Saturday, 30 January 2010

A message to Carter-Ruck (II)

The message I sent, a 40 minutes ago, to Carter-Ruck was in German (I can speak a little bit of German…) and it’s a well-known song in Germany: “Die Gedanken Sind Frei”. This is the “translation” of that song from German to several “languages” and dedicated to the people of:




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Doughnut said...

I wondered if you'd ever come across organisations like these?

Nationalism can be a two headed beast though. Not an easy balance to strike. The celebration of diversity and yet also the celebration of national (and within that, regional) personality. I suppose we could use the example of Andalucian Nationalism as much as Irish nationalism.

But where exactly do we stand on the subject of tourism in a place like the Algarve? The locals are dependent on tourism for their livlihoods and yet migration in any way, shape or form presents a challenge to communities. Do communities within communities work sucessfully? The statistics don't suggest they do - which is why the very concept of a European Union is so fraught with complications. It's a contradiction in terms. A chimera.

I suppose it doesn't help having huge international (and foreign) travel chains muscling in on local trade either. Brands like Mark Warner are often little more than leeches. But it's not just the travel industry that has been an issue, thirty years ago it was the Port and Wine Trade. I mean the sporadic charity provided by the likes the Symingtons (and others!) doesn't compare favourably to the money that many Portuguese families lost as a result of the changes in the 70s. And it is the same throughout the world. Even Cadbury World is collapsing under the wheels of globalisation.

And that's a challenge indeed for Mr Cadbury's parrot.