Saturday, 3 October 2009

Worth reading

From "The Cracked Mirror", a superb analysis of some details of Madeleine's disappearance

May 4 - The Performance of a Lifetime
"The London evening Standard's story can be taken as a typical example of the processes in action on May 4. As in almost all the numerous reports that day the relatively factual and neutral statements of Mark Warner administrative staff members like Sylvia Baptista, or John Hill the resort manager, were swamped by the much more dramatic feeds from Gerry via the clan and "friends".

The Crucial Day, Part One
"As for the way, rather than the what, policemen have, as we have said, good instincts. Inspector Amaral knew that morning that conversations must have been taking place with outsiders of which he was ignorant, including, apparently, critical assessments of his own force’s operations. The effect on him and his colleagues of the ensuing discovery that the parents were briefing against the force to both the UK government (as Freedom of Information requests have since demonstrated) and to the media, while going through the charade of defending them or letting it be known that they “fully supported” the police – behaviour more typical of tricky politicians with their backs to the wall than crime-victims – can be imagined. The UK media may have been willing to play along with this game which was quite transparent to them, though held back from their readers, but police officers could soon see all too well what was happening."

The Policemen's Tail"
"By now talk of “the abduction” had strengthened among the UK group. Sergeant da Duarte Conceição was told immediately by Silvia Batista that the group were now describing it firmly as an abduction with Gerry McCann – neither hysterical nor rolling on the apartment floor at this time - joining her to emphasise the point. Not only that, added Silvia Batista, but the holiday group had printed photographs of the child and were already contacting the media to inform them of the “abduction.”
"Contacting the media at midnight? But the narrative, according to friends and family, was that the media had only been contacted after the failings of the investigation had become clear and the parents had been left isolated and unsupported with “nothing happening” at 4.30 in the morning. It is hard to see any real cause for dissatisfaction with the police so soon – police who were doing their best to find their daughter."

Beyond The Black Box
"Russell O’ Brien, among others, recounted what he saw in the apartment between the disappearance and the early hours of Friday morning as the parents punctuated uncontrollable, indeed hysterical, outbursts of shock with wildly agitated phone calls. As staff, holiday makers, police and even total strangers ran in and out or roamed through the apartment Gerry McCann was to be found “... on the phone to members of his family, curled up on the floor just outside the sliding patio door, sobbing uncontrollably and in between sobs just saying, ‘They’ve taken her,’ or ‘Somebody’s bloody got her’, you know, ‘She’s gone!’ He was incapable of even standing up,just lying on the floor...”
"And Fiona Payne said, “Kate and Gerry were ringing anybody under the sun. They were just going between sobbing and feeling helpless and then ringing people and all this frantic activity.... Who do we need to ring? The British Embassy, I think he was trying to get hold of the British Embassy and get somebody who was English speaking and might be able to help. I know he phoned his sister, he was phoning relatives, just telling anybody you know, you’ve got to help us, what can you do, can you think of anything?”


Jolie said...

Paulo, I am very glad that you have started writing about the McCann case again. It's important that there are as many voices raised as possible to speak about the deception and injustice of this case and the suppression of free speech that accompanies it.

I will keep checking in to read your posts.

Have you seen the Oct. 4 Daily Mail article about the Jersey case yet? The UK press/McCanns are now out to assassinate the characters of Eddie the UK sniffer dog and his handler Martin Grime, thereby attempting to discredit the dog alerting to cadaverine odor in the McCanns' holiday apartment and rental car, Kate's clothing, and Madeleine's toy. Too bad the McCanns believed the dogs at the time, for they came up with some fantastic excuses for the police investigators for why there was the scent of death in those places, didn't they?

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