Sunday, 26 February 2012

Remember Mari Olli Pollard? First sighting of Madeleine? In Morroco?

Curious small bits of information you can find in the Net:
The latest Madeleine 'sighting' reported by the press comes from Yvonne Tunnicliffe fromAlhaurin el Grande in Malaga, Spain.
Yvonne's husband is Arthur Tunnicliffe, treasurer at the Royal British Legion in Alhaurin el Grand
The Royal British Legion has attracted increasing attention for its relationship to the far-right in Britain, controversially accepting donations from the BNP and similar minded groups. The British Legion has done it best to distance itself but the relationship exists nonetheless between some members.
Another key Madeleine 'witness' in recent years is Cornwall's Peter Verran (ex Army) - who has also campaigned on behalf of the Royal British Legion:

It was Verran who offered detectives the information about paedophile Raymond Hewlett (Morocco/Praia da Luz links):

You mignt also remember that the witnesses that first put Madeleine in Morocco also have a base in Alhaurin el Grande: Norwegian woman Mari Olli Pollard and her husband Raymond Pollard (orginally from Groby in Leicester).

Ray Pollard is the co-owner of A1 Security in Alhaurin el Grande. He is a Locksmith. He moved to Spain in 2004.

A1 Security Systems Calle San Rafael , 29120 Alhaurín el Grande (Málaga) Tel: 657466803

This address is with a few minutes of the supermarket where Yvonne says she 'saw' Madeleine McCann.

Ray has a brother in Leicester called Tony Pollard who owns a company called Mayday Maintenance. It is based in Hinckley in Leicester (where Tony Bennett launched 'Veritas' with Robert Kilroy-Silk).

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