Thursday, 17 December 2009

A fake incident

On June 2007, relatives of Madeleine McCann were “manhandled by armed officers”, when they were putting “missing posters” of Madeleine McCann at Lisbon Airport. This was one of the first “events” prepared by the “McCann Team”, as part of a violent campaign against the credibility of the Portuguese authorities. As in several other events, Philomena McCann, Madeleine’s aunt, played an important role.

Members of McCann family “manhandled” and “escorted by gun-toting officers”

“We have been running an internal inquiry, since a few days, and until now there is no report of any incident involving members of McCann family, at all the three major airports in Portugal – Lisbon, Oporto and Faro”, Mr. Hipólito Cunha, Head of PSP (*) Press Office told today to Gazeta Digital. “We will finish that internal inquiry soon.”

Daily Express quoted McCann family members who accused Portuguese Police “gun-toting” officers of stopping them, when they were putting “missing posters” of Madeleine McCann at Lisbon Airport. The newspaper refers that “members of kidnap victim Madeleine McCann family were manhandled by armed officers” and quotes Madeleine’s aunt, Philomena McCann, who said she and a cousin “were escorted from Lisbon airport by gun-toting police.”

Clarence Michell, spokeswoman for McCann family confirmed the incident and told Lusa, Portuguese News Agency, that Madeleine parents were “hurt” by this decision and appealed to Portuguese authorities to put aside unnecessary bureaucratic steps, in situations like this.

Lusa also quotes Madeleine aunt, as saying that she and the other relative asked for permission to put the “missing posters” at the information desk but later were interrupted by “two private security men” and told they should ask first for permission to do that with ANA (Aeroportos de Portugal) the company in charge of Lisbon Airport management. Gazeta Digital asked several questions about the incident, yesterday, to the Public Relations Office of ANA, but we had no reply, until now.

(*) PSP - "Polícia de Segurança Pública", Portuguese urban police.

Daily Express
Saturday June 9,2007
The National Ledger
Madeleine McCann Family Harassed by Portuguese Police
June 9, 2007
Família McCann magoada com retirada de cartazes de Madeleine do Aeroporto de Lisboa
("McCann family hurt by decison to take out Madeleine's 'missing posters' from Lisbon Airport")
09.06.2007 - 18h17 Lusa
Madeleine: Família magoada com retirada de cartazes do Aeroporto
("Madeleine: Family hurt with decision to take out 'missing posters' from Lisbon Airport")
9 Jun 07

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