Monday, 15 September 2008

Gerry McCann: sniffer dogs are not reliable

Sniffer dogs have a high failure rate, according to Gerry McCann. In an interview with the Portuguese weekly Expresso, when asked to comment about Eddie and Keela searches at Praia da Luz, Gerry said that a study made in USA proved that those dogs were not reliable.
Sniffer dogs were tested, according to Gerry McCann, with boxes containing vegetables, bones, garbage and some human remains. For 10 hours, four sets of boxes were left in ten rooms. After the boxes were removed, the dogs were called in and “failed in two thirds of the cases”, said the father of Madeleine McCann.
Eddie and Keela handler, Martin Grimes, in a statement that is in the DVD files of the investigation of Madeleine’s disappearance, says that the dogs have been used in around 200 cases and never gave a “false alert”.


Anonymous said...

Of course I beleive at 2 experts dogs. Have they worked at horror house? And evrything stopped to not compromise high persons?

So,the "great expert" who less always his children alone and so much more...of course he wants doubt about that.It is convenient to him.
Bad boy,G.Bad boy..

Anonymous said...

Does Gerry The Child Neglecter say where we can find this study? It should be presented to Martin Grime for comment.

Lots of people who are in prison having had dogs' evidence as part of their trial should now appeal.

Clearly the dog's are worthless now and should all be destroyed and never again used in earthquake areas to find bodies.

Where would we be without Gerry McCann?

Cláudia said...

I bet if you ask the dogs they will also say that Gerry is very unreliable and that in 2 out of 3 times he is economical with the truth. ;-)

Let's also remember that Gerry has used the Zapata case as an example in which the dogs' indications were not accepted in court. What he forgot to say was that later, the suspect confessed and that the dogs had been right all along! :-)

Gordon Bennett said...

It begs the question, so why was it not put to McCann that these dogs had been used in over 200 cases and had not had one failure. Oh sorry, silly me, Expresso had to submit all their questions to them 2 hours in advance!

Anonymous said...

Martin Grimes confirmed Eddie & Keela have never given "a false positive".

This uniquely trained pair are only used in 'difficult' cases of homicide, i.e. where attempts to eradicate evidence are known to exist. 100% success on behalf of FBI as well.

Gerry's far too arrogant to realize he has a mere 5 million receptors compared to Eddie & Keela's 200 million apiece.

He was at liberty to stay in Luz and prove his innocence last September. He chose instead to flee .......

Orlando said...

Of course sniffer dogs are reliable! Furthermore, the Portuguese police has used a sniffer bear with a code name “Amaral”. No doubts about it.

Orlando said...

This is despite the questionable reliability of a dog's behaviour. Apart from scientific studies proving that dogs can get it wrong, tests have shown that in addition to responding to the tiniest of tugs on the leash by the handler, dogs can react to note-taking and facial movements in the hope of pleasing the handler by picking up the "right" answer. Even a highly trained police dog handler will be uncertain of the smell the dog is reacting to.»

gordon bennett said...

Martin Grimes, in a statement that is in the DVD files of the investigation of Madeleine’s disappearance, says that the dogs have been used in around 200 cases and never gave a “false alert”.

Proving that dogs can get it right!

Anonymous said...
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Cláudia said...

Eddie and Keels have never given a false positive in 200 cases. They know for a fact what we have always suspected: the McCanns stink.
P.S: And I bet they would certainly do a lot better as babysitters.

Anonymous said...


The proof of Eddie & Keela's track record lies in cadaver material recovered in each of the 200 100% successful cases.

Overwhelming forensic evidence was found in Madeleine's case in the apartment, vehicle, clothing (including an item of Madeleine's) in the villa along with cuddle cat.

The 15 component DNA match to Madeleine is the legal requirement for Court paternity cases. The legal requirement for proposed DNA databases is a mere 10.

The truth in Madeleine's case is highlighted by Portuguese PM's evidenced based conclusions: "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal".

Government intervention from day one and continuing was designed to pervert the course of justice.

Anonymous said...

Had the overwhelming evidence of death and disposal (police conclusions) in Madeleine's case contained DNA link to an abductor,
the British Government would have ensured swift arrest, trial and imprisonment.

The only prints found on the window belonged to Kate. The rest is a monumentally expensive soap opera paid for by British & Portuguese taxpayers.

Anonymous said...


You appear to be very ignorant of dogs per se. You clearly have no knowledge of the unique, stringent training techniques of Eddie & Keela.
Air conditioned transportation and special diets for their invaluable, optimum performance.

They're worth their weight in gold to homicide victims.

Anonymous said...

gordon bennett,

The alleged 'Expresso' interview was conducted minus microphones and was unavailable on U-Tube. Phoney ... another amateurish 'staged' production, par for the course.

Anonymous said...


You appear to be very ignorant of dogs per se. You clearly have no knowledge of the unique, stringent training techniques of Eddie & Keela.
Air conditioned transportation and special diets for their invaluable, optimum performance.

