Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The best British journalists reporting about Madeleine McCann Case

A special award should be given to Mr. Andrew Wilson, a Sky News journalist who had the shortest role while reporting about Maddie disappearance. In his first broadcast, in front of PJ headquarter in Portimão, he said that “Spanish police” had already sent the final report of the investigation to the judge. That was too much, even for Sky News, and Mr. Wilson was quickly sent back to UK.

Mr. Martin “I Don’t Know But I Suspect” Brunt was much better than Mr. Andrew Wilson. It’s difficult to find a more incompetent, stupid and biased journalist convering this case. Martin Brunt was so stupid that he even wrote in his blog that he had no sources in the Portuguese police, he knew nothing about the investigation of Madeleine disappearance and he was totally dependent from the translation of the news published by Portuguese Press.

Martin was so incompetent, as a journalist, that he even had to apologise, in a report broadcasted on September 11, 2007, around 4:00 am, because the big story he broke, a few hours before – samples from the Renault Scenic had a 100 % match with Madeleine’s DNA – was “burned out”, as he said.
Martin Brunt was so biased he never informed Sky News viewers that his “creature”, Mr. Mark William-Thomas, a so-called “expert in child abduction”, was also the owner and director of a PR company specialized in ”media handling and advice for high profile cases and “design or review organisations media crisis policy”.

The fact these two amazingly incompetent “journalists” work for Sky News is just a coincidence or a recruitment criteria?


Anonymous said...

These little insights are gems into the world behind the news.

The reporters show one face to the camera and the world and another, a completely different one, to their colleagues in the industry.

Paulo Reis said...

My Dear friend,

I know that. My best (and absolutely confidential) sources are British journalists and UK police officers. They know waht's going on, but they can do nothing, because orders come from the top and those that don't accept it, are "dead" from a professional point of view.

So, as those Brtish journalists and UK police officers are man of integrity, they dennounce what is going on to the all world, through me and my blog...


Paulo Reis

guerra said...

Paulo you just confirmed what many of us have deduced. The question I have is: Do members of the Portuguese government also face the demise of their careers if they don't obey orders coming from England?