Monday, 11 May 2009

Paedophile attacks in Algarve

At least five British children were attacked by paedophiles in Algarve, in recent years, according to Dave Edgar, a former British police working for the McCann family, who accused the Portuguese police of failing to check on around two dozen paedophiles living near Praia da Luz, the village in Algarve from were Madeleine McCan disappeared. Mr. Dave Edgar, speaking to the News of the World, also accused Portuguese police of refusing to cooperate with his team of investigators that is trying to find more information about the paedophiles responsible for those attacks.


Johanna said...

Wasn't it Metodo 3 with 2 men in a white van going around Portugal scaring children at some stage???

Good on the PJ for not cooperating with the pretendy coppers.

mariacpois said...

Ah,ah,ah,nice and also m. a. c./from Madeira Island.

Niza said...

No jornal NOTW, que nem as nossas peixeiras quereriam para embrulhar o seu rico peixinho:

"Most of attacks were overnight, in apartments and at least five involved British children," he said. "I am looking for links to the Madeleine abduction - geographical links, links with the descriptions."

The attacks are:

APRIL 14, 2004: Praia do Carvoeiro, Lagoa, 20 miles from Praia da Luz (PDA). Sex assault on 10-year-old girl.

JUNE 9 2005: Sao Rafael, near Sesmarias, 50 miles from PDA. Sex assault on nine-year-old girl.

JUNE 2 2006: Praia do Carvoeiro, Lagoa, 20 miles from PDA. Sex assault on seven-year-old girl and her 10-year-old sister in separate rooms.

OCTOBER 29 2006: Albufeira, 45 miles from PDA. Sex assault on eight-year-old girl

CHRISTMAS DAY, 2006: Silves, 35 miles from PDA. Attempted abduction of three-year-old girl.

MAY 28 2007: Albufeira. 45 miles from PDA. Intruder disturbed at the bottom of nine-year-old girl's bed.

Edgar told us: "Some of the attacks were in the files and some were in other documents that were not terribly obvious. Again I am subject to the frailties of the Portuguese authorities and have to work with what I have been given. I have tried to build bridges with them but have had no response. But we have access to other files that have not been released to the public and the media."

As well as sifting through case files, Edgar has pinpointed a wilderness just 10 miles north of the tourist strip where Maddie could be hidden in peasant communities live in isolation."

Portanto, o que ele alega, é que os ataques eram do conhecimento da Policia Portuguesa. Eu gostava de ver pela primeira vez, uma reacção da nossa polícia que nos tem que prestar contas se realmente existiram ou não estes ataques. Também acho interessante as criancinhas serem sempre Britânicas.

Este ano, já cancelei as minhas férias para a Amazonia. Parece que aqui mesmo no Algarve temos 2hidden in peasant communities live in isolation". Ainda bem que o NOTW me informou a tempo. Ia eu gastar uma fortuna em viagens de avião quando temos estas "tribos" cá dentro.

guerra said...

When someone claims something and then their name is followed with the phrase "working for the McCann family", forgive me if I suddenly loose all faith in what has been claimed.

Anonymous said...

They are a "must"!

"His comments follow revelations that leading MPs had entered invoices for items including dog food, light bulbs, mock Tudor beams and a lawnmower."

Anonymous said...


Parece que vão conseguir que todos os empenhados na Justiça para Maddie se unam ainda mais e consigam pressionar os governos de uk e de PT to reopen.