Friday, 27 July 2012

A “mysterious” Press Release with false information about missing children in Portugal

Mr Paul Rees, Editor of told me that the story about a scheme to find missing children in Portugal was just a Press Release, sent by a company, not a story wrote by any journalist from his news site.

My apologies for my comments directed to the journalist who I thought wrote it . Anyway, a basic thing in journalism is to do a clear reference every time a story mentions a Press Release content, identifying it's origin/author. 

Only four news sites, all English language sites from British expatriates living in Algarve published the Press release: “”, “”, “jornal algarve 123” and “Algarve Newswatch” (and I trust Google about this....)

In three of those four news sites (not in, at the end of the Press Release, theres is a phrase: “For further information, please email “”.