Tuesday, 17 November 2009

"While leaving a toddler alone in a cot with a bottle of milk wouldn't go down well with the authorities, for obvious reasons, on the other hand Madeleine McCann's parents were forgiven by some for leaving a three-year-old and two-year-old twins alone in a Portuguese resort room."

The Guardian, Shannon Kyle, Friday 13 November


claudebob2003 said...

Well i certainly haven't forgiven them. In fact, they went so far as not to even leaving the tots with a bottle milk. Still, a glass or two of wine is far more important than your childs safety!!!

mariacpois said...

Gone,M,is gone; Gone,Baby,gone.

2 measures always,why?
the middle class crimes
the workers class crimes

Mas pareceu-me que,há dias, uma mãe de uk que saiu toda a noite para os "copos" e deixou 4 filhos em casa sozinhos passou incólume.Querem então adoptar 1 medida sem diferenciação de classes.
Quanto a isto vou tentar encontrar o que li,como sabe,o meu inglês presta-se a má leitura e compreensão dos textos.

Bom dia,todos os dias.Sempre.

mariacpois said...

Mother who left her four under-five children home alone to go on a 24-hour drink and drugs binge walks FREE

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1228240/Mother-abandoned-children-home-24-hour-drink-drugs-binge-walks-free.html#ixzz0X6XsHWP0


escaped jail yesterday.

Child welfare campaigners reacted with disbelief after Stevenson escaped a jail sentence.

Claude Knight of children's charity, Kidscape, said: 'The important message should be that the safety and welfare of children must come first and that anyone who puts them at grave risk could face a custodial sentence.'

She added it is not clear how the sentence will help Stevenson to understand the 'potentially tragic consequences' of her actions.

Stevenson admitted four charges of cruelty. Her children are being cared for by their grandparents. She is allowed supervised visits

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1228240/Mother-abandoned-children-home-24-hour-drink-drugs-binge-walks-free.html#ixzz0X6Z7GjTS

astro said...

Bom, ao menos o resort room é português. No outro dia, havia um(a) que escrevia que a miúda tinha desaparecido de um quarto de hotel em Espanha... Bjs