Monday, 9 November 2009

Cadaver dogs: Gerry Mccann is "incredibily unreliable" (I)

The Guardian
McCanns urged use of police sniffer dogs

Couple became suspects because of the forensic tests they had requested

Mark Townsend and Ned Temko
The Observer, Sunday 23 September 2007
Article history

Kate and Gerry McCann requested the re-examination of evidence that led directly to the Portuguese police naming the couple as official suspects in the death of their daughter because they were so concerned about the chaotic nature of the police investigation. The couple, worried that inquiries by the Policia Judiciaria were losing momentum, asked detectives last month to re-examine the apartment where their daughter went missing and also for the use of sniffer dogs to seek fresh clues.

- A Study Of The Use Of Cadaver Dogs For Blood Scent Detection In Criminal Investigations
Newbery Simon and Dr J.P. Cassella
Department of Forensic Science, Faculty of Science, Staffordshire University

- Cadaver Dogs as a Forensic Tool: An Analysis of Prior Studies

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