Thursday, 17 December 2009

Mark Williams-Thomas, another key figure in the McCann Case (*)

One of the most well known faces for the viewers of Sky News, the former Hampshire CID officer Mark Williams-Thomas, is also managing director of WT Associates, a company that offers, among many other services, media handling and advice for high profile cases and “design or review organisations media crisis policy”. Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas has been one of the most violent critics of the Portuguese Police investigation of Madeleine McCann's case.

We emailed WT Associates and asked if the company “has or had any contract with Mr.Gerry McCann, or with a relative of Mr. Gerry McCann, or with any Public Relations or Media company that has any relation with Mr. Gerry McCann or any relative of Mr. Gerry McCann.” The first answer was short and clear: “Yes we have. What is it you are after?”, was the reply, from a company's email, with no name or identification of the author, but sent from a Blueberry.

When we asked to confirm two details we already had – the contract was to provide media handling and advice for high profile cases, since the middle of May – the following answer was the opposite of the first: ““We are not providing any media support to the mc cann familly. But I have been in contact with the press officers for the family. I am unclear what you are after?”

A third attempt to clarify things got a reply that seemed more an order: “Call me. 07734 4XXXXX”, always whitout identifyng the person that was sending the emails or “asking” to be called on the phone. We send a text message, with our contacts and we are waiting for whoever sent the emails, from WT Associates, to call. We emailed also Sky News, asking it they were aware of the business quality of Mr Mark Williams-Thomas, whyle they invited him in to give opinion about Madeleine McCan's case, presenting him as a "child protection expert" or a "crime expert".

Mark Williams-ThomasProfile
His expertise includes in particular risk management and assessment of offenders - he has most recently been seen providing expert commentary on Sky News from Portugal about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - and he now owns his own Child Protection and Risk Management Consultancy - WT Associates Ltd. Prior to setting up WT Associates in 2005, Mark was a police Detective specialising in major crime. He worked on or was in charge of some of the largest paedophile and murder investigations in the country, as well as being one of only 10 specialist Family Liaison officers during his time in the police. Mark is also completing a Masters in Criminology at the University of Central England.

UPDATE: On September 18, at 13h13, Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas sent me an email, with the following statement:

"There are no conflicts of interest. WT Associates has no business connections with the Mc Cann family and Mark Williams-Thomas provides his comments completely as an individual with no bias."

(*) Published on Saturday, 15 September 2007


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