Thursday, 6 October 2011

John Redwood, a "version" much "better" than Lord Toby Harris

John Redwood, a Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party since 1987 and Chairman of the Party's Economic Competitiveness Policy Group, published a post, in his personal blog, on September 10, criticising the McCann family and the Portuguese Police, which he considered showed “little (..) competence” in Madeleine's investigation. In the post, called “The McCanns - plenty of theories, little evidence” - John Redwood wrote that “the Mc Canns theory that the girl was abducted also needs evidence to support it” and asked a few questions. The same day, Mr. John Redwood blog vanished and was out of line for sometime. When the blog (“John Redwood's Diary”) came back, the post criticising the McCann has been deleted. 
Much better than Lord Toby Harris, no?

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SteelMagnolia said...

I believe I can explain the very strange week of Lord Toby Harris and the Telegrapgh (Torygraph) BOTH claiming Maddies death ...It was to do with Gordon Brown and preventing him heading IMF...Cameron said he would block him no matter the cost. Cameron blocked him by threatening to re-open the McCann case, Brown backed off and we ended up with a 'review'...I have all links to 'that was the week that was' if you are interested to see how the corrupt British Goverment works !