They're worth their weight in gold to homicide victims.

Anonymous said...

P.R. : desta vez não consegui entender bem o porquê do não colocar 1 resposta a orlando.Deixa que, na minha opinião,insulte G.A.
Andei a ver os blogues de orlando.A não ser que saiba quem é e me queira poupar a "filosofias" e a "bocas".Mas a J. tb. não colocou.Opssss.Os 2 sabem muito.Que grande seca eu não ter dados para entender estas coisas.

KC said...

Hi Orlando.... we know where you stand.... please back to your own blogs now !
(I'm sure you had some extra hits on them; and that's what you wanted)

Anonymous said...

Well, they are sure more reliable than the McCanns. I would leave my children with Eddie and Keela much quicker than I would ever leave them in the hands of those two 40 year old misfits.

Anonymous said...

P.R. and KC.I thank You both.

Anonymous said...

Yes,I agree.The two police Uk dogs are more reliable than some people.

And I am not a bear!

Anonymous said...

A super letter from a Portuguese Wife.Gonçalo Amaral´s wife.

And,today at 12:00 TVI She go there.

From SOS,de Duarte Levy:

"Si l’ex-inspecteur, dans son calme habituel, n’a pas réagi, c’était sans compter avec le tempérament et la force de caractère typique des femmes portugaises. Sofia Amaral, épouse de l’ancien coordinateur de la Police Judiciaire, à adressé une lettre ouverte à Kate McCann ou, avec une bonne dose d’ironie et sarcasme, elle remercie la maman de Madeleine pour "un sentiment" commun à toutes les deux.

L’épouse de Gonçalo Amaral est aujourd’hui l’invité d’un programme de télévision, vers 12h, sur TVI.

Anonymous said...


No hard copy of Mrs Amaral's interview in Correio da Manha and no interview booked.

Anonymous said...


No hard copy of Mrs Amaral's interview in Correio da Manha and no interview booked.

Anonymous said...

Oh anonimo que me escreveu com um minuto de intervalo:
é só pesquisar,certo?
Ela foi á TV;
A carta já está,pelo menos em Francês;Inglês e Espanhol.

Se o ano. é de cá sabe ler pt.Se não é pode traduzir.
Não falei em nenhum jornal.

Anonymous said...

Bom dia,todos os dias!

Na minha opinião,parece-me que há jornais a deixarem aparecer,pelo menos on-line,os comentários desagradáveis às Pessoas Boas.

Os tentáculos são mesmo bem compridos.


E,pelos vistos retirou a outra morada de correio electrónico.Sensível às observações?

Anonymous said...

Reportage photographique.

A suivre.........

Cláudia said...

Anon, you really should research a little better. The letter is in Correio da Manhã Online, in Sol and in other newspapers. Moreover, Mrs Sofial leaj Amaral was the guest of a morning live TV show yesterday. Ans she was great, by the way. Your research skills are not exactly brilliant.

Correio da Manhã


CdM's Front Page

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for the McCanns cadavers don't know how to spin or lie.

Anonymous said...


The fact is, the letter is not in 'hard copy' in Correio da Manha.

Cláudia said...

Anon, yes it was.
I replied to you on my blog, because this is not the place for me to tell you what I want to tell you. However, I will not have you say that thousands of Portuguese people did not buy and read what they certainly bought and read. Moreover, even more thousands, possibly millions, watched Mrs Sofia Leal Amaral on live Portuguese TVI saying exactly the same that was in the article. From now on, if you want to deny things millions of Portuguese people can confirm, do it on my blog. Paulo has got more important things to do than deal with crazy stuff.

Anonymous said...

Longe da vista,longe do coração?

Não deixe cair este Blogue,por favor!

Anonymous said...


Portuguese journalists with no affiliation to the McCanns are totally reliable and accurate.
They remain at liberty to speak the truth and relay it to whomsoever they choose, home and abroad.

Anonymous said...

Paulo,como HOMEM que é,provavelmente sentirá também...

A picture is worth a thousand words

Muitos,muitos,muitissimos parabéns,Cláudia,Gente da Minha Terra(belíssima escolha!).

COMOVENTE,TAMBÉM...então quando aparecem aqueles desenhos de Menina;Menina com asas e uma Estrela no CÉU...Oh,Cláudia,consegue comover e arrepiar! Que SAUDADES DA NOSSA PEQUENINA!

JUSTIÇA????? Temo que só a do Universo.

Anonymous said...

...."But Gonçalo Amaral never refused, not even for one day,

to search for the escaped murderer,

relaying the expenses onto our family accounts. And this is just one example among many. At some point in time, I suggested that we ...."


Open Letter: Gonçalo Amaral Wife reacts Ironically to Kate's Attack

E,agora,dentro do contexto?


Anonymous said...

