Friday, 12 February 2010

A bunch of scumbags and scoundrels (II)

- The "killing" of Eddie and Keela, the best sniffing dogs of South Yorkshire Police ("mudered" by British Media, with the help of Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes...)

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Madeleine McCann's parents look to US sniffer dog case

South Yorkshire Police Web Page

“Keela could be described as ‘top dog’ in her field of expertise. The trained Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) dog has skills like no other and it has left forces worldwide hankering after an insight into her special training”

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The police dog who earns more than the Chief Constable

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On scent of success: sniffer dog Keela earns more than her Chief Constable

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Madeleine McCann's parents flying back to UK

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Gerry McCann: "Gonçalo Amaral é uma vergonha"

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McCanns urged use of police sniffer dogs


Dogs help Boscastle rescue teams

UK sniffer dogs join hunt for Madeleine

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Attracta dog helps FBI to track killer


Blood trace may yield DNA clue to Madeleine's fate

Other interesting articles:

- A Study Of The Use Of Cadaver Dogs For Blood Scent Detection In Criminal Investigations
Newbery Simon and Dr J.P. Cassella
Department of Forensic Science, Faculty of Science, Staffordshire University
- Cadaver Dogs as a Forensic Tool: An Analysis of Prior Studies

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