Thursday, 10 December 2009

Not a single hair?

Is it possible that in the Ocean Club apartment where the Mccann family spend several days, not a single hair from Madeleine Mccann was found, among the almost 200 hundred samples collected?


mariacpois said...

Madeleine McCann " nunca existiu";
Madeleine McCann " é ficção";
Madeleine McCann existiu e não agradava;
Madeleine McCann foi alvo de tudo e mais alguma coisa;
Madeleine McCann foi apagada em todos os sentidos.

As lavagens foram adequadas e realizadas por peritos com os produtos indicados para a situação;

O laboratório de londres é incompetente?

o laboratório recebeu ordens de extermínio?


a que sacrifício humano estamos nós a assistir? Apagar por completo uma Menina?

Se ELA foi apagada, a que propósito andam aqueles mcs à procura de quem?

Ou só à procura de quê? euros?

Falta de decoro,de respeito, de qualidades boas dos humanos.
Tudo falta!
Os monstros dos casos terríveis costumam ficar para a história e nunca mais serão esquecidos.A história deles será perpetuada.

mariacpois said...

Isto não é só um conto de terror; é também um caso de ficção científica e, principalmente de FRICÇÃO científica.

Doughnut said...

If Madeleine was never in the apartment when it happened - then it makes perfect sense - but any attempts by the Tapas friends to deceive the press and police about their real location that week must have been supported by senior Ocean Club staff, wouldn't it? Not creche staff, not lavatory attendents - but people like George Robin Crosland and David Symington?

Mark Warner only had about 50-75 apartments within the whole sprawling resort - Crosland and Symington (and Garveigh) owned and/or managed the remainder.

Crosland and Symington are the ones with the close diplomatic ties to Buck and the British Embassy - not Gerry (the Symingtons enjoy a diplomatic status and represent British interests in the lucrative Port Trade in Portugal).

You might speculate that an accident occurred within an area of the Ocean Club owned and managed by Crosland and his partners. His license would have been at risk - he was already resentful about the recent decision to sell some management rights to Warner (Mark Warner only took over the apartments in April 2007 - just two weeks before Madeleine went missing) - so they switched the apartment - had friends and family such as Murat to help out with logistics and had the whole sorry incident transferred over to Mark Warner.

Embassy staff rumbled the whole stunt and Downing Street and Lisbon intervened fearing the kind of political scandal that would could have potentially damaged the upcoming signing of the Treaty and Brown's election prospects that Autumn. So there was a cover-up and Bell Pottinger - their favourite PR Company along with Matthew Freud - stepped up Crisis Management.

It started with a lie that just got bigger and bigger and more explosive as it went on.

But of course, this means corroboration from Portugal and the people you fear the most Paulo - so I can't imagine you pursuing this kind of speculation with the same zeal as all that crazy 'Gerry is gangland Freemason Godfather' stuff.

On the otherhand - maybe the hair analysis stuff is simply wrong and a part of Portugal's continuing disinformation activities.

I'm open minded about which it is.

Doughnut said...

I'd like to point out that my comment above is pure speculation and has zero evidence to support it. It's just one line of enquiry the Police ought to have pursued and one forums members migh have considered. The point I am making is that it would be crazy to think the McCanns could have pulled something off like this without a lot of help from many many people and people involved at the Ocean Club.

I personally think it requires a big imaginative leap - afterall Mark Warner would surely know whether the McCanns were in one of their apartments or one of the ones owned by Crosland, Symington or Garveigh.

It's more likely that the report you quote doesn't mention Madeleine's hair samples simply because she was not a possible suspect or witness.

Do reports of this nature include or exclude the victim by default?

Doughnut said...

So can you just clarfy Paulo: no hair samples were found in the apartment - but the Police are alleged to have found blood and tissue samples and cadaver scents over two months later?

Could you elaborate on this report Paulo - as it not that explicit what the finds were. It certainly doesn't confront this particular contradiction.

Jennifer said...

This cannot be correct. On the evening that Madeleine disappeared there was a whole story early on. In it Kate said how she gently removed the bead from Madeleine's hair. So there must be a strand of hair in that apartment.

This is extremely strange IMO.

Jennifer said...

This cannot be correct. On the evening that Madeleine disappeared there was a whole story early on. In it Kate said how she gently removed the bead from Madeleine's hair. So there must be a strand of hair in that apartment.

This is extremely strange IMO.

Sasha said...

Had a look at the link on your article leading to the photocopies of letters/emails and information on Portuguese police forensic reports and got to say I’m flabbergasted.

Mitochondrial DNA Samples from Apartment 5A:

Kate Healy
Gerald McCann
Matthew David Oldfield
David Anthony Payne
Russell James O’Brien

It’s not just Madeleine that’s missing from the’s the twins too. And why only the men (other than Kate) should be found in the apartment?

Was the place forensically cleaned after Madeleine’s disappearance and only the Mitochondrial DNA samples of those who were in the apartment during the aftermath of her disappearance were found? The results seem to suggest that.

Paulo Reis said...

What did Sherlock Holmes said to Mr. Watson?

Sasha said...

Thank you Paulo :)

I've gone through the files again today.

Diane Webster, after sitting at the Tapas for a while longer, went to apartment 5A and so did Fiona (she said in her statement that she stayed with Kate for a time). Diana Webster (in her statement) said she tried pushing the shutters up from the outside.

If that's true and if the apartment was cleaned then it must've happened after the police left but before the Portuguese forensic team arrived in the afternoon of 4th May 2007... because Diane Webster's fingerprints were not found on the shutters (that's if her statement is to be believed) and Diane's and Fiona's Mitochondrial DNA Samples was not on the forensic reports.

The only thing that trips up this scenario is that the McCann couple stayed in another apartment that night, but if they still had the keys then I suppose they (and the men) could've gone back after the dust had settled?

Anonymous said...

No hair and (thanks to Sasha) lots and lots of missing persons.

The only fingerprints the SOCO was interested in that were found on the shutter were on the outside, so guess what, Dianne Webster was either in the wrong apartment that night playing Superwoman or she was lieing, just like the rest of them.

It is the PJ that have alot to answer for.