To re-re-re-remember:To not forget never:

"...Kate tells us

how she left the children to go and have a shower..

This only reinforces my view, that as the barrister for the Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police pointed out, this case is very much still under investigation by them. Could it be that the McCanns know something we do not, the net is closing in around them? So, having abused and ridiculed Goncalo Amaral they now wish to accept his lenient view of the facts, that there was an accident? As we know prosecutors and other police officers have not taken such a lenient view, clearly stating they feel it is a case of homicide.

When reading through this diary that she knew fully well would one day be published, it is full of sickening platitudes, goodnight sweetheart etc, just like we saw repeatedly written by a certain person on the Daily Express, who is still omnipresent, vituperative and hateful. It is also full of just how much she is suffering, there is no indication of genuine guilt or emotion for her situation at all IMO. There is also virtually no mention of Gerry, this seems to fit with the picture I have of this man, unsupportive, cold, calculating. Willing to..."

Anonymous said...


Independent Portuguese journalists are far more reliable than you.

Anonymous said...

The ex-still wife of GA is very predictable and if you read between the lines, money is the main topic of her letter.She is IMO doing him no good.

Devemos olhar primeiro para o nosso próprio umbigo porque Todos vivemos sob telhados de vidro.

Até a editora do livro é Guerra. O importante é a paz, mas parece que será difícil lá chegar com ressentiemntos e ódios destes.

Tudo de bom para si, Paulo.

guerra said...

I was wondering if anyone in the Portuguese media or the British media has reported on the case of the missing girl in Florida, Caylee. It appears the missing child's mother and the people supporting her have adopted the tactics used by the McCann team. In the Caylee case, the smell of death was also detected in the trunk of the vehicle of Caylee's mother. The people defending Caylee's mother dismissed this as the effects of rotting pizza and dirty diapers. The lawyer representing the mother claimed that the forensic tests were contaminated and even went as far as saying that the police have an agenda to incriminate his client. Believe it or not the lawyer is trying to stop all forensic testing by an FBI lab. The mother although not in the least religious all of a sudden is seen wearing a rosary around her neck. Sightings of Caylee are being reported and people who have daughters similar to the 3 year old toddler are being harassed. Caylee's mother also displays no emotion with regard to her missing daughter and she is a pathological liar. Caylee's mother also has an unknown benefactor who is putting up hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep her out of jail. The Florida police are getting a taste of what the Portuguese police went through bar the political interference, dubious lab work and media defamation campaign. It appears the McCann and their team have established the road map for getting rid of your child.

Anonymous said...

anon.17:27..." and if you read between the lines, money is the main ...."

Leituras personalizadas.Verdades diferentes.

Uma anedota de há muitos anos,muitos mesmo:

O pai e a mãe de um estudante receberam um telegrama que dizia
(e o dito tinha de ser curto,para ser barato): "enviem-me 500 escudos". O pai ficou furioso porque ao ler sentiu aquels palavrascomo uma ordem. A mãe respondeu ao marido que não era como ele achava.Não vês que ele pede com delicadeza?
O sentir de cada um foi diferente e a "verdade" diferente foi.
500 escudos são 2,50€.Vejam com a ouvi há imenso,imenso tempo.

Eu não senti nada do que disse a propósito das entrelinhas.A carta é uma maravilha; de respeito para com o Seu Homem,de ternura para com ele.Passaram muito os dois.Sacrificaram-se muito,pelos outros todos.

Sofia Leal e Gonçalo Amaral são Pessoas que bem podem dar o exemplo a muitos.

Anonymous said...


Sounds as if Metado 3 have touched down in Florida !!!

Anonymous said...


Rest assured, Paulo is dealing with important issues along with others.

Cláudia said...

Guerra, it's contagious! :-)

Cláudia said...

Anon, I know who you are. You are the one who thinks Paulo no longer rules this blog and that people have been writing for him. You have a serious problem and you should seek help. For your own sake. No one has ever taken over Paulo's blog and he can verify that. The letter was in Correio da Manhã online and on hard copy. I held it on my hands. Moreover, Mrs Amaral was on a Portuguese live TV show explaining the contents of the letter she wrote. Never did she say it was sent to the infamous couple address. That's why it is 'called' an open letter. She also said she hadn't sent it to any British papers because she knew the letter would never be published. At least in it's intirety and without bias. And she finally steted that she knew the infamous couple will eventually know about it. That is why they have a team. To be well informed.
Please, seek help. And if you want to reply to me, respect Paulo Reis and do it on my own blog. He has got far more serious work to do than to listen to your insane conspiracies.

Anonymous said...

22 de Setembro de 2008;08:14m

Anonymous said...

Nome: Madeleine Beth Mccann

Filiação: Gerald Patrick Mccann e Kate Marie Healy

Nacionalidade: Reino Unido

Naturalidade: Leicester
Data de nascimento: 12/05/2003

Passaporte: 453847661 – Reino Unido

Data de emissão: 04/08/2003

Data de validade: 04/08/2008

Descrição Física:

Sexo: Feminino

Altura: 90 cm

Cabelo: castanho claro/louro, liso, pelos ombros

Olhos: olho esquerdo azul e verde, olho direito verde com mancha castanha na iris.

