Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Portuguese-South African joint "operation"

António Teixeira and Stephen Birch

When I read this headline of “Correio da Manhã” (“Let us dig the site’ - South African businessman challenges Robert Murat”) my first thought was that Mr. Stephen Birch is mentally challenged, as people say in USA.

There is no legal system in any country of the world where a citizen must prove that he is innocent, just because other citizen accuses him of something. First, the proper authorities must collect enough (and solid) evidence to accuse him, than take him to court and give him the right to challenge the evidence.

But when I remember the preposterous remarks of Mr. António Teixeira, a former high ranking PJ inspector, siding with a lunatic and a mentally retarded person, I believe that the reasons for the “Birch Operation” to be launched now and with such a careful planning and a large amount of logistical and financial support can’t be explained only through the diagnostic of a psychiatrist.