Saturday, 19 May 2012

Spain, Huelva: Where is the "army of media?"

"On August 3, the couple drove from the fateful Algarve resort of Praia da Luz across the border to the Spanish town of Huelva to put up posters. With them were Gerry’s brother John and a cameraman hired to take footage for the website findmadeleine. Once in Spain, the couple were followed around by an army of media (...)" 

The Sun, (CLODAGH HARTLEY in Praia da Luz and ANTONELLA LAZZERI in Rothley)
Published: 28 Sep 2007

Friday, 18 May 2012

Mari Olli: "I saw the girl inside the shop. She was wearing clear blue pyjamas"

Report sent to British Police about Madeleine's sightig in Morocco

Mari Olli, a Norwegian and a retired social worker, 45 years old, lives in Spain, Málaga, with her husband. The couple has been on hollidays in Agadir, Morocco, when Madeleine was abducted. They knew nothing about it, as they didn't watched news, while on holidays. They were returning to Spain and they stopped at Marrakesh, for the night of May 8 to 9.

Early in the morning, they drove their car to Tarifa, to catch a ferryboat back home. They stopped at a gas station to buy some water and that was the place where Mrs Mari Olli says she saw Madeleine. This is the report that she sent, by email, to British Police, after she tried, without success, to give the information to Spanish Police (and not to Portuguese Police, as some British newspapers wrongly wrote):

“At the petrol station next to Hotel Ibis Palmeraie in Marrakesh (Address, Avenue Abdelkrim Khattabi) Wednesday 9th of May, about 10 am, I saw the girl inside the shop. She was wearing clear blue pyjamas. Some pattern on the top, trousers little darker. Don’t think the trousers had any pattern. She was very small. Under 1 meter. She was with a man.”
“She was standing alone, the man about a meter from her. I looked back at her, she was very sweet. And it was a strange situation because the man didn’t look like her father. And it’s very strange to see a blond small girl standing alone in Marrakesh. She was very small and normally you would hold her in your arms or at least her hand. And he was turning away from her.”
“She looked sad. I looked at her face, she looked at me. Then she turned to the man and said something that sounds like: “Can we see mommy soon?” I am not sure if he reply. I turned around to pay my things, two bottle of water and some hygiene serviettes. I went in our car, looked for if they had a car, but could not see any special. I wanted to tell my husband, but he was busy with the driving to catch the ferry from Tanger to Tarifa. I didn’t know about the missing child at that time. Because I had not watched the news, when I was on holiday.”

“I saw the news on Thursday the 10 of may, in the evening. Then I remember what I saw in Marrakesh. I started to phone the police, Spanish and English. The Spanish police didn’t want to talk to me. I talked to the English (Police). Friday morning I gave my report to Katy Peters from Scotland Yard. She said someone was going to phone me. But I have not heard anything. I have emailed them and phone them several times. But no response. I am very worried and very sure this was that girl. Her face is very special. And that situation was very strange!”
“My mind is on this situation all the time, and I need to know if someone is looking into my report. I am sure the two Moroccan men inside the petrol station can confirm my seeing as well.”
“If I can do anything more to help, PLEASE let me know!


Mari Olli

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The "colhões" (*) of Mr. Martin Brunt

When Madeleine Mccann disappeared, in 2007, I had been watching Sky News for a couple of years, in cable TV. I remember to see Mr. Martin Brunt reporting about crime – the Soham murders, for example – and I had the best impression of him, as a professional.
I also was amazed with the fact that British journalists, one week after landing in Algarve, had already so good source inside the Portuguese police. It took me 10/15 years of work to get reasonable sources in police. Mr. Brunt was quite sincere, about this, in the beginning:
Sky sources' are a bit thin on the ground here in the Algarve. There's no sidling up to a friendly cop for a quick natter away from the cameras. No slipping off for a cappuccino and an off-the-record chat...or 'guidance' as we call it. So I really don't know if the police have any real idea what happened to Madeleine McCann. I suspect they don't."
But I was quite surprised with the performance of Mr. Martin Brunt, reporting about Madeleine McCann disappearance in Portugal. Why? I will just quote him in two separate moments:

