Monday, 15 September 2008

Eddie and Keela videos

Two full videos of the dogs' search at Praia da Luz can be watched here:

Eddie and Keela at the McCann rented house

Eddie and Keela searching the cars


Anonymous said...

Muito bom dia|

Ver estes vídeos, com larga duração,só não vê quem não lhe convém.

São bem significativos e até perturbantes.Filmaram bem de perto as recomendações que constam das precauções com os medicamentos, a nível específico e a nível geral(i.e.,medicamentos fora do alcance de qq. criança).E aqueles que tinham assinalado: noon and night?

Paulo,I am sorry to not write in english.I have not vocabulary enough or I am "sleeping" waked...
I jump the bed 6:30AM.

Anonymous said...

So many changes of curtains and furnishings !!!

Anonymous said...

Another fraudulent photo ....

Lounge furniture consisted of two blue sofas, one of which police reported was 'out of place' - pushed against the wall on which Eddie & Keela confirmed cadaver and blood.

Tampering with police evidence as well as obtaining £1.3 m under false pretences. The longer it continues the greater the crimes.

Anonymous said...

Has there been anything published on who hired the Renault before the McCanns?
Who had the Renault during the time Madeleine McCann disappeared? Did any of the group vacationing with the McCanns have a car on May 3, 2007?

Anonymous said...

Has anything been published concerning the Renault before the McCanns hired it?
Who had it and where was it during the time Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007?
Did any of the goup vacationing with the McCanns have a car on May 3?