Sinais particulares: Pequeno sinal na pele, de cor castanha, no gémeo da perna esquerda.


Na data do desaparecimento, vestia pijama de calças brancas com motivos florais, e parte superior de manga curta, com predominância de cor de rosa e na frente uma figura de um “jumento” de cor azul e cinza, com a inscrição “EEYORE”.

Informações complementares:

http// altura em que a criança estava sozinha no apartamento.

Departamento de Investigação Criminal de Portimão da Polícia Judiciária

Rua Pé da Cruz, 2, 8500-640 Portimão
Telefone: 282 405 400
Piquete: 282 427 671
Fax: 282 412 763


para qualquer serviço de piquete da Polícia Judiciária.

Por despacho com data de hoje
(21.07.2008) proferido pelos dois magistrados do Ministério Público competentes para o caso, foi determinado o arquivamento do inquérito relativo ao desaparecimento da menor Madeleine McCann, por não se terem obtido provas da prática de qualquer crime por parte dos arguidos.

Anonymous said...

Eu não senti nada do que disse a propósito das entrelinhas.A carta é uma maravilha; de respeito para com o Seu Homem,de ternura para com ele.Passaram muito os dois.Sacrificaram-se muito,pelos outros todos.

Sofia Leal e Gonçalo Amaral são Pessoas que bem podem dar o exemplo a muitos.

E como sabe isso tudo? E como sabe o que os McCann passaram ou não?

Não sejamos ingénuuos.
Nem nos deixemos manipular. Haja bom senso!Há coisas que não levam a lado nenhum. Só rebaixam as pessoas. E há que admitir também os erros.E houve-os de ambas as partes.

A propósito: Paulo Cristôvão não usufruiu da venda do seu livro. Sabe dizer-me se GA fez o mesmo?

Um bom dia!

Anonymous said...

"O dito anónimo ou é tolo ou não tem arte".

PAULO:isto é 1 provérbio.

"Bate no ceguinho,que se farta",Paulo,outro provérbio!

Depois vem para o Blogue do "vizinho" "namorar" a Cláudia ou a quem lhe der na mona (PAULO:é 1 termo bem pt.)

Do conhecimento popular: os burros têm palas nos olhos,para só olharem num sentido;para a frente e para o mesmo sítio,como convém ao dono.PAULO:nas aldeias é assim que se faz.

A mim,pessoalmente,faz-me imensa confusão aqueles seres que só sabem obcessivamente,bater na mesma tecla.
Há fases.
Penso que esta será a fase dois.
A do artigo e a da presença de uma Grande Companheira numa tv pt.
Será esta "alminha" quem só falava na dor estampada.
Ou,na espantada...

"Mulheres do Meu País"

Rest assured, Paulo is dealing with important issues along with others.

21 September 2008
10:10 do desconhecido

Eu respondo:

ainda bem,mas também está à "distância de um clique". O Mundo é já ali,com a internet.

Anonymous said...

As Mulheres do Meu País
Maria Lamas

Editor: Editorial Caminho
EAN: 9789722114912
Disponibilidade: 5 a 10 dias, salvo ruptura de stock


Maria da Conceição Vassalo e Silva da Cunha Lamas

Escritora e interveniente política portuguesa. Mulher de personalidade admirável, oriunda de uma família burguesa de Torres Novas, ali estudou até aos dez anos. Aprendeu línguas o que lhe viria a ser útil mais tarde, quando teve de ganhar a vida com traduções. Traduziu mais tarde "Memórias de Adriano", de Marguerite Yourcenar, que conheceria em Paris. Casou nova e aos 25 anos já tinha duas filhas. Viveu em Luanda e quando o casamento naufragou divorciou-se e quis ser ela a assegurar a educação das filhas. Começa a escrever para os jornais Correio da Manhã e Época, mais tarde para O Século, A Capital e o Diário de Lisboa. Casou, em 1921, com Alfredo da Cunha Lamas, e foi mãe mais uma vez. Em 1928 passou a dirigir o suplemento Modas & Bordados do jornal O Século, dando-lhe uma feição diferente. Um jornal que dava prejuízo passou a dar lucro, tal a importância da sua colaboração. Era preciso chegar às mulheres trabalhadoras pouco esclarecidas quanto aos seus direitos. A sua colaboração no "Correio da Joaninha" passou a ser um diálogo educativo com as leitoras. Ligou-se ao MUD (Movimento de Unidade Democrática) e depois ao Conselho Nacional das Mulheres Portuguesas, onde desenvolveu intensa actividade política e cultural. Presa, pela primeira vez, por motivos políticos, em 1949 sofreu imenso na prisão, porque a PIDE a colocou numa prisão incomunicável durante quatro meses. Esteve muito doente. Depois de várias prisões viu-se forçada ao exílio. A sua actividade como escritora é intensa e diversificada. Escreveu contos infantis, estudos na área da mitologia, porém o seu livro mais importante, fruto de dois anos de viagens por todo o país é «As Mulheres do Meu País», uma obra de referência, onde colaboraram com ilustrações os mais famosos intelectuais do tempo, editado em 1950. Seguem-se «A Mulher no Mundo», 1952 e «O Mundo dos Deuses e dos Heróis», 1961.Esteve exilada por diversas vezes, entre 1953 e 1962. Passados sete anos regressou do exílio. Tinha 76 anos e ainda a mesma esperança de melhores dias para Portugal. Viveu o 25 de Abril de 1974 com enorme alegria. Foram-lhe atribuídas duas das mais honrosas condecorações portuguesas, a de Oficial da Ordem de Santiago da Espada e a da Ordem da Liberdade. Faleceu com 90 anos, em Dezembro de 1983. A cidade de Torres Novas relembra-a numa pequena intervenção escultórica. A jornalista Maria Antónia Fiadeiro dedicou-lhe um estudo monográfico.