Martin Brunt, version nº 1 (June 17, 2007)
"One paper seems to have good contacts. The rest of the stuff (news published by Portuguese Press) is best described as 'culhoes (‘balls”, in Portuguese)”
Martin Brunt, version nº 2: (Seprember 15, 2007)
"W've learned to look at what's in the local papers with a little bit more of respect... Remember, for many weeks, we ignored it, we thought it was wild speculation, but as time went on, particularly the events of last weekend, we began to realize that what the local Media were doing was pretty accurately reflecting the tone and the speed and the direction of the investigation and suddenly we had the McCann’s named as suspects, so a lot of what the papers have been writing, as I said, was a pretty clear and accurate reflection of what police was thinking..." So, as the Americans use to say, when they are campaigning for election: 'Would you buy a car from this man?”
First thing I thought was that Mr. Brunt, a British man used to the misty, cold and always clouded sky, in UK, had exposed himself to the Portuguese strong sun for too long. Second thing, I admitted that may be he had not too much sun in his head, but too much beer in his brain.
But neither of these problems could last for months, or years. Now, I believe that Mr. Brunt, like many other British journalists, suffers from a trauma: the Maddie’s Trauma. Whenever they heard her name, they jump into some kind of 5th dimension, completely detached from the real world.

(*) This is one the most obscene words in Portuguese language, used to mention "testicles". The right spelling is "colhões"...

Monday, 14 May 2012

Martin Brunt story “burned out” - A little help from my friends?

On September 10th 2007, in the afternoon, Martin Brunt broke a really big story: quoting “Portuguese police sources”, he said, analysis from the Forensic Science Service found a 100 % DNA match of Madeleine McCann in the Renault Scenic rented by her parents, 5 weeks after she disappeared.
Hours later, at 3:00 am, September 11th (Portuguese time) he started to change his story: instead of referring “Portuguese police sources”, he quoted “Sky News sources” – because around 9:00 pm, the Head of the Portuguese Public Prosecutor (PPO) said, on a TV interview, that Martin Brunt story was completely false, the PPO had already the results from FSS and there was no such thing as 100 % match of Madeleine’s DNA.
At 4:00 am, September 11th, a very uncomfortable and somehow agitated Martin Brunt made one of the best TV moments I ever watched (this link to Sky News files only gives a “Error” message): talking about the story he broke, few hours ago, he admitted that “now, seems it’s burned out”…
I have been searching within several gigabytes of files, trying to retrieve that video (obviously, Sky News deleted it from his site). I am almost sure I have it. Anyway, does anyone have a copy? It was on YouTube, but now vanished.
Also, are there any private companies in UK that record all TV broadcasts and sell those recording to people and/or companies that are looking for a specific piece of news? We have it, in Portugal, I wonder if they exist in UK
Thank you

Mari Olli interview with ITN

Some examples of British journalists manipulating and/or publishing false information (I):

Madeleine McCann: Portuguese detectives knew there was no case against parents
By Caroline Gammell in Portimão
7:54PM BST 04 Aug 2008
Portuguese detectives knew there was no conclusive evidence against Kate and Gerry McCann three days before they interviewed them and made them suspects, official files have disclosed.


As everybody can see, all interviews in the Maddie case were recorded on video, fully transcripted and translated. Kate and Gerry McCann had to sign copies of all transcripts made by PJ, as it is demanded by Portuguese Law. And they signed copies in Portuguese and English. The PJ files are online, and people can confirm that in this link: "The McCann: PJ Files". Caroline Gammel wrote something that is "preposterous"...

Mari and Ray Pollard (and may be "stirring up a hornet's nest"...)

Ray Pollard
I am thankful for your work and efforts to clear the Madeleine case. But can you please remove my picture (Mari Olli)  immediately! I have informed the press that I regret, the use of my picture, because the whole case is traumatic enough for me to handle.
My highest wish is that we can get a answer about what happened and a clarify. Please remove the A1 security web and the information about Rays brother Tony Pollard, because this has nothing to do with the case. A1 security has nothing to do with the case and they are not base in Alhurin the Grande. Please confirm when this is done.
Kind Regards
Ray and Mari


Fom: Paulo Reis
To: Mr. and Mrs. Pollard,

About the “order” you “gave” me, demanding the immediate removal of the picture of Mrs. Mary Olli from my blog, my answer is short and clear: No!
I will correct the reference to A1 Security, because you said that company is not based in Alhurin Grande. You think this information “has nothing to do with the case” of Madeleine McCann disappearance. That’s your opinion. I think this detail is worth mentioning. And I am the Editor of my blog.
Anything else, please pay attention to the fact that none of you is a judge or sit in a Court, so any “orders” or demands made in such a way as you did, are completely worthless for me. If you want to “upgrade” your demands and send it through a Court, please be advised to get a lawyer with a good command of Portuguese and Chinese language.
I am a permanent resident of Macau Special Administrative Region, in China. So, only the local courts have the legal power to give me “orders” similar to the one you emailed me. And Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages of Macau.
Paulo Reis