Tuesday, 7 October 2008

News after a long absence

Since early September, my activity in this page has been reduced. I came to Macau, on holidays, and I decided to accept a job offer. It is a full-time job, as editor of a local Portuguese daily newspaper, and I've been quite busy. I will keep posting, about Madeleine's case (*) but not with the same regularity. Soon, I'll have some interesting news, after a long and detailed analysis of the attendance sheets from the Ocean Club crèches.
One of the aspects that surprised me is the fact that several registrations, on those sheets, have the time (and signatures) when children (not the McCann's kids...) were left there, but no signature and no mention about the time they went out. This detail raises doubts about the level of control that Ocean Club staff had, concerning children in their crèches. Either the control was not as good as they referred, or there is something strange with those attendance sheets.

(*) I received a letter from Carter-Ruck, threatening to take me to court, if I don't stop immediately writing about the case - something I have no intention to do.


Anonymous said...


these are the lawyers that are threatening Paulo ...

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that you are well. Good luck for that new job.

Suggest Carter-Ruck some Madeira bananas, they are smaller...Bah, those cretins don't look themselves at the mirror, for sure.
Faz-lhe um manguito, Paulo.
Good luck

remember said...

Gracias por estar, Paulo.

Desde BCN

Cláudia said...

Não nos deixe, Paulo!
Adorei a notinha de rodapé. ;-)

jo said...

Bien dicho Paolo y buen trabajo
I know the case is not just going to gather dust.I firmly believe the truth will come out,in its own tome.People and many are still working at it
Really what we all want is the TRUTH and the JUSTICE for Madeleine.No more not less.
Carter-Ruck"s threats speak volume: they dont want the truth.As simple as that.
Un abrazo

sam said...

on what grounds could they possibly threaten you to stop writing about this i wonder. it is good you are back and good luck on the new job :), re the creche records, i haven't seen them in detail but it would not suprise me if signatures were missing, i would find it more suprising if they were filled out perfectly with no gaps.

Anonymous said...


Bom dia! Todos os dias!

Nada que eu não pensasse.A possibilidade de um emprego estável e que lhe ocupa muito tempo.Óptimo! E,tudo de muito bom.

O cartas rochedo deve ser o acólito do pinocas e dos mc patéticos....já vou confirmar.

Fico à espera das novidades importantes/interessantes acerca da creche...as assinaturas...a falta ou "falta" de controle....


Anonymous said...


From: mcrcabrela@live.com.pt
Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2008 8:38 AM
To: lawyers@carter-ruck.com
Subject: Sir

Best known as the UK's pre-eminent media lawyers, Carter-Ruck's other areas of expertise include human rights work and large scale commercial litigation, particularly in an international context. See Work Areas for further details.

So,I can not understand a lot of facts....


When are Carter Ruck going to threaten individual posters on the net to stop commenting on the case ......."

WE are not milionnaires or bi milionaires or 3milionairres......

Kind regards,from P O R T U G A L.

Tezza said...

On behalf of all of the members of the Find Madeleine forum, may I wish you the very best of luck in your new job Paulo.
At least now you will get to spend more time with your family.
I know you are dedicated to finding the truth about what happened to Madeleine McCann but at the end of the day, your family is far more important.

Don't worry about the baseless threats of Carter-Ruck. I know you are not anyway. The only problem with them is that you are getting far too close to the truth. We need to know the truth and the truth will come out in the end and there is nothing Carter-Ruck or anyone else can do to stop that.

Keep in touch Paulo and good luck!

Anonymous said...


Para mim não está longe,pois está sempre ao alcance de 1 click na net;de 1 telefone;de 1 email,mas dos BONS/SIMPÁTICOS.
Sei que está atento.

Com alguém já disse aqui e,reafirmo:está mais tempo com a Sua Família!

Doughnut said...

Carter-Ruck? You mean to say they haven't gone after Amaral, his book and his crazy suggestions that they drugged their child on Calpol and buried her on a beach but came after you ... and for what?

What scandalous story have you been peddling Paulo?

Your blog seems very moderate in comparison to other blogs and newspapers so why do you think you have been singled out for attention?

There are more damaging sites with much bigger traffic - and yet you are trying to argue they are trying to close your mouth?

But close your mouth about what?

These people can't issue a blanket cease and desist order - they would have to challenge you about something in particular you have written.

I get the impression this is another Reis special. Just a lot of nonsense.

Why would they target you now after all this time when the worst is palpably over? And at a time when your blogs are reporting precious little?