E,já agora:

E,para completar mais leituras:

Sigmund Freud
Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre.
Não é o Freud do C.M.

Anonymous said...

Fiquei com muita mais sede!

Anonymous said...


You have no means of 'knowing' who I am bar llegal hacking. In this regard, friends in the police continue to be extremely helpful.

They, along with lawyers, have the power to investigate on behalf of innocent people targetted.

Britain, like Portugal, remains subject to laws of democracy. It's unfortunate that the McCanns only means of defence is spin, lies and, I'm told, criminal activities. The next election will ensure an end to it all.

Anonymous said...

Bom dia.
P.R.: nada de novo a Oeste?



porque,ao telefone para a tvi,o DL:
.."Foi o Duarte Levy, ao telefone. O que ele disse foi que em breve irão surgir vários elementos que irão pôr em causa muito sobre a 'versão oficial' das coisas. A Júlia perguntou se eram as fotos e ele disse que era mais que isso. Coisas que podem ter a ver com falsificação de documentos. Disse, também, que pode ser uma forma de reabrir o caso. Mas que depende do valor que o MP der a tais elementos, se é que me faço perceber... Disse ainda que este caso ainda vai dar muito pano para mangas. Disse que não tem dúvidas de que O LIVRO será editado em Inglaterra, e pelo que me quis parecer em grande estilo...

Cláudia said...

Anon, I've dealt with you on my own blog.

Anonymous said...

Cláudia,Mulher do Meu País: acho que o grande melga não se quer dar ares perante Si....deve ter a double "face"....or only one "face"...


S.M. : há que dar 1 "toque" de presença,não vá algum TUFÃO soprar com demasiada FORÇA!Please!


Isabel de Portugal said...

Serei só eu que acha extremamente estranho que o papá maravilha faz parte de uma comissão de energia nuclear...e que os seus "patrocinadores" são homens das industrias?
Que o Socrates aposta nas energias renovaveis e que até tivemos uma conferencia sobre energias renovaveis ha bem pouco tempo em que um desses "patrocinadores" foi pessoa de destaque?? Serei realmente eu que ando a ficar paranoica ou há aqui gato - de rabo muitooooo comprido?

PS. Já agora, pedia que me facultassem o nome do outro blogue do qual mais que uma vez aqui vi mencionado mas cujo endereço ainda não consegui encontrar. S.f.f. claro, pois sou uma pessoa educada.

Anonymous said...

Bom dia!
Abrir a gazeta faz com que o P. seja a 1ª pessoa que cumprimento logo!

Que sabe e não diz?


Anonymous said...

Britain has now slumped from 12th to 16th in the global perceived corruption stakes, alongside Ireland but one place better than the US.

Denmark, Sweden and New Zealand felt the most free of corruption, while Somalia fared the worst, followed by Burma, Iraq, Haiti and Afghanistan.

Segundo o ranking da Transparency Internacional (TI), que analisa 180 países, Portugal está entre os países onde aumentou a percepção de corrupção, encontrando-se no 32.º lugar do ranking a nível global e no 19.º lugar a nível europeu. Outros países europeus onde aumentou esta percepção da corrupção foram Bulgária, Finlândia, França, Itália, Noruega e Inglaterra.

Em relação ao relatório do ano passado, Portugal caiu quatro lugares no ranking, passando de 28.º para 32.º lugar, revela o Índice de Percepção de Corrupção (IPC) da Transparency Internacional que mede o nível de percepção de corrupção no sector público em determinado país, tendo por base diferentes pesquisas no sector privado e entre consultores.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I agree that the dogs did pick up something, I also have to conclude that dogs such as these, are highly conditioned and could be influenced by their handlers. This doesn't therefore suppose that Gerry McCann is correct, or that the dogs were wrong, for that matter. However, in order to try to be objective, it is possible the dogs were influenced (although, in my honest opinion, not likely) - and Gerry McCann and his advisors are well aware of that, which is why they are playing on this as part of their defence.
Oh and by the way, I agree, the dogs would most likely have done a significantly better job of babysitting than the McCanns appear to have done.

