Thursday, 16 December 2010

A diplomatic affair?

It was big news all over the British Media. A cable sent by the US ambassador in Lisbon quoted the UK ambassador saying that British officers had developed evidence against the McCann parents. Everyday (unfortunately...) children disappear all over Europe. How many of those children are so important that the ambassadors from the of most powerful nations of the world had a talk about it? And how many of those children are so important that the ambassador of United States of America sends a confidential report to the State Department with the information he has about the case?

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Doughnut said...

The cable had interesting timing. I wonder what - if any - the leak had on the impact of the petition? Let's face it: Morais, Bennett and dozens of others did their level best to confuse and absorb its impact by serving their own versions alongside it. Now a leak appears that re-centres media attention on the McCanns as suspects rather than victims.

You can't help but feel that the leak was timed to remind the McCanns of just how nasty things could get if they started shouting their mouths off - or reneged on their promise to cooperate. The publishing contract must be worrying some people - those that helped out, perhaps initially.

Very pro-capitalist, anti-islamic and anti-Putin bias to President Assange's leaks don't you think?

Assange will swear blind this is the bias of the media - but according to people at The Guardian Assange had almost total control over what was published.

You ever been approached by any rich Russian or Hungarian exiles Paulo? Any wealthy Social Democrats?