Saturday, 6 October 2018

Who is afraid of the McCann? South Yorkshire Police force, for sure, among many others...

  • Keela, the "no-more-wonder-dog-after-Maddie's investigation", with former South Yorkshire Police Force Chief-Constable, Meredydd Hughes
It took me more than one month to get a reply to three plain, simple and clear journalistic questions I addressed to South Yorkshire Police Force. They just ignored my two first emails. I had to file a request, under the FOI act, to get a reply. They told me I had to “refine” my FOI request, as the subject of any request under that act must be only related to “recorded information”.
So I did it and these are the questions SYPF Information Commissioner's Office accepted and answered, I must say very fast [the day after I refined my questions]:

5 October 2018
Paulo Reis
Dear Mr Reis
Freedom of Information Request - Reference No: 20181838

1. What is the date that the page dedicated to Keela was replaced by a age
progressed picture of Madeleine McCann?

2. Does South Yorkshire Police still use Keela on crime investigations?

I approached our Corporate Communications team for assistance with your request. A Communications Officer has provided the following response:

1 – We moved to a new website late last year. As a result of this, any old news
stories/webpages no longer exist.

Our formal response to this element of your request is therefore one of ‘no information held’.

2 – Keela is no longer a serving police dog.

The Information Commissioner's Office,

Yours sincerely
Lucy Moore


PS: The answer to the first question is not correct. The content of the page was replaced, first, with a fixed age-progressed picture of Madeleine McCann, and in the last weeks, with pictures of different missing people. This is visible, because the web address of the page still exists:

This wouldn't happen if the SYPF website had “moved to a new website late last year” and, as a result of that change, “any old news stories/webpages no longer exist.” If this was the case, the message for that link will be a "404", indicating that a specific Internet address cannot be found [because it does not exist anymore...]

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Paulo, your link now goes to a Met Police page that says 'Content not found". You may wish to change what you have written on your blog about this>

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