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A few details worth remembering, before May 2011

We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing. “We would look at high-profile people who have already pledged support. It will be some sort of focus around an anniversary, to tell people that Madeleine ’s still missing. I think it would be later this year, once media attention has dropped, to bring it back up, hopefully, for a short period. “It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that.”

Was it a Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice? -

In the early afternoon of Sunday 13th May 2007, Miss Tanner spoke to “some of the people that Kate and Gerry brought in” (believed to be Control Risks Group (CRG) whose two senior investigators—Kenneth Farrow and Michael Keenan— arrived in Faro on the British Airways flight from Gatwick that morning) and told them about her sighting of “the person”.

Mrs Smith confirmed the above and stated:

She did not see the child's face because she was lying against the individual's left shoulder in a vertical position against the individual. She appeared to be sleeping. Her arms were suspended along her body and were not around the individual's neck. She did not look at the child's hands and cannot state the colour of her skin. She believes she was white.”

Members of the family returned to Portimao on 26th May 2007 and clarified their evidence – which Dr Gonçalo Amaral, who was then leading the PJ’s investigation, considered very important. On 9th September 2007, the McCanns returned to the UK and BBC News showed them getting off an Easyjet flight. The Smith family saw the program and, from the way Gerald McCann carried his son with the child’s head over his left shoulder with hands hanging down, recognised him as the person they had seen on the night of 3rd May 2007. On 30th January 2008, Mr Smith made a further statement confirming -with 60-80% certainty – that the man he had seen carrying a child on 3rd May 2007 was Gerald McCann. Mr Smith’s wife corroborated his evidence.”

Where Was Kate McCann?

The details of over 50 UK subscribers contacted by the Tapas 9 in the critical period, as well as their onward local and international call records, was included in the Rogatory Letter request in December 2007. If this information was provided, it is not in the CD

* A critical link chart (Anexo 37) for Tuesday 1st May 2007 is missing from Inspector Dias’s report

First, it is obvious that the memories in the McCann’s mobiles were incomplete and, in Kate McCann’s case, selectively deleted.

Her mobile memory held details of 39 calls from 18.28 on Wednesday 25th April to 16.35 on 27th April 2007. After her arrival in Portugal on 28th April 2007, with the exception of one incoming call on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 at 11.21 (which, very interestingly, was the Swansea “wrong number”), and one call from her husband at 23.17 on Thursday 3rd May 2007, everything else has been “whoosh-clunked” from memory.

These deletions could have been accidental, but a high degree of cunning could be implied. Why would she selectively delete everything up to Thursday 3rd May 2007 with the exception of one wrong number and what was her reason for deleting three of the four calls, between 23.14 and 23.17, from her husband on that critical night?. A possible answer is that she wished to avoid alerting the PJ to evidence that details of around 40 calls had been erased and she felt happier leaving something uncontroversial (or misleading) in memory for them to find. Another answer is that, unsurprisingly, she was under the most extreme stress imaginable following the disappearance of her daughter: but why, in that case, give priority to deleting anything. It is the last thing most parents would think about in the circumstances.”

Extract from David Payne's statement to Leicestershire police on 10 April 2008 and a short analysis

Not only is it disturbing that David Payne consistently talks of Madeleine in the past tense but also that he feels the need, on two occasions, to quickly correct himself into the present tense.

The use of 'you know' 23 times by David Payne, could suggest three things:

  1. He is not comfortable with silence or pauses in the conversation. But that would seem unusual for someone who held a position as Senior Research Fellow in cardiovascular sciences at Leicester University.
  2. He is using the words 'you know' as a stalling device to give himself more time to think about what he is saying. But, given that he is simply describing Madeleine's character, why should he need to employ such a technique?
  3. He is using the words 'you know' in an attempt, consciously or subconsciously, to convince the listener that he is telling the truth. But why this desire?

When Payne knocked at the A5 apartment, Kate said she talked with him for 30 seconds (statement to PJ, September 7, 2007) and told him the children were not going to the playground area, as planned. Payne didn't came inside the living room, just stood at the door, and left to the tennis court, around 6:30/6:40, according to Kate. Gerry came back from tennis at 7:00 pm (he left at 7:20, according to the other three Tapas' men, Russel, Matthew and David Payne, who played tennis until up to 8:00 pm)”

Questioned about Jane Tanner, who said, in her statements to police, that she saw both of them, talking, while she walked the same street to check her daughter, around 9:15 pm, Jeremy Wilkins said that he doesn't remember to see her, during his conversation with Gerry McCann.

But he believes he saw her, when he left home between 8:15/8:30 pm, May3, 2007 – she was standing in the street, just in front of the apartment of one of the McCann friends, doesn't know if it was her own apartment. He remembers that she was using a purple colour dress. At the time, he knew that she was one of McCann friends, but didn't knew her name.”