Here's how I see it: you and whoever you are working for see a dwindling demand for Madeleine news and simply can't be bothered. The site has served its purpose, you've fulfilled any role you were intended to play and you wish to move on.

You can't keep up the 'in ill-health' pretence so you create a story about a 'new job' and add a little bit of kudos to your skulking away by inventing all this stuff about Carter-Ruck. Just in the event that demand should return.

I think you should give up on reporting, Paulo. Fiction seems more your thing.

So Paulo Reis doesn't give a 'Carter Ruck' about litigation.

What a hero ...

Anonymous said...

The Carter-Ruck chillThe man who created the modern libel industry was a dedicated liar and a reactionary with a lust for cashDavid Hooper The Guardian, Tuesday December 23 2003
Article history
The libel lawyer Peter Carter-Ruck, who died on Friday, had a chilling effect on the media. He was a chancer, out for the maximum fee. And he did for freedom of speech what the Boston Strangler did for door-to-door salesmen.

Until Carter-Ruck got his teeth into the libel law, actions were infrequent and inexpensive. But from the 1950s, Carter-Ruck became the leading libel lawyer and clients sought him out. He honed his menacing letters to encourage socialites to sue for imagined slights and fashion a weapon for politicians to suppress hostile stories. He preferred the bludgeon of the writ to the rather more effective call to an editor preferred by Lord Goodman. He established the idea that libel law was complicated and merited very high fees. In the process he became very rich. "I like to bill the clients as the tears are flowing," he told me.

Libel was good to him: four homes, a Rolls-Royce and a string of yachts called Fair Judgement. But perniciously he built a libel factory, paid for by the media's legal and insurance bills. Carter-Ruck had some novel techniques. You could only settle a libel action by paying his exorbitant fees without any question of the bill being checked by the court. He hit upon the wheeze of Randolph Churchill retaining all the libel QCs to prevent them acting for Private Eye (a practice since banned) and of serial libel actions, as in the case of Princess Elizabeth of Toro (which brought us the term "Ugandan discussions").

His practice had rightwing connections. With Carter-Ruck at the helm, the firm of Oswald Hickson Collier acted for the Conservative party and the likes of Norman Tebbit and Cecil Parkinson.

In his memoirs he praised the rightwing financier Sir James Goldsmith for alleviating the injustice of the lack of legal aid with money from a foundation. He said it let solicitors assess cases in the same way as the Legal Aid Board would. However, the assessor was none other than Carter-Ruck, and his firm was paid, win or lose. The beneficiaries tended not to be widows and orphans but rightwing politicos such as Neil Hamilton, who trousered £20,000 from the BBC for a Panorama programme - Carter-Ruck's bill was £240,000.

The Goldsmith Foundation's other beneficiaries included Brian Crozier, a cold war enthusiast with intelligence links, and an official of the breakaway Union of Democratic Mineworkers who sued Arthur Scargill.

Once described as the Margaret Thatcher of defamation law, Carter-Ruck was a conviction libel lawyer. If he acted for the plaintiff, he thought it the most outrageous libel; if for the defendant, the case should never have been bought. The common thread was to extract the maximum.

Carter-Ruck had one row after another with his partners. In 1977 they tried to boot him out and after four years' litigation were successful when he decamped to another part of the same building to form Peter Carter-Ruck & Partners. Within four years all his founding partners had left, including his daughter.

I left his firm in pure Carter-Ruck circumstances. Heinemann, for whom we acted, was publishing a book about the Ford family, by Robert Lacey. I was told by Carter-Ruck that there was no conflict in our advising. Lacey sent part of the book to Henry Ford for comment. Later I found Carter-Ruck advising Ford that the book was full of libel. He proved unable to give a truthful explanation.

Cases brought by Tudor Roberts, a solicitor, and the journalist Derek Jameson illustrate the Carter-Ruck techniques. In 1985 Roberts was awarded £20,000 damages against Private Eye plus costs on the higher scale. I agreed before I left Carter-Ruck's firm that he would only pay the costs recoverable from Private Eye. Carter-Ruck, however, billed Roberts £60,000. The cost judge allowed only £18,567. My assurance was ignored. Carter Ruck wanted the lot. It was two years before Roberts was reimbursed his damages and the legal costs he had earlier paid.

