Monday, 14 May 2012

Some examples of British journalists manipulating and/or publishing false information (I):

Madeleine McCann: Portuguese detectives knew there was no case against parents
By Caroline Gammell in Portimão
7:54PM BST 04 Aug 2008
Portuguese detectives knew there was no conclusive evidence against Kate and Gerry McCann three days before they interviewed them and made them suspects, official files have disclosed.


As everybody can see, all interviews in the Maddie case were recorded on video, fully transcripted and translated. Kate and Gerry McCann had to sign copies of all transcripts made by PJ, as it is demanded by Portuguese Law. And they signed copies in Portuguese and English. The PJ files are online, and people can confirm that in this link: "The McCann: PJ Files". Caroline Gammel wrote something that is "preposterous"...