Monday, 11 January 2010

Find the difference...

PACT (Parents and Abducted Children Together) home page before
Gazeta Digital posted this comment:

PACT (Parents and Abducted Children Together) home page after
Gazeta Digital posted the above mentioned comment:


KC said...

but hé Paulo.... I'm sure you were not surprised.... these PACT people also have a mortgage to pay.... and if the McCann lobby wants to help them..... they do publish what you want ;))

almost human.....

Mrs M said...

Madeleine McCann's picture is gone, what did you say?

Mrs M said...

Madeleine McCann's picture is gone. What did you say?

Doughnut said...

Interesting that one of PACT's sponsors/partners is the National Policing Improvements Agency (NPIA). It was Mark Harrison who co-trained the cadaver dogs (Eddie & Keela) with dog handler Martin Grimes. Harrison is a key player within the NPIA - which is another government quango (attached to and managed by the Goverment's Home Office and NOT a Police Department and used routinely to enforce initiatives conceived in Downing Street). It was Harrison who recommended the dogs to go into the apartments after submitting his report in July/August 2007. No real surprises there as Harrison had co-trained the dogs. The dogs provided practical support to a Harrison's forensic routines on several occasions. The NPIA is typical of many quasi-independent bodies set up and controlled by the British Home and Foreign Office. They are sold to the public as independent bodies loosely affiliated to civil departments but managed and directed by Downing Street. The UK has been systematically centralising Government for years. It began with Thatcher but flourished under Blair. The British Government extend their grip using charity 'shop fronts' like PACT too. They use them as public friendly alternatives to more formal governmental departments but the objective is much the same: to build concensus on tough Government policy.

Lady Meyer who is behind pact is also the co-founder of the International Centre For Missing and Exploited Children - which is based in Virginia. Gerry visited the Virgian HQ in June 2007. Richard Parton - one of the men who blew the whistle on Kevin Halligen - was also based in Virginia - a region awash with CIA and other assorted Intelligence figures. Richard Parton himself was on the intelligence fringes. Halligen had recently bought a property in Virgina.

Lady Meyer's husband Christopher Meyer was the British Ambassador to the US during the Blair-Bush era and was chariman of the British Press Complaints Commission when the figure for damages was agreed by the Express and the McCanns. Meyer negotiated the terms personally.

More here:
NPIA and Harrison

Parton and Virgina

You could speculate that the McCanns were being used to push some very tough policies botyh in Europe and America - and making sure they were declared innocent was central to the those plans. Noboby likes having their basic human rights taken away - least of all the British Public - and Madeleine's disappearence provided a forceful argument and convenient pretext for extending a number of very authoritarian measures (from pan-European DNA databases, greater migrancy control to sharing intelligence between countries).

Perhaps the McCanns had to be made innocent at all costs - as they were more use innocent than guilty.

Doughnut said...

Although Meyer and PACT are yet another interesting (and interested) party in all this, I'm more inclined to believe the picture of Madeleine has been changed because she is no longer the news headline. Madeleine's image appeared when the PACT news story, 'PACT backs “A Minute for Madeleine” was the top news story on the site. The right hand picture column is likely to rotate from time to time, displaying images relevant to the top news story. If my experience of Content Management System onliner is anything to go by, I imagine they also have a standard image column when news and developments are scarce. PACT have never made any secret of their support for the McCanns and using Madeleine's alleged 'abduction' as a cause célèbre. They'll use it again - mark my wurdz. It's been on rotation now for years. She's top of the playlist.