Derek Jameson, as a tabloid editor, had been unwisely advised to sue the BBC over a satirical sketch. Carter-Ruck said Jameson would get £25,000-£50,000. David Eady QC advised Carter-Ruck in writing that Jameson accept the £10 that the BBC had offered in settlement plus his costs. Carter-Ruck concealed this opinion from Jameson. Jameson lost the case and was sent a bill by Carter Ruck for £41,342.50. When he learned by chance of the QC's pessimistic advice, Carter-Ruck told him a string of lies.

· David Hooper is a media lawyer and was a partner of Peter Carter-Ruck


http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2003/de ... ng.comment

Anonymous said...

Boa noite,P.R.

Boa noite GENTE BOA!

Anonymous said...

Esqueci-me: de águasrevoltas,passei a ser o que SOU!

Anonymous said...

Carter-ruck is issuing threats to stop writing about the case?

I think Carter-ruck is going to be busy for a very long time - a global suing extravaganza. Oh well, it'll keep the money rolling in - gotta find a way to keep up the mortgage payments now that Kate McCann is a stay at home mom...


Anonymous said...

O cartão de roca enviou mais alguma coisita?

Saudades.Descupe,mas tenho!

Paulo Reis said...


My congratulations. You are a clever guy...



Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

Paulo: fico muito feliz pelo que sente comas palavras sábias de Dougnut, e
eu fico muito contente com o link.


Cláudia said...


"My congratulations. You are a clever guy...


Adorei. Que parvalhão. Se fosse a si (como já lhe tinha dito), sabia bem o que fazer com a cartinha...

Quanto ao doughnut, não é que me cheira assim muito que o moço inté já passou por estas bandas mas assim disfarçado com outro 'cognome'? :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the new job Paulo.

leslyf said...

Congratulations on your new job, Paulo. I wish you great success with time for your family life too.

Please continue to search for the truth about Madeleine. You are a principled and caring man, unlike cowards like Doughnut who do not have the guts to identify themselves.

There are many Brits abroad like me who wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Ignore the negative Paulo! You have lot of support. Sending positive vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

wb paulo, i think its great to can read about stuff about the madeleine case, but no proof means they are not: not guilty or guilty, in terms of law, looking at what happen of things that point to this or that is up to the individual person to think, but i think theres no reason to cause problems if theres no proof and this is my concern to u, no reason to be a detective, but i think theres alota things that are peculiar, and i dont know for sure what happen, maybe its some accident with the disapearance of madeleine but surely i dont think she was kidnapped, but thats my own oppion and its not proven just based on that i lean on more to the impossiblity of a kidnapning to have occur without saying oh my god theres so much focus on this child shes useless we dispose of her, so no matter if kidnapped or not shes not alive now, and if not kidnapped but accident, then it will not be easy to proove that for else it would have been prooved already i think. but gl with u new work, and dont let this madeleine case be more than it is,

Anonymous said...

another word is....

if the mccanns are guilty in the covering up of their own child, then im sure they have already at this time been punished not by law but by the talks in the corner the turn point of their life, the details made to public,

but if for some reason the child was kidnapped which i find hard to believe, for my own loosely based oppinion maybe instinct, then is really a sad story for this couple because they cant proove their innosance in other way than there is no proof of their guilt.

Thinking about how much they try to proove their innosance when they where not allowed to speak, and how little they try to proove their innosance when allowed, tells another story, but then again that is also not a proof of anything and here i go again with obsessive thoughts to find a proof that isnt there.

viv said...

Paulo, I wish you luck and no you will stand firm in the fight for truth and justice for little Madeleine McCann.

In August 2007 the McCanns were threatening to sue Sandra Fuilgeras (sorry spelling) but the following year they decide to do an interview with her. And what a disaster that was with Kate trying to explain Maddie's comments about her and Sean crying the night before were just not important, she moved on! Sadly not.. This couple blow whichever way they think it suits them best in evading justice, we must continue to make it chilly for them!

I wish you the very best in all your quests to seek out the truth and remain, what I know you to be an honest and informative reporter !

Viv x

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens ....

I expect Mitchell had Carter Ruck lined up for action threatened against Mr Amaral for publishing his evidenced based testimony. Nothing came of it despite the fact Mr Amaral agreed that it was timely to argue it in Court.

Threats, bullying, plagiarism ...
same ol' tactics.

McCanns had the option of staying in Luz and clearing their names 13 months ago.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he needs to be told that he can't shut up whoever he wants to.

Way to go Paulo,I am a journo and I know we almost never listen when we're told to shut up.;)

Anonymous said...

Manobras desde o início.

Difamaram e colocaram em causa o trabalho da PJ.

Agora,seguem-se os investigadores Jornalistas e Blogues pro Justiça para a Maddie.