Claudia, you are a bully. Everytime I come here you are berating someone. I've no doubt you are a reasonably intelligent person - but with a somewhat over-inflated ego. I wonder what pearls of wisdom or rebuke you will spew forth in response. Yawn.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe anything Gerry McCann says.

In fact, I have noticed that the McCann strategy to deflect all eyes from the truth relies on direct counterpoint.

For example, Kate McCann's frantic declaration to the media, upon leaving Portugal, that they did not come out as a family of 5 to go home as a family of 4 directly points to premeditation. Otherwise, why would they frantically leave? Leaving at such a time when a beloved child is missing makes absolutely no sense. That is, unless the statement was put out to deflect from the real truth, that they came out as a family of 5 to go back as a family of 4. If they loved Maddie, they would have stayed in Portugal.

The fact that Maddie's DNA was not found in the McCann's apartment implies that Maddie was either not ever there or was contained in a very small area where her movements were controlled. I suspect that part of the desire to have a reconstruction was to figure out where Maddie was being kept and this is what drove the tapas lot away.

Gerry McCann is on the run. But the facts remain. The human corpse scent was all over his apartment and belongings. Unlike GM, dogs cannot lie.

Cláudia said...

D, if you get a backbone you can come on my blog and tell me that and much more in a more face to face way. There is even a contact e-mail address there.

You think I'm a bully. Fair enough. I think you're a coward. Doesn't make any of us right. But if you want to play the game, play it, but not on Paulo's blog. He's got more interesting and important things to do. And read.

Anonymous said...

Claudia - no thanks. I've absolutely no interest in continuing dialogue with you.

Anonymous 1602, I agree entirely with what you say. Although, I believe Gerry McCann too arrogant and full of his own importance to be on the run. Remember these people appear to be above the law and only the discovery of the child will answer the questions truthfully.
From day one these people had another agenda - and whether one believes they were involved in the disappearance or not, the fact remains that their priority certainly lay in sustaining their credibility and finances, even, it would appear, at the expense of finding the little girl.
No matter what anyone claims, without the child, there will always be a carefully thought out and advised rebuttal from the McCann camp. However, what goes around comes around, as they say.


Cláudia said...

D, good. Let's just remember that I did not initiate any dialogue with you (you did), which makes your statement look foolish. Have a nice life.
As for the rest, I don't believe there is a body anymore to be found. And I believe that because of the famous chalenge.

Anonymous said...

honour to inflated egos when they belong to inteligent people and correct judgement.



All the best,S.M.

Anonymous said...

anonymous - 16.02

Eddie confirmed cadaver behind the sofa (moved out of position), in the parents' apartment, balcony and garden beneath. Two items of Kate's clothing, one of Madeleine's, cuddle cat, key car and vehicle boot.

Cadaver blood specimens found by Keela contained 15 DNA component match to Madeleine - legal requirement in paternity cases.
The genetic profiles relating to 22 components intermingled with Madeleine's confirmed by FSS to belong to TWO eithers - those directly involved.

Mr Amaral confirmed some results were withheld.

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You say you believe Gerry was too full of arrogance and self importance to be on the run.

Arrogance is fear based and the McCanns chose to run and hide behind others rather than stay and prove their innocence. They habitually say one thing (directly or via the media) yet actions show they do the exact opposite.

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"Gerry McCann: sniffer dogs are not reliable"

"Sniffer Dogs: "Gerry McCann is not reliable"

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"Cidadania é uma papoila,frágil!"

Dr. Fernando Nobre; A.M.I.

vi um documentário excelente na Dois,hoje,27.


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Bom dia,de aqui.Boa tarde...ou boa noite conforme a hora em que vir isto.

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Nice to meet You....on the page!

Goodwork,because continue it is very important like You know very well.Sometimes,we think that the "things stopped"But,no.

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Anonymous 11:34

We will have to disagree on arrogance being fear based, in my view, arrogance is based on the notion of base superiority. A person who lacks confidence in their own intrinsic abilities, (regardless of how intelligent they are) on the other hand, might seek to make himself feel better by belittling others. I would say this is fear based - as is aggression.
Attack is the best form of defense, as they say.
However, its all just semantics.

I agree however, that they did hide behind their troop of legal defense etc etc, but I believe their primary concern at that point, strange as it may seem, was to save their reputations and social standing, given that they are both professional medics who left three small children under 4 alone to go out boozing. Aside to whatever happened to poor Madeleine, they knew that the negligence in itself could potentially ruin them. This is what is not only baffling but also incriminating, their priorities definately lay elsewhere.

