McCann' when clearly my blog is anti-McCann.

Hitchen has been reported to the police by both Jeremy and myself.

Yes, I have a new McCann blog, but it is matched to my Postcode Lottery and NHS Death Row blog - it is not 'state-of-the-art' etc. The only reason I have held back from making this blog was because I was waiting for the PJ's final report because I wanted a blog that showed the facts of the 'guilt'.

My blogs are based on my website which you will see is copyrighted in 2007 - so it hasn't just appeared as insinuated by the anonymous poster. There is also a section entitled "Abuse of "Power".

The McCanns are relevant to my blogs in as much as they are NHS doctors and Gerry works at the same hospital as the controversy I've described in the book I have written.

My blog is also my effort to help get the truth out there - should anyone google NHS they may well end up on my blog and see the truth as we know it at the moment. It's just another way of helping, that's all.

I am not a Troll, I am not a McCann, I am not a Hitchen supporter. People don't seem to realise that I can dislike Hitchen and the McCann's at the same time.

If you look at my new blog you will see that much of the stuff actually comes from your blog and Joana's because that's where all the up to date news is! If you want me to remove any of it, I will.

But my point of this email, really, is because the anonymous poster insinuated that I had something to do with Duarte Levy being 'set up'. I was totally shocked to read that and I can assure you it had nothing to do with me at all, but how can I now prove that?

I actually think that if it wasn't for people like you and Joana and Mr Amaral then Maddie would be forgotten.

Jill Havern

Anonymous said...


Duarte Levy was targetted and baited by three or four 'fellow journalists'.

The McCanns only means of defence is spin and lies ... media/forum misinformation.

Duarte had no way of checking the 'journalists' he met were legitimate. He took them at their word, was 'conned' for the sole purpose of front page publicity.

At the same time, a link to a "sensational" new site appeared 'out of the blue'. Old articles extracted from longstanding sites may be authentic .... to win trust prior to printing misinformation.

Same tactics used against Duarte Levy.

McCann mechanics use the same tools over and over - legal threats, verbal threat/intimidation and publishing misinformation.

Anonymous said...


Publication of Mr Amaral's book along with journalists' publication of information on police files has resulted in sinister behaviour, as Duarte Levy suffered.

Mike Hitchen is of the same school and calibre as Duarte, Paulo & Joanna; equally threatening to those focussed on suppressing factual information. Duarte is one of many to have suffered a vile act of vengeance in Madeleine's case.

Mafia mentality; the police and reputable journalists being viewed as the enemy and 'dealt with' accordingly via the media.

Joana, Paulo & Mike Hitchen respect each other as equally reputable journalists/commentators.
Loathed, no doubt, by Mitchell -
self appointed media Fuhrer.

Anonymous said...


People are at liberty to read sites and articles of their choosing. We also have the right to draw conclusions from material presented.

Those concerned with the truth in this case greatly appreciate your work.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who posted in response to suzieq:

That is the funniest thing I've read in ages. Just curious though..... you were joking, weren't you???

*says me finding it hard to believe that anybody could seriously think Mike Hitchen has respect for Joana or Paulo, nor that anybody could actually think Mike Hitchen is a threat*

Mike hitchen has nothing but contempt for Joana and Paulo. Ask him if you don't believe me. He should never be held up as any voice of Madeleine McCann. Thankfully his blog has died a death while this one still goes strong.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the chairs on the balcony of the apartment photos. And the fact that the dogs picked up blood/cadaver ordour in the flower bed below. Kids can and do learn very early on to use chairs for access to high places, especially as she could hear her loud father at the tapas restaurant. It is plausable that she fell over the edge whilst trying to get their attention. The chair being moved up to the edge would alert whoever came back immediately, hence changed clothes after trying to resusitate poor child on the apartment floor behind the sofa. Hurredly written time lines on scraps of paper torn from kids book(!)to get stories right. Fear of losing social standing over rides grief here. Plus maybe a few Masonic connections? Younger siblings perhaps sedated to keep them out of the way while sorting out the problem. Antihistamines (Piriton) does have a strong sedative effect.

Jill Havern said...

anon @ 14.30.... if you're still banging on about my 'new blog' that has appeared 'out of the blue', then you're wrong. I started that blog in 2007, as I did with my website where I was collecting a few items. The only reason I kept it private until now was because I didn't want to seem to be blogging about Madeleine and her parents for the hell of it. I was waiting for something concrete like Goncalo's book and the PJ's final report to confirm that Maddie was dead. Until that point everything was just speculation, forum myths and opinions and to publish anything along those lines would, indeed, have been misinformation! As Clarence Mitchell has now said: The gloves are off!

If the blog is 'sensational' then that's because the McCann's have made it so with their behaviour. The blog merely reflects what they do.

My blogs are about the state of the NHS and to publish misinformation would discredit the whole issue of the postcode lottery/NHS death row, which I will not do - the postcode lottery is a very serious issue. The McCanns' have literally put the lid on the coffin of the NHS by their bizarre behaviour because I can't imagine NHS doctors doing anything worse than being responsible for the death of their child, concealing her body and then creating a fraudulent fund which has paid their mortgage.

To think that Gerry still works in the NHS is an insult to those who are learning the truth.

The McCanns are related to my blogs simply because they are NHS doctors and Gerry works at Glenfield. There the similarity ends. If they weren't NHS doctors my blog would not exist.

I am not 'setting up' Duarte, Paulo or Joana or anyone else. My blogs are there to highlight the plight of people who are being mistreated by the NHS - they are losing their lives and that includes children and babies. So please don't bring Mike Hitchen into this, especially on a blog that is Maddie related. If you have an issue with me then email me on - please leave Paulo and his colleagues out of this.

anon @ 14.59... Hitchen is not of the same school and calibre as Paulo or Joana. That is an insult to Paulo and Joana. Hitchen has been proven to be a liar and a pervert and Paulo or Joana are neither.

Hitchen is merely a blogger, and he is embarrassed and angry that he's been found to be a fraud and a pervert, and he is not the voice for Madeleine McCann and will not gain the global recognition he craved. He is a coward who sits in his underground cave and sends people out to do his dirty work, while he sits back and watches his own 'supporters' get responses such as this.

Wise up.

Miffy said...

Anonymous at 14:30 - I've read your reply to me as anonymous and apart from saying you should look a little deeper, I'm not going to use Paolo's blog to continue this debate.


Hi to Asterisk Andy and good to see you again :)

anapt said...

Hi Paulo,
I found out about your blog on the sun discussions where your name has come into discussion, let's put it this way, you are hated by the pro's but loved and respected by the anti's.
i myself beleive to be an anti mccann however a pro Madeleine Mccann, i want the truth, i want justice for Madeleine Mccann, I want no stone unturned.
I would be very interested to know your opinion in respect to the DNA found and sent to Birmingham. Why is it that 15 marks were found on the 1st test, unconclusive on the 2nd and apparently disappeared completely on the 3rd.
Why do you think the tests weren't carried out in Portugal where crime was committed?
Hope to hear your comments and may i congradulate you on the fantastic work you have created, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

great work Paulo