Só podem estar no bom caminho para muitas descobertas e a da verdade deste escandaloso caso.

Força a todos os Pro-Maddie!

Anonymous said...

Bom dia;boa tarde ou boa noite.


Anonymous said...

Carter Ruck told you to stop posting immediately about Maddie and it seems you have, despite saying you had no intention.

Did they pay you off too, like the Tapas 7?

Anonymous said...

Please,do not stop!


jo said...

Too long without "seing" you....Hope you are well
Un beso

Anonymous said...


Onde anda a foto da K. com nódoas negras e mais mazelas?


Lena said...

Hi everybody

Sorry if this is a little off the beaten track (or out of order) but I couldn't help myself ….

Leonor Cipriano's lawyer has asked protection from the PSP.

He has also asked that everyone be searched, especially the PJ so that no lethal weapon may be carried into the courtroom…apparently, they are dangerous and their threat level is serious.

Therefore, m. Amaral, let me give you a bit of advice : leave your weapon at home…you and your colleagues.

This "prophetic" lawyer's demands and accusations with his feline revelations are very pertinent….

By the way, I wonder what he's trying to get or to prove exactly.

The Nobel prize of stupidity ?

I would also like to know where and how he obtained his law degree. In a box of Cracker Jack ?

Tudo isto existe
Tudo isto é triste
Tudo isto é fado

Anonymous said...

A lot of work,but please, more news.....


Cláudia said...

Paulo, que falta que você faz...

Anonymous said...

Robert Murat appears to be related to David Symington - one of the owners of the Ocean Club (it is only managed by Mark Warner).

Also why did Paulo not tell us that the Symington owners of the Ocean Club were so massively influential? It seems that the British Embassy in Porto was transferred over to the Symington Estate in 2005. The Embassy is now in the care of John Symington.

Also it seems that the Symingtons are well acquainted with ex-Ambassador John Buck - the man who pressed the PJ to follow the abduction theory at the expense of all other lines of enquiry.

For all these months we have been looking for a link between the McCanns and the British Government when the real link is between the owners of Mark Warner and the British Government

(Rupert Symington attended Oxford University at the same time as the UK's Foreign Minister, David Miliband)>

All the dirty details here:


Does this explain the complicity of the Ocean Club in all this nonsense?

What are they trying to hide?

Anonymous said...

Hello Paulo,
I post on the 3A's website and I apreciate your work. I hope everything is OK with you, you haven't posted anything about the McCann case since you commented on the Carter-Rucki letter. I have some questions I would like to ask about the process of accessing the files not on the DVD, plus questions about the content of the missing files.
best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo,

Any news on the 24 photos and the creche records?

Good luck with the new job.


Anonymous said...

Parceiro virtual de vida,AMIGO,Pessoa que admiro:



" It's good to know that you are well. Good luck for that new job.

Suggest Carter-Ruck some Madeira bananas, they are smaller...Bah, those cretins don't look themselves at the mirror, for sure.
Faz-lhe um manguito, Paulo.
Good luck

07 October 2008 20:25
Blogger remember said...

Gracias por estar, Paulo.

Desde BCN

07 October 2008 22:52


Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo

Do you have any news on the 24 photos or the creche records?

God luck with the new job

Anonymous said...

Boas and ALL THE BEST!



Bri said...

We miss you Paulo,pls come back with news!

doces beijos

Anonymous said...

We know that You have a lot of work in your job.
And the tantan traste triste anonymous from 16 October 2008 17:01

Chubby said...

Hi Paulo,

Best wishes for your new job. Hope all goes well for you.

Carter-Ruck can't threaten the whole world so they will probably start with those who they think might be the easiest and within reach?

And when will they start with all the bloggers and forumers? Gosh, a lot of work ahead there from what I can see...

And do they think this will make us shut up?


Good luck Paulo and hope to be able to read an article from you on the Maddie case here again soon.

Un abrazo

just listening said...

Hi Paulo how are you? Starting to get worried about you as I am surprised you have not made a comment in regards to the latest information from Levy regarding the insider at the PJ.

Hope you are well
Just listening from 3A'a

Anonymous said...

Atenção à segurança do SEU AMIGO!

Há demasiados bandidos e vendidos à solta.

PR e DL,cuidem-se!

Mª do Carmo


Anonymous said...

All the best,PR!

Por cá,como sabe as atenções são propositadamente desviadas.Assim,discute-se e lê-se outras pessoas ou seres e ,pensam os desgraçados,que nos esquecemos deles.