Thursday, 29 April 2010

An interesting sugestion

"But alongside your campaign to tighten laws against child pornography, why not also create a Madeleine McCann charity - one that would not simply fund the search for your lost daughter, and others like her, but which would also help children in other distressing situations?"


Doughnut said...

They're wrong-footing you here Mr Reis. I think this will have been agreed by all parties some time ago when things were looking grim for the fund. So up pops an 'independent' and 'nonpartisan' voice to broach the scheme. And because it comes from Rantzen, it won't arouse as much controversery and public backlash as the Madeleine Fund. That one has been dead in the water for years. Bet you they team up with Rantzen in the not too distant future. Rantzen is very much a part of the political and media lobby that has kept the couple buoyant all this time. Good chums with Howell James and the Shaun Woodward circle (Blair's pal Howell James hired Mitchell for the McCanns):

Rantzen's Childline merged with the NSPCC sometime ago.

Rantzen and Esther McVey were also at the wedding of Mentorn Producer Tom Gutteridge. As was Emma Loach. Mentorn did the ITV 'Madeleine One Year On' documentary.

They're all as thick as thieves.

They knew the 'search' would have to morph into something else eventually - so they're introducing flesh blood into it all.

I think this is a sly way of broaching a strategic partnership that has been a long time in the making.

But then you know all this anyway.

Doughnut said...

Have you ever come across Christpher Gilbert, Paulo? I think he covered the massacre in Tiananmen Square.