Monday, 6 April 2009

Another piece of garbage

According to the pink thing that follows the Mccann, “certain aspects of the witness testimony were hidden deep in the police files and these particular aspects have received very little attention. The private investigators feel that it is very important to highlight these things. It’s being done in the hope that it will jog someone’s memory.”

If this film was a serious attempt do find the truth, they would refer the statement of Jeremy Wilkins, who said he didn't saw Jane Tanner when he met Gerry Mccann, the night Madeleine disappeared. It is clear from both statements of Jeremy Wilkins, that Jane Tanner was lying, when she said that she saw Gerry and Jeremy talking. But Jane Tanner is the sole witness and her strange visions are the sole evidence pointing to a kidnapping.

The Mccann need, more than ever, to give some credibility to this story. Because they know that British authorities are more and more curious about what happened to all of the money that was sent to Madeleine's fund. Formal questions will be asked, soon, about all the payments made to several private investigators and this is the main reason why the Mccann decided to create a new diversion, with this trip to Praia da Luz and the new “evidence”.

Why Jane Tanner is lying, according to Jeremy Wilkins:

I do not remember having seen her when I spoke with Gerry, but I believe I saw her when I first ventured out. She was stopped on the street in front of one of the group's apartments when I passed her down towards the exit to my apartment.” - Jeremy Wilkins

Questioned about Jane Tanner, who said, in her statements to police, that she saw both of them, talking, while she walked the same street to check her daughter, around 9:15 pm, Jeremy Wilkins said that he doesn't remember to see her, during his conversation with Gerry Mccann. But he believes he saw her, when he left home between 8:15/8:30 pm, May3, 2007 – she was standing in the street, just in front of the apartment of one of the Mccann friends, doesn't know if it was her own apartment. He remembers that she was using a purple colour dress. At the time, he knew that she was one of Mccann friends, but didn't knew her name.”

As he approached the corner of the McCanns apartment, he saw Gerry appear from the area of the gate. He crossed the road and engaged in general conversation with Gerry. At this time they were stood with Gerry’s back to the building near to the gate and Jeremy facing him. Rua Dr Agostino was about 10 – 15 meters to his right and the pathway leading to the front of the apartment blocks about 5 meters to his left. He was adamant that he did not see any one else in the area. When spoken to in reference to Jane Tanner walking by, he again stated that he saw no one. He also stated that he did not see or hear anyone to his right. He was aware of the recent picture in the papers re the person with a child wrapped in a blanket and in a males arms allegedly walking across the junction to his right but again stated that he did not see any one.” - Jeremy Wilkins

So, erm, then I walked, so I just walked out the, erm, the Ocean Club bit and walked, sort of walked up the road. And then Gerry was there, he was talking to Jez WILKINS in the road, well they were sort of, as I went by. So I think I thought then ‘Oh that’s why Jez’, not Jez, ‘That’s why Gerry has been, you know, that’s why he’s longer than we thought.” - Jane Tanner


astro said...

No dia em que esta novela degradante, insultuosa e aberrante chegar ao fim, veremos quantos amigos lhes restam.
Estaremos cá para ver, se Deus quiser.

It's great to see you back!

Cláudia said...


Anonymous said...

Are you back permanently from Macau now?

Cláudia said...

Olha, olha, o anónimo quer saber tanto como eu! LOL

Paulo, os seus amigos sentiram a sua falta. E os seus 'inimigos' também! :-)

mariac said...

Bem,qualquer dos comentários da Cláudia servem também para mim:
Astro: acredita no que aqui disse?
Eu não.Esta escumalha vai ter amigos especiais até sempre.Têm excelentes cobertores.Ah! E vê-lo pelas costas é muito bom mas, o pior é que tomaram o gosto e em breve vêm rezar,não na Igreja do Padre Pacheco,pela ALMA de MADDIE.

E o anónimo das 13:01 a querer cuscar mais do que deve.Ora,que tolice tão grrr.

Os amigos sentem falta,sim.Mas com o teclado estaremos sempre juntos.


E o cusca apanhe 1 voo e vá até China, mas não siga os conselhos do Bento.Leve "gabardinas";"micas", coisas dessas para não prejudicar ninguém.

mariac said...

P.R.: eles são 1 monte de e-----co e de lixo putrefacto. Já sabemos e sentimos repulsa por isso tudo o que representam.

Não há nada como relembrar os factos reais
e não os fictícios(isso fazem eles).

Excelente todas as referências para reavivar memórias.


Anonymous said...

Paulo, just wondering if you are back from Macau. I understand you took on a job there whilst on holiday lasy year. It seemed to coincide with the case going into hibernation. Just wondering if you are back to work on this full-time again, having seen a flurry of new posts here in the last week or two.

mariac said...

Será o obcessivo do costume,o anon das 17:00 e qq. coisa?
Grande cusca.E tapado na mioleira.

mariac said...

Será o obcessivo do costume,o anon das 17:00 e qq. coisa?
Grande cusca.E tapado na mioleira.

Cláudia said...

Eh lá, cá para mim é uma apaixonada... :-)

mariac said...

se for 1 apaixonada séria que não faça o Paulo ser obrigado a procurar outra Pessoa que lhe faça a sopa(P.R.: já não me lembro bem da expressão oriental).

De qualqquer modo,tirem daí a ideia pois o P. está bem como está e constrói sempre a Sua relação.