We can only hope that some form of undeniable evidence is found, to put an end to the speculation, and provide some form of justice for the innocent child, and also for all those other innocent parties who have been slated, ridiculed and ruined as a result of their involvement in this investigation.


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Artigo de Opinião de Francisco Moita Flores

"O início do ‘CSI’"


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Boas,toda a gente de Bem!

Encontrei 1 resposta ou 1 levantamento de uma questão,sobre a qual eu já colocara e não tive qq. feed-back.
Mas,hoje em:

"I have also noted the controversy in relation to Madeleine's character.

Gerry says she was an extroverted child. But this is a child, who,

as the article below confirms was dumped at every given opportunity in the creche along with her siblings, not something the rest of the TAPAS group did.

The McCanns were not with the rest of the group for a meal on that fateful night either. So why would Gerry describe Madeleine as extroverted

when the nursery staff say she was the complete opposite - the shyest child in the group.

I am sure psychologists would provide us with the answer but again, it demonstrates what a liar he is.

Nursery nurses are trained professionals in assessing children and clearly would not describe a so called extroverted child as "shy".
I believe she was a neglected and unwanted child and even the twins were not treated much better, but the major difference is they are still alive, sadly still with Kate and Gerry McCann also.

Pois é.Eu já colocara aqui esta questão de Profissionais da Educação e, como seria tão importante que os manipuladores não tivessem boicotado os Seus relatórios.A investigação,se não tivesse sido minada,contemplaria os relat+orios das Educadoras de Infância.

E,continuando,um excerto mais:

Updated: 27 August 2008

MADELEINE FILES: Madeleine spent most days in Kids Club
CHILD CARERS working at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz noticed that the McCann children spent the maximum time available in the care of the resort’s kids club according to police files released to the media surrounding the case.

The usual routine of Gerry and Kate McCann was

to put the children in the nursery facility at about 9am and then pick them up between midday and 12.30pm to give the children lunch before bringing the children back at 3pm and returning at the end of the day between 5pm and 5.30pm.

Other children in the tapas nine party would not spend as much time away from their parents. The other parents in the group, the files reveal, would normally leave their children with the baby sitting service only in the morning sessions.

The police files also gives details about Madeleine’s personality as described by her father,

Gerry and those that spent time with Madeleine while they were on holiday in the Algarve.Madeleine was described

by Gerry as being an extrovert, very active and having happy relationships with other children.She would never go with a stranger and he states clearly that she was not taking any medication.

In a statement made by one of the nannies working at the Ocean Club, Madeleine was described as being a calm, beautiful and happy child.However, she was portrayed as being more shy than the other children at the kids club.


Não tendo nada a ver com este caso:

R.I.P., Paul Newman!

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...."Taken to Spain to be crushed and burned, and these are the people that friends of the McCanns want to be released from custody!

Heaven help all little children whilst there are people like this around, it would seem they do not even have the right to life, let alone love and comfort!....

Parte de 1 desabafo num comentário no blogue de

a propósito da campanha no site cor de rosa,para que os socio/psicopatas venham para fora.

Tempestades aproximam-se.Aproveitamentos sobre a infeliz Joana,aproximam-se.As hostes não amicáveis vão continuar a fazer barulho de modo a não se falar dos mcs. "A melhor defesa é o ataque" e manobras de diversão são sempre BEM COMPREENDIDAS!

Pobre da Joana;pobre da Maddie e de todos os Meninos que passaram horrores!

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anonymous - 16.49

Arrogance is borne of threat/fear of reality or superiority. Gerry's arrogance is due to simple factors - the reality of overwhelming evidence of death and disposal, PM's evidenced based conclusions of "abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal". His FEAR of Eddie & Keela's confirmations - their superiority over his abilities -
result in his arrogant denial of sensory perceptions over and above his own. They make him feel 'less than'.

Mitchell's well documented arrogant threats to truth publishers, Mr Amaral, Correio da Manha, the blogging electorate and websites, are likewise fear based. He wants a 'wall of silence' despite the fact it's unachievable, an arrogant delusion.

Hitler 'brainwashed' many with his madness, but his delusional blindness resulted in defeat. He was incapable of considering or understanding stands against his arrogant madness.

According to reports, he remained in a state of delusion - ranting and raving - until his inevitable end.

In Madeleine's case, it's taken the inevitable meltdown of US & British finances to halt the 'brainwashing' media campaign of McCann 'protectionists'.

Anonymous said...


There are many things I agree with you on, however, as much as Gerry McCann appears to have lied, I don't believe it feasible to use the extroverted vs 'shy' generalisation as an argument for how much of a liar he is.

