Monday, 9 November 2009

As always, interesting questions raised by Anna Andress

"Mrs McCann, 41, said experts have said the youngsters will ask about Madeleine’s disappearance when they are ready. ‘We’ll be led by them,’ she said. ‘We’ve had advice from a child psychologist and they’ve said Sean and Amelie will lead the way. ‘If they ask a question, we’ll answer them honestly. I’m not going to rush them, but if they ask something then I’ll answer them.’ I'm slightly confused by the use of the conditional, "if," here. If they ask a question? Does that mean that they have not yet asked a question? And, "Sean and Amelie will lead the way." Does that mean they haven't yet done so? The reason I pose these questions is that in January 2008, several news media, including The Metro, reported that the twins played a game called, "Find the monster that took Maddie." Now where did they get that from? Why did they believe that Maddie had been taken by a monster? Do you think they came up with that all by themselves?"

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