One the most violent critics of Portuguese Police, former CID detective Mark Williams-Thomas, is also the owner and managing-director of WT Associates, a company that offers, among many other services, media handling and advice for high profile cases and “design or review organisations media crisis policy”. Since the first week, when Martin Brunt took him to Praia da Luz, he criticised the inept and incompetent Portuguese police.”

Is it possible that in the Ocean Club apartment where the Mccann family spend several days, not a single hair from Madeleine Mccann was found, among the almost 200 hundred samples collected?

On the night of May 3, Kate McCann was just panicking, frightened for Madeleine and wondering what happened to her, according to a statement from Fiona Payne. Kate McCann was frightened and the sensation of not being able to do anything made her angry, howling and punching and kicking walls – the reason why she was covered in bruises the next day, according to the statement of Fiona Payne. Questioned if the twins didn't wake up, at all, she said they didn't and Kate kept going into the twins, kept putting her hands on the twins to check they were breathing, as she seemed very much concerned in checking they were okay. Fiona Payne remembered that the twins never wake up, with all the noise, the screaming and the shouting, not even when police came and the lights were turned on – something that she thought, at the time, was weird.”

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But according to Mr. Jim Murphy, Minister of State, Foreign & Commonwealth Office on 7 May, 2008, Clarence Mitchell was seconded to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, from the Central Office of Information (COI), for a period of 25 days in May 2007 to provide assistance with the media to the family of Madeleine McCann.”

Prior to the PJ arriving at 12:40/12:50 Russell O'Brien has written the timeline for them all, including, ‘Jane tanner sees stranger walking carrying child.’ He does this while Gerry McCann sits at the same table. At three o' clock in the morning Jane Tanner informs Gerry McCann for the first time, about the existence of a possible abductor.”

The father of Madeleine McCann used two MasterCad credit cards, according to an information from Detective Inspector Gary Watts, from Leicestershire Constabulary, to Frances Kennah, head of UK Central Authority, a Home Office department in charge of the cooperation with foreign police forces (…) A previous report about the financial situation of the McCann couple and their friends, produced by the Economic Crime Unit from Leicestershire Constabulary, found no records of credit cards or loans from Kate and Gerry McCann.”

A request sent by PJ to British authorities, asking for details about Gerry McCann credit cards transactions for a period of six months, starting on April 1, six weeks before Madeleine's disappearance, was considered disproportionate by Frances Kennah, the Head of UK Central Authority, a Home Office department.

Gonçalo Amaral said that "he and other persons" believe Madeleine is dead and he was preparing to bring to Portugal a "key witness", on the day the head of PJ decided to replace him with Paulo Rebelo, in the investigation of Madeleine's disappearance. "That key witness never came to Portugal and (PJ) never took her statement", Amaral told the "Expresso".


Lilyofthevalley said...

Hi Paulo I remember you posting on the old 3As, with sume great stuff, just reading your blogg very interesting, es[ecially the 2 credit cards Gerry had.
Do you think one of them could have been for business use, ie: if he had worked for the UK Goverment somebody posted that they thought Gerry worked for the Labour Government, something to do with child cancer (Comare!).
Ive always believed they got help from the government, because of "friends in common" as Gordon Brown admitted on TV in the early days.

Doughnut said...

Weird that Mr Martin Smith is a friend of Estrela da Luz owner Gerry Fagan and (yet another) Cheshire buisnessman, Simon Burgess (co-owner). Smith and Fagan are both from Drogheda in Ireland and Smith's son Peter (another witness) met up with Fagan's son at Faro airport on the morning of May 4th - both flying back to Ireland.

Amaral mentioned that CCTV footage at Fagan's neighbouring Estrela la Luz complex had been wiped in quite a famous Daily Express interview last year. Amaral said that it woould have settled whether or not Gerry McCann was the man seen carrying the child.

Weird that Martin Smith had encountered Robert Murat on several previous visits too, according to his statement. They all drank at the same bar. Martin Smith had an apartment within the Estrela da Luz complex had stayed in Praia da Luz weeks at a time during the year - sometimes several times a year - making him an ideal assosciate of Murat.

The man you are looking for Paulo is Murat - with or without the contrivance of the McCanns. He and Smith are the key to unravelling this unusual little mystery.

It's on in the PJ Files:


PS: Mitchell was seconded AFTER Sheree Dodd flew to Praia da Luz. He flew out to Praia da Luz the week commencing May 23rd. It mentions this in a copy of PR Week.

He flew out AFTER Murat's arrest. As did Sheree Dodd. Until Murat was taken in for questioning - the McCanns just got the usual consular support.