Saturday, 28 March 2009

Something special, from "Astro"

"I think most of you are aware that I live in Portimão, some 30 kms away from Luz. I remember the helicopters flying over our house, on their way to Luz or returning from a day of searches. I remember the posters that were put up on every shop window, every bus stop, every train station, hospital waiting room, supermarket entrance… Thankfully, we never had to endure what Luz suffered, with the invasion of journalists from all over the world, in search for yet another ‘human angle’ story, for that special scope. We didn’t have to endure their raucous parties night after night, either – but that’s another story entirely."

Read the full text here.


Anonymous said...


Thank you, ASTRO.

Anonymous said...

P.R. : então? Tudo bem? Está tão calado.Costuma dar 1 ar pessoal da sua graça! Tantos que ficaram contentes com o Seu aparecimento e não nos diz nada?

shu/outono...etc ALL THE BEST e caldos de galinha tb.

Fez bem em colocar aqui o espantoso texto-sofrido-de Astro.