Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Devil’s Favorite Sin

Al Pacino is a wonderful actor. His performance in “The Devil’s Advocate” is amazing. His final phrase, in the movie, as you can see in the video from YouTube, is fantastic: “Vanity… definitely, my favorite sin.. Let me be, for a while, the Devil’s Advocate, a job that still exists, today, in the Vatican, and ask just one question.

It seems that Clarence Mitchell, at last, said something that is not a complete lie. He said that the McCann never expected to be for a so long time without Madeleine. Why do I consider it only a half-truth? Because Gerry McCann, on June 3, 2007, said something that made me think that he was not expecting news of his daughter for, at least, one year.

Talking to Jason Groves, from the “Daily Express”, Gerry McCann, 38, said: “One of the ideas is maybe getting all the people who have publicly supported us to come together. I don’t just mean from the UK but from different parts of the world. We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing.

“We would look at high-profile people who have already pledged support. It will be some sort of focus around an anniversary, to tell people that Madeleine’s still missing. I think it would be later this year, once media attention has dropped, to bring it back up, hopefully, for a short period.

It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary; it will be sooner than that. What we’re doing at the minute has its role but doing that down the line in a few months won’t have anything like the same impact. We might have a sporting event, something arts, something music." (end of quote)

I don’t know what Kate McCann was thinking about that, in June 3, 2007. But I know (because Gerry McCann said that and it was printed in a newspaper and reproduced in thousands of sites in the Net) that he was not expecting to see Madeleine within, at least, one year. It’s one third of 1,000 days – 365 days.

Clarence Mitchell said something about Madeleine’s disappearance that it’s half-truth. Keep working hard and you will see that, one day, you will be able to say something about this case that is a complete truth.

But the question I want to ask to Mr. Gerry McCann is the following: you were planning events for a long period of time – more than one year – so you were why sure that Madeleine McCann would not be found within one year. Why?


Doughnut said...

I think the real question is why don't we start looking at the Police files more closely - as this is where absolutely staggering material lies.

Surprised that the McCanns haven't discovered how revealing they are (or I'm not surprised, rather).

Imagine this kind of material in the hands of a Police that were allowed to investigate? Just why did they shelve this investigation so quickly after getting an outsider like Rebelo involved? At least he started making more thorough demands of the forensics. All of them. Not those just cherry-picked one that supported a case against the couple - but all those who may also have been involved in some capacity? How long had the investigation been going on? Just over 12 months or so before they were preparing to shelve it? Not just the UK wanting to keep a lid on something in my view. Weird that Murat and Tanner's DNA was found in a block of apartments owned by the company founded by Murat's father? It's down there in the files. Better match than most of the matches in the files.

And this apartment block was the very same apartment block searched because of the Polish Couple? You remember the Polish couple? Someone alleges a man was taking photos of kids on the beach at Sagres? Lourenco de Jesus? Interpol get involved because it seems such a significant lead?

CCTV images and witness account volunteered to Police by Beach Bar in Burgau? All looks very solid until journo fingers Murat.

But when you look at the details it gets interesting. The owner of the beach bar who volunteered the CCTV images of the Polish couple was Murat's Uncle - Ralph Eveleigh. And the apartments that the Polish couple were staying in were managed by Jacinto & Murat - his father's old company (and they don't manage many from what I can gather).

Heard that name de Jesus before too. Gaynor de Jesus. Murat's friend who volunteered translation services for SKY TV. Same name as the man on the beach at Sagres.

Russell O Brien gets a text message from friend in Germany on April 28th - the same day the Polish couple are travelling through Berlin to Faro. The Portuguese man in Sagres - also on holiday from Germany during those two weeks - visiting his mother. Lives with his German wife in Germany was born and raised in the Algarve. O Brien gets the message just as he arrives at the Ocean Club on 28th April.

These are better questions Paulo. I agree the statement by Gerry sounds odd. But it could easily be explained by aggressive PR briefings from Mitchell and McGuiness and pressure from chairty groups promising their services in return for a little awareness raising help from Gerry and Kate.

I'm just wondering what the 'big event' was at the Solimar Apartments.

ShuBob said...

"But the question I want to ask to Mr. Gerry McCann is the following: you were planning events for a long period of time – more than one year – so you were why sure that Madeleine McCann would not be found within one year. Why?"

Excellent question, PJR!