Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Another fantasy

The latest Maddy McCann theory
October 25, 8:59 AMU
K Headlines Examiner Tim Worstall

Madeleine McCann was stolen on the orders of an Algerian drug lord.
That, at least is the theory put forward in The Star this morning. It's a tangled tale of British drug criminals hiding out on The Algarve, running the drugs business in Alnufeira and associated towns. While they were doing this there was an attempt to muscle in on their business made by an Algerian and his Morrocco based drugs gang.

In the course of conversations about how they might do business together the Algerian claimed that he had stolen Maddie to order, being pai £100,000 (about $150,000) to provide her to parents desiring a new child:

“He was a nasty piece of work – a heavy-hitter drug dealer who also talked about mail-order kids. “The kids were nicked to order – snatched and delivered to wealthy people for big cash payouts. “Bennett and Jamie thought they could negotiate with this guy but he was just looking at them thinking that they were a couple of big, roast chickens and he was going to gobble the lot up. “In one meeting, before Maddie vanished, the Algerian said he’d taken kids from other parts of Europe and sold them on to rich families in Morocco. “After Maddie was gone, we had another business meeting and he just came right out with it and said he and his team had done Maddie.“The Algerian said Maddie had been taken away by ferry and joked about mail-order kids again.“I don’t think he was bothered whether she was sold to paedophiles or just a family.“He was only interested in the money. It was around 100 grand.”

It has to be said that this isn't the most convincing evidence: one drug dealer talking about what another drug dealer boasted about a few years ago. It's also extremely unconvincing: why would anyone pay $150,000 for a child when there are simpler and cheaper ways of getting one: as Phil Garrido showed?
No, class this one with all the other fantasies seems the correct response.

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