Friday, 4 December 2009

Carter-Ruck strikes again...

... and this time they demand that even references to the simple existence of the book of Gonçalo Amaral must be erased from the Net.


mariacpois said...


Bom,em 1º lugar muito gosto em o rever a Si! Tudo de bom sempre!

Pois o Livro de Gonçalo Amaral que comprei mal saiu ,assim como o DVD,TENHO-OS COMIGO! O livro "A verdade da mentira" anda já há muito tempo e de propósito no MEU CARRO para que o vejam,quem passa!

Está bem....vou pensar/fazer mais.

mariacpois said...

copiei a imagem da capa. Poderia tirar a foto mas teria de ir agora ao carro e aqui ainda são 7:25. Ir de roupão à rua e pijama não me faz confusão.O frio ,sim.

Abraço e admiração reafirmada!

Doughnut said...

:-O. Is that how you do a yawn?

I suppose this is intended to lend weight to the idea that Mr Amaral (and the McCannBlogs) have anything sensible or damaging to say?

Carter Ruck suddenly seem to have a lot of time on their hands. They don't go after the mainstream British press like the Sun talking about the book and the upcoming case - but they go after minnows in a small largely ignored corner of the internet universe like the Mccann Blogs? Yeah, right.

They don't seem to have stopped Tony 'white-supremacist' Bennett - so why would they try nobbling this site?


Doughnut said...

Sorry, it just occurred to me that Carter Ruck are alleged to have contacted you too Paulo. How did that go? Whilst I have no doubt Carter Ruck may indeed be sending out these letters, are they really meant to serve any practical purpose other than to give credibility to the sites they target?

Someone seems determined to make it look like Amaral's crazy theories about the McCanns are credible and potentially damaging (I mean the McCanns may well have covered up the death of their daughter, but it won't be without the help of the Ocean Club and god knows who else).

Why would Carter Ruck risk their own credibilty by threatening all these minor blogs and never actually following it up with real legal action?

It makes them look silly, feeble and incapable of issuing something as simple as a 'cease and desist' notice? Why would they do it? It's hardly good publicity.

The whole stunt seems like a negative reinforcement of the crazy theory.

guerra said...

Doughnut, It's not rocket science. English cadaver dogs that never gave a false indication in over 200 cases detected that a cadaver had been present in the McCann apartment. No one has ever died in that apartment, who could it possibly be? What about the dogs detecting cadaver fluid and traces of human blood only in the McCann vehicle after examining 10 vehicles? Mr. Amaral's conclusions are shared by most of the people who have followed this case and probably by most British authorities but like Mr. Amaral they are not allowed to express their convictions. By now I'm sure that you realise that it's no longer about finding a little girl but about making money. If Mr. Amaral's "crazy theories," as you put it, were translated into English they would destroy future opportunities to make money. The English market is a large one and since the crime occurred in a Portuguese speaking country, the McCanns have found it easy to shelter the English speaking market from the truth. When Mr. Amaral was about to translate his so called "crazy theories" into English, then his theories could no longer be dismissed as crazy.

You talk about credibility. What do you think of David Miliband who accompanied the McCanns to the European Parliament associating them with a child welfare initiative they had nothing to do with, suspects in a criminal investigation at the time. Where I live a politician who would have done that would have done serious damage to his political career. How credible is Justice Hogg who took it upon herself to make a speech in a court setting which implied that the McCanns, then suspects in a criminal investigation, are innocent? That kind of behaviour is cause for disbarment in my neck of the woods. What's left of the credibility of the British media?

Your attitude of dismissing the obvious, reminds me of the pet shopkeeper in the Monty Python sketch who kept insisting that the dead parrot he had sold, to an unsuspecting customer, was alive. Just forget that the McCanns have never really answered any serious questions with regard to the case, just look at the beautiful plumage, err, I mean what polished professionals they are.

guerra said...

I mentioned in my first comment that it is no longer about finding a missing child, let me correct myself before my statement gets misinterpreted. In my opinion, with regard to the McCanns it was never about finding a missing child. Mr. Amaral is trying to reopen the case, the McCanns are not. The McCanns could ask the Portuguese police to reopen the case, and if they are so dissatisfied with the PJ they should approach the police forces in Britain. This is much better than hiring organisations whose members are in trouble with the law and better than hiring retired police officers who, as evidenced by statements they make, have never read the case files or followed the case for that matter. One statement that comes to mind is when one of their detectives criticised the Portuguese police for not submitting there forensic samples for LCN DNA analysis. Of course we all know that the samples were sent to England for that purpose.