People can be very extroverted amongst people they know, and yet, interstingly, very subdued with strangers. Its a far from uncommon event.
Additionally, with all due respect to the nursery nurses, they learn about children in a very broad sense and it is unlikely they would have the specialist knowledge required to define a child's personality - especially after only one week.
My point being, for the sake of objectivity, this is a weak argument. There are other more poignant discrepancies surrounding the McCanns which clearly and more accurately point to, at the very least, economy with the truth.


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Cette nuit, les autorités portugaises ont mis fin au rapt parental de trois enfants de nationalité belge, disparues le 4 janvier de la ville de Deurne, Anvers. Les trois filles, Godelieve, Gerda et Truke Otto, âgés respectivement de 14, 10 et 7 ans, avaient été amenés par leur père, Cornelis Otto, contre la volonté de leur mère, Marie Castermans.

PJ have put finish to a parental abduction,since 4 January....just tonight!

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come on Paulo.... is your blog becoming a monthly ?

like this I stop hitting the 'donate' button every week....

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dIt doesn't matter about all the conspiracy theories reagards these two people. The important message is, a little girl went on holiday and never came home, this is such a travesty.Let's just pray that she's in a better place and that's with someone who will take care of her.

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Novo Fiscal....


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truz,truz....Paulo? Está aí?



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Há crimes impunes?

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Just read a fascinating book by Monty Roberts (equine behaviourist) in which he states 'horses don't know how to lie'. How true - Eddie & Keela don't know how to lie either, unlike the guilty and those protecting them.

From the moment the apartment door was opened, Eddie knew the horrifying truth ... just as he knew the horrific truth when entering the Jersey Care Home.

Eddie & Keela are worth their weight in gold.

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Abandono,não,por favor.

Anonymous said...

Investigan a los padres de Sofía (y se suman parecidos con el caso Maddie)
CIUDAD DE BUENOS AIRES (Urgente24).- "Somos una familia normal, no le hemos hecho daño a nadie y no tenemos problemas con nadie", dijo Fabián Herrera, el padre de Sofía, quien asegura que se trató de un secuestro "al azar" y afirmó que en este momento está totalmente abogado a la búsqueda de la niña.

Do Blogue de JoanaMorais cheguei à ligação acima.


Anonymous said...


do mesmo link.

...."Cuando fue apartado de la investigación, Amaral estaba a punto de recoger pruebas y testimonios vitales para la resolución del caso Maddie. Por eso, cuando comenzó a escribir este libro en febrero de 2008, según declara, su objetivo no fue simplemente limpiar su honor de las calumnias que sobre él se han lanzado, sino también presionar para que el caso sea reabierto y se haga justicia, teniendo en cuenta que la víctima es Madeleine Beth McCann. "

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Anon 00:15

You are absolutely right.

We can all go around in circles trying our best to look more informed than the other, or argue our rationale versus some others and if it makes us feel like we have achieved something or that we are working for the so-called higher purpose, then so be it.

Ultimately, as you so rightly contextualise, the poor child is still out there - her fate unknown.
Justice will be served - although it may be sometime before this is realised.


Anonymous said...

Anon 30/09 10:45

I can see the point you are trying to make, and for all intents and purposes you make some sense.

However, like I said, clearly we have different understandings of the meaning of arrogance. You touch briefly on my understanding when you mention Hitler was 'incapable' of comprehending anothers point of view. This is my point, Hitler truly believed he was superior to any other, that his knowledge was all encompassing, he had no fear of disloyalty or retribution because he 'knew' that no other had the mental, political, economic, scientific or social understanding that he possessed. Obviously, he was delusional (insane), as you state. And so, 'arrogance' is an internal notion of superiority. It is not fear based.
Which brings me full circle: Gerry McCann is arrogant - misplaced and delusional perhaps, but not fear based.


Anonymous said...

How on earth did Gerry know about the 'failures' of these dogs?
It isn't the kind of thing one would research.
Perhaps he heard they were going in and decided to research them. Why didn't he react by saying something like he knew they could be unreliable but he hoped that they would be able to help to find his daughter. Why on the defensive? Why not welcome them?

scampy said...

Does anyone know who hired the Renault during the 30 days before the McCanns hired it?
Who had that Renault, or where was it, on or around the time Madeleine McCann disappeared on May 3, 2007?
Did any members of the group vacationing with the McCanns have a car on May 3?

Anonymous said...

I guess no one has found Gerry Mccann's "study" of sniffer dog failure. How did he find it? Where did he find it?

Even if there was such a study, what does that study and those dogs have to do with the work done by Eddie and Keela?

Anonymous said...


I looked eveywhere for that sniffer dog study and could not find it, either.

And you are right. What does that have to do with those dogs, Keela and Eddie? Even if there was that study, who did it? Why can no one find it? What was the training of those dogs up to that point, if there was a study? Maybe they were puppies.

And of course, why denigrate the dogs? Someone wanting to find out what happened to their child would be curious about what the dogs found, I would think, and not so quick to try to negate everything the sniffer dogs found in PDL